Chapter 7

Ash slowly made his way towards the city as he debated Goodshow's suggestion. Becoming Champion had its benefits but he wouldn't be able to use his normal team until he did so. If he went with Dragon type pokemon he would only be able to for sure use Salamence, Dragonair, and Charizard. If you counted looks then maybe Rhydon and Anorith once they evolve. Dragon types were considered the perfect type having only two weaknesses. But even their vulnerability to ice and dragon attacks could be overcome with simple planning. Their speed and powers are legendary and even worshipped in select portions of the world. The Champion of the Kanto/Johto Elite Four knows their power as he trains them. Lance was probably the most famous of all dragon trainers out there. Of course you had Clair of Blackthorn City and the people from the Unova Region but they just didn't come into the same class of power and grace that Lance held.

Thinking on the trainer made Ash mentally snort at the stupidity of the Kanto/Johto Elite Four, the two regions are so close together that they never separated their elites. In reality…the Elite Four consists of eight trainers. From the Kanto district you have Lorelei the Mistress of Ice and Seduction, Bruno the Master of all things fighting, Agatha the very image of a Ghost Master, and of course Lance the Dragon Master. From Johto you have Will as the Psychic Master, recently instated Koga, whom utilizes poison pokemon, Karen the beautiful Mistress of Dark pokemon and finally Red Ketchum as the Champion. Each Year the group of trainers come together to decide who will represent the Elite Four and Champion position for the next year. This year's rotation consists of Lorelei, Agatha, Karen, Lance, and Red as the Champion. Ash stopped his thoughts when he looked up and saw a massive library and couldn't help but chuckle at the irony. He quickly walked in to get as many books on the types that appealed to him.


Leaf and Harrison were walking around the city as they tried to find Ash. For every fifteen minutes that went by without a sign, Leaf steadily grew angry. Finally after an hour of searching she clenched her fists, "ASH KETCHUM WHERE ARE YOU!" Harrison flinched back and sweat dropped from the outburst. He was about try and comfort Leaf when an elderly chuckled turned them around, "Last I saw him he was heading into the library."

The two teens turned around and let their eyes widen, "President Goodshow!" The old man nodded, "I just had a nice little chat with Ash and I must say he is one of a kind."

Leaf nodded, "That he is."

Charles smiled, "I'd love to stay and talk but I have a meeting to get to. Enjoy the festival."

Leaf smiled at the little man before shaking her head and running to the library. Harrison chuckled and looked at his cell phone, "Hey Leaf, I will see you later; I am going to head back to the Pokemon Center."

The brunette waved over her shoulder, "Sounds good, see you later Harrison!"

Leaf walked into the library and moved to the front desk where the librarian was working on her computer, "Excuse me have you seen a young man about six feet tall with a pokeball necklace on? He might be in a black cape."

The woman behind the counter nodded, "Yes he came in about thirty minutes ago and is at the back table on the upstairs level."

Leaf smiled, "Thank you." Upon reaching her destination she felt her eyes widen at the number of books Ash had before him. The table was covered with close to twenty books on different types and strategies regarding pokemon.

"What are you doing?"

Ash looked up from his book and put a finger to his lips, "Shh."

Leaf opened her mouth in shock before she shook her head, "Did you just shush me?"

Ash looked up and playfully glared at her before returning to his book. Leaf growled and walked over to see some of the titles. The Secret of the Dragon, Fly High with Flying Pokemon, How To Specialize in Pokemon Types, So You Want To Be A Champion?

Leaf looked at them before sitting next to Ash, "What is this all about?" Her best friend put his finger on the line he was on and turned, "I'm taking the Elite Four Challenge and I have to select a pokemon type to do so."

Leaf's blue eyes widened, "You kidding right?" When Ash shook his head Leaf spoke up, "Ashy how do you expect to do that if you have the Silver Conference to compete in?"

Ash sighed, "I am going to put a hold on it. President Goodshow told me that I can challenge them because I won the Indigo Plateau. I just need to decide on the type of pokemon that I want to specialize in." "Isn't that unfair to the rest of your team?"

Ash nodded, "I realized that too and there is a way around that. I have to defeat a Champion in a Champion battle and should I win, this would give me a chance to become a Champion that uses multiple types of Pokemon. But in order to do this I have to defeat them using one type."

Leaf nodded in understanding, "Have you chosen a type yet?"

Ash pointed to a list of all seventeen pokemon types and the ones he had not crossed off, "Dragon, Flying, Psychic, Ghost, or Rock."

Leaf scrunched her face which caused Ash to smile, "You really cute when you do that." His friend smiled, "I know. I can understand Dragon, Flying, and Psychic but why Ghost or Rock?"

Ash thought for a moment, "Ghost types share many characteristics with psychic pokemon but at the same time they are one of the best out there because of their abilities to resist most physical attacks. Rock type pokemon are often frowned upon because they have a large weakness pool but at the same time they have a massive amount of defense and some have almost legendary level attack."

Leaf sat there for a moment as she looked over the list and books before her, "I would say going with dragons would be your best bet. I mean, think about it Ashy, Salamence is your most powerful pokemon. None of your other team members come close to his power."

