Disclaimer: I do not own V for Vendetta. All rights belong to the original wroter and producers of the movie. The only character I own in this story is Evan Vincent.

Reason for this: I was bored and had this idea for a while, I typed this on my phone, please excuse any grammatical errors I may have made.

Constructive criticism appreciated. Enjoy.

It was November 5, a year after V's death. Evey was standing a top the balcony watching the fireworks reciting "remember remember the fifth of November the gunpowder Treason and Plot. I know no reason why the gunpowder treason shall ever be forgot. I love you V" as Evey looks down at the baby boy she is holding.

The shadows behind her started to shift as a black clad figure with a mask with a big grin begin to step forward. "Evey, I've missed you" he stated and walked closer to where Evey was standing.

Evey turns around in shock as she walks openly into his embrace. "Evey" V stated as his arms held her and their son together. Evey sobbed and they watched the fireworks together


Evey jumps right up and picks up the crying baby, "shhhhhhh...it's alright" His name is Evan Vincent, Evey and V's son who is only 3 months old.

It felt so real but it was only a dream Evey thought as she soothes the baby back to sleep.

Outside watching was a man in the shadows "Evey" he stated under his breath. He cannot believe he has a son. "I will be here to protect you and our son" V stated as he disappeared back into the shadows.