Author's Note: This is based loosely upon an idea I concocted whilst watching the winter cliffhanger (2x09 - The Coat Hanger), in which Sister Mary Eunice told Lana she would be continuing her pregnancy to full term. This is set post season, more than likely, and into the 1970's. There will be spoilers and potential spoilers in this fic, please be warned.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, everything belongs to Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and the FX network.


As Sister Mary Eunice was clearing off her desk, there came a gentle rapping at the door. She hated being disturbed, but appreciated that this visitor had the decency to knock instead of simply barging in and interrupting any meeting she was holding, or likewise. Giving a harsh sigh, Sister Eunice turned to face the door and shook her head, "Enter."

She watched as the handle turned agonizingly slowly, before a hand appeared around the edge of the door, followed by a familiar face, "Ms. Winters..." Eunice gave a nod and looked to the inmate, gesturing her inside the office with her hand, flipping open the folder she had retrieved from the filing cabinet, in preparation for this visit.

"You said you wanted to talk to me?" the once ambitious reporter asked.

"Yes, come in, sit down." Sister Eunice nodded, looking over Lana, watching how she carried herself; her posture, how self conscious she was. She smiled as Lana sat before her in one of the hardback chairs facing the desk, "I called you in here today to have a, shall we say?"

Lana was obviously confused as she listened to Sister Mary Eunice's comment, "But about what, Sister?"

"I'm coming to that, Ms. Winters!" she hissed a little before regaining some semblance of composure. Clasping her hands before her on the desk, Sister Mary Eunice looked over the papers that lay in front of her before looking back up at Lana, "Well, this is a surprise...I'm sure it will be for you. And, I don't believe for a second it was an immaculate conception."

"Excuse me?" Lana furrowed her brows.

"You're pregnant, Ms. Winters...a few weeks..." she unclasped her hands and held them out slightly, shrugging, "Obviously, being an inmate at a mental institution has served its purpose for you." Sister Eunice smirked, leaning forwards slightly, "Who was it? I hear Mr. Walker has been very favorable as of late...I wouldn't say no." she muttered.


She tilted her head a little, blonde bangs falling slightly across her eyes, "It's okay, Ms. Winters, if you feel embarrassed about who the father of your baby is, you don't have to feel obliged to tell me."

"Dr. Thredson...h-he's Bloody Face." Lana announced meekly.

Scoffing a little, Sister Mary Eunice shook her head, "Bloody Face...please. You expect me to believe that?"

"You have to help me, Sister." Lana began, "I know what I'm about to suggest goes against the Catholic church, but I have to get rid of this baby."

Standing up and rounding the desk, Sister Mary Eunice shook her head, tutting as she moved round to the front of her desk, leaning back against it and staring down at Lana, "I'm afraid I can't help you, Ms. Winters."

"I can't keep this baby..."

"Stop." Sister Eunice fixed Lana with a glare that could turn even the iciest to stone, "You can keep this baby, and you will." her expression softened slightly as she crossed the space between desk and chairs, and she took the empty seat beside Lana, reaching for her hand, "I'll be there with you, every step of the way..." she nodded slowly, smiling eerily to Lana.

Glancing down to Sister Mary Eunice's hand upon hers, Lana flinched slightly, not exactly knowing what to make of the situation. Was Sister Mary Eunice finally changing her ways, transforming back into her old, simple self? Lana knew not to trust anybody in that awful place, but Eunice was all she had at that moment. Wendy was gone, Kit was probably going to be transported back to Death Row any day, and Thredson she could not trust now. He had betrayed her deeply, just like Wendy.

"Now." Eunice smiled, tapping the back of Lana's hand before standing, "We'll need special preparations for you. A cleaner room, extra pillows, blankets...a wash basin." she nodded, "I'll have those things for you soon, Ms. Winters...we do not want this to be an ordeal for you, do we?"

Lana turned her focus to Sister Mary Eunice and swallowed, "No."

"Good, I'm glad we're reading from the same page of the prayer book, Ms. Winters. I would hate to have to restrain you."