Author's Note: This is based loosely upon an idea I concocted whilst watching the winter cliffhanger (2x09 - The Coat Hanger), in which Sister Mary Eunice told Lana she would be continuing her pregnancy to full term. This is set post season, more than likely, and into the 1970's. There will be spoilers and potential spoilers in this fic, please be warned.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, everything belongs to Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and the FX network.

Summer, 1970.

Sitting down in front of the plate glass, the telephone to her right, Eunice looked to him, he had already grown older in the years he had been imprisoned for. For her crimes. Hers and Jude's crimes at Briarcliff. And for his own, during the war. Eunice set down her purse and glanced to Arthur through the glass, fixing her stare upon him until she saw how much he was pleading with her, silently as he picked up the receiver on his side of the glass before nodding to her, gesturing to her to lift it on her side too.

The blonde did so and she swallowed, waiting for Arthur to begin, no doubt to begin pleading with her to confess to all she had done. It didn't come though, instead he spoke up, calmly, "How is the boy?" he asked her, knowing that she had kept him and not given him up for a legal adoption, "He must be nearing six years old now...?" Arthur made small talk with her, his once precious and pure nun, the one he favored.

She shifted in her seat, "He's...Johnny, he's doing well, a lot better than if I'd stayed around Briarcliff...I heard it went to the dogs once you were...once there was nobody to take over. The Monsignor was appointed Cardinal, so he had obligations elsewhere..." she gave a curt nod.

"The boy? Where is he?" Arden asked, surely she hadn't brought him with her to the prison.

"He's with his father..."

She had confirmed that the boy was still with her, as per his expectations. Her response however had struck a chord within him and he probed further about her present life. It took Arthur a moment before he spoke up again, "And you...? You're married now, Sister?" he questioned after she had suggested there was a man in her life now, trying to spy her fingers for a wedding band, any inclination as to whether she was in a relationship, engaged or otherwise. He didn't want it to be true, but she had moved on; left the Church and Briarcliff, and made a life for herself, who was to say that she wouldn't have a husband too.

"Not married, no." she responded, "Nor am I in a relationship either." she nodded again.

"His father?"

"Yes, his biological father, Arthur." she raised a brow, hushing her tone now, and she held the receiver closer to her mouth, "Oliver Thredson..." she announced, staring blankly at Arthur, "Poor man has developed feelings for me. What a fool!" she scoffed before sitting back in the chair, "I don't want him, I just want him to be there for Johnny. He is the boy's father after all."

"I hoped you would have brought him with you." Arthur began, "It may be my final chance to see you also, Sister."

She allowed a fleeting frown to develop across her face before she shook her head, "I'm a Sister no longer, Arther. You know that." she chastised him before she allowed the frown to creep back across her face, "Your last chance...?" she questioned him.

"When you were called, I requested the guards say nothing of the matter to you, as I wanted to tell you personally." he stated, looking directly at her through the window before he sighed and bowed his head, shaking it slowly. He took a moment before looking up at her, "They will be making me pay for my crimes, Sister. Crimes, punishable by death." he suggested.

"I suppose you'll get what you deserve, Arthur." she retaliated razor-tongued, her eyes flashing somewhat.

"They're sending me to the chair...Sister, I have to ask you...nay, beg of you to confess your role in the crimes at Briarcliff." he looked to her.

"You really think I'm going to give up my life to rescue your ass from that chair, Arthur?" Eunice scoffed and shook her head, "You're more deserving of death than anybody at that Asylum could have been. An S.S Doctor, Hans...?!" she shook her head, reaching to place the receiver back onto its hook, she saw him reaching and placing his hand against the glass, his other hand dangling from the cuff shackled around his wrists. As she placed the receiver back to her ear, she spoke in a hushed tone once again, glaring at him, "I had no role in this, Arthur. You have to pay for what you did, to all those people...I told you, if you turn against me, even God can't help you." she swiftly slammed the receiver onto its hook and stood, dignified and tall as she nodded to the guards to lead her back out of the visitation room.

After she had stepped out of the prison, Mary Eunice decided she needed a stiff drink, so she headed to her usual watering hole to try and at least wash away some of the news that had just been shared with her via Arthur Arden. Arriving there, the blonde headed straight to the bar and took an empty barstool there, setting her purse down on the bar top as she gestured for the tender to take her order. She quickly ordered a Port on the rocks and the moment it was placed before her on the napkin, she sipped it back, wincing as it burned.

Setting the tumbler back down on the napkin, Mary Eunice glanced around the bar, sighing heavily as she felt herself relaxing. Arthur was most definitely not going to bother her again, especially now he would find himself fried the electric chair. Around the bar were the usual suspects, the drunks, the retired Military men and there was a new figure there, slumped over the bar, nursing a Scotch between his hands.

Eunice slammed back the last of her Port, glancing to the man on the edge of her peripheral. He seemed to be dazed, staring blankly into his glass. She ordered another glass of Port before slipping off the barstool she was occupying and leaning just so, so she could catch a glimpse of the man's face. It was who she thought it was.

"Timothy...?" she questioned as she neared his form, dressed in a black button-down and slacks, his hair not parted and slicked as she had remembered it to always be, and his face not clean shaven as she'd remembered either. If anything, he looked slightly bedraggled. Raising her brows, she stood beside him, awaiting a rise from him, he didn't even glance to his side to acknowledge her presence there. It was only when she placed her hand over his did he look up at her and finally acknowledge her standing beside him.

"Sister Mary Eunice..." he responded, his voice was low and gruff, "I apologise, you are no longer with the Church...and I regret to say, I too have been misguided from our God." Timothy stated, looking over her, in her plain yet fitted dress and cardigan. He shook his head and slugged down the last of his drink, raising his hand to order another, yet Eunice stopped him and looked from his hand to his face, and they both stared between one another.

"Timothy, what happened?" she swallowed softly, lowering their hands, yet holding onto his still as she stood beside him.

"I gave up my beloved Church." he told her simply, "I had been appointed Cardinal, but I could not face my guilt any longer."

Mary Eunice frowned and tilted her head, "Your guilt? Over what, Timothy...? Surely not over Sister Jude, or Judy Martin...?"

"No, no...Jude became something of a distant memory to me..." he looked to her and sighed, clearing his throat before he continued, "The boy, how is he?"

"The uh- the boy?"

"Yes, the baby. The one you were carrying when we met the last time after Briarcliff." Timothy nodded, "Our child." he added.

Only now realising, Mary Eunice bit her lip. Timothy had renounced his vows and left his beloved Church because she had not told him the truth about the parentage of that dear boy. She swallowed before she mustered a smile, nodding, "He's grown beautifully, Timothy. He'll be very handsome." she told him, the truth would place those final nails in Timothy's coffin should she tell him, "He's nearing six years old...Johnny." she smiled, "His name is Johnny." she nodded.

Hearing words finally about his illegitimate son, Timothy was able to crack a smile. He nodded slowly before turning to Mary Eunice, "And you've...raised him, alone?" he asked her, not noticing any form of band around her ring finger. As he saw her nod softly, he gave a bittersweet sigh before swallowing and standing, "Would I...would it be of trouble if I were to see him?"

"N-now...?" she questioned, raising her brows, "He's with my family for the weekend. I've had some...I had a situation to attend to."

"O-of course." Timothy nodded, looking slightly forlorn.

"But, we could...I could show you pictures." she offered, smiling brightly, "I bought a Polaroid camera, and Johnny insists I take photographs wherever we go."

"I'd like to see them." Timothy nodded, brightening already at the thought of finally getting closer to meeting the son he thought he would never see. The son he thought he would despise for having to leave the Church over his and Mary Eunice's indiscretion. She had taken his virtue and her own that evening, but this gift had come of it, or so he thought.

"Of course." Mary Eunice smiled, only now realising she was still holding onto Timothy's hand, "This way..." she lured him away from the bar to begin what she had wanted from the moment she had first been under his command at Briarcliff.