The dark trainer nodded and closed a couple of books. "I guess you are right…but there is one issue. What does that mean for us traveling together?"

Leaf was caught off guard by the question and slowly looked at Ash. His eyes were soft and showing concern and worry, "What do you mean?"

Ash sighed, "I don't want you to put your life on hold just because I'm changing my goals but the last thing I want is…is for you not to be in my life."

Leaf squeaked at the weakness in his voice as he spoke, "Ash I…I don't know."

Her friend's shoulders sagged, "Alright. Just think about it and let me know." Ash collected his books and left a troubled Leaf behind.


Later that night, Leaf lay in her bed as she watched Ash sleeping next to her. He was so calm when he slept that it was almost like watching a completely different person. Her thoughts drifted to their conversation and his reasoning. The brunette slowly sat up and put on a sweatshirt over her night clothes and walked down to the main center. Nurse Joy was sitting at the desk working on paperwork and smiled at Leaf. "Nurse Joy can I use the phone?" When the Nurse nodded, Leaf walked over and dialed her home number. It rang several times before it clicked and a tired sounding voice spoke,


Leaf smiled lightly, "Hi daddy."

The screen switched on and Jonathan Green appeared with a large smile on his face, "How's my baby girl doing?"

Leaf smiled sadly, "Ok I guess."

A pregnant pause fell between the two before John spoke, "Sweetheart what is wrong? I know that face…did Ash hurt you!"

Leaf quickly shook her head as tears filled her eyes, "No daddy he didn't hurt me but something has come up."

John fell silent as his daughter started to explain. "Ash ran into President Goodshow and had a talk with him. Long story short, Ash made the choice to take on the Elite Four Challenge and finally take on his father. But to do it he has to specialize in a specific type of pokemon. He decided on Dragon type pokemon and is planning on putting the Johto League on hold so he can prepare."

John's mind quickly put together the issue, "And Ash gave you a decision to make if you wanted to continue with him."

Leaf nodded slowly and her father sighed, "Baby girl, I'm guessing that he said he didn't want you to put your life on hold?"

Leaf nodded, "How did you know?"

"I said the same thing to your mother years ago when she had a job option. Obviously we are still together but it is that trust that couples need in order to move forward."

Leaf smiled lightly, "So you think I should continue on my Johto journey?" When her father nodded she sighed, "I guess I should tell Ash."

John watched his little girl and smiled, "Baby girl, put everything on the table and be honest with him. This is the chance you have been waiting for."

Leaf looked at her father and nodded, "Thanks daddy, I love you."

Jonathan smiled, "Love you too sweetheart."

Leaf hung up the phone and walked back to her room and found Ash sitting up in bed. He smiled tiredly at her, "Hey is everything alright?"

Leaf bit her bottom lip and walked over to the bed. "Can we talk?"

Ash nodded, "You know you never have to ask." Leaf sat down next to him and took a deep breath, "I love you Ash."

Her best friend smiled, "I love you too. What's wrong?"

She shook her head, "No I mean I really love you…like rest of our lives love you."

Ash's mouth tightened slightly as he looked at her, "Ok…what brought this on?"

Leaf felt her confidence grow as Ash leaned back to listen, "You deciding to take the challenge. I thought about it and I decided to continue on my Johto Journey while you train."

Ash was silent as he processed her words but on the inside he felt his heart shatter into a million pieces as he realized she wouldn't be with him. "So tonight is our last night?"

Leaf nodded slowly, "I knew you were planning on leaving right away so I wanted to be honest with each other. I know you have suspected it but I'm telling you now, I love you Ash."

Her friend was silent as he looked out the window at the brilliant lights coming from the city. "Ashy? Please say something."

Ash turned and looked at her, "I have always known…I just didn't want to risk losing you. You are the only thing I have to wake up to in the morning Leaf and losing you would kill me."

Leaf let a single tear fall down her cheek as her friend started showing more emotion than he had ever shown before. "All the things we went through and all the times I would attack other guys was because I couldn't stand the thought of losing you."

Ash felt his heart pounding painfully in his chest as his most powerful emotion pushed all of his hatred aside for a moment, "Leaf…I lov…"

Ash was cut off when his best friend kissed him like nothing he had ever experienced. The two friends moaned as their feelings were pushed into their passion and soon Leaf was on top of Ash.

They pulled apart and she looked at him, "I know Ash…but now isn't the time for words."


The sound of birds chirping filtered into the room as the first signs of dawn crept in. Ash's eyes fluttered open and he groaned out loud as he rubbed his eyes. Feeling Leaf shift next to him, he turned and looked at her. A small smile came to his lips as he turned and gently stroked her cheek with his thumb. For so long Ash had pushed the emotion of love aside for his hatred of his father…ignoring what was easily the most important thing in his life. Leaf shifted as she felt Ash's hands and opened her eyes. Her best friend was looking at her with a warm smile, "Morning beautiful."

Leaf smiled back and kissed him gently on the lips, "I love you so much Ash."

He returned her kiss and pulled her to him, "I love you too." They remained like this for almost an hour until they decided to get ready for the day. As the two checked out of the Pokemon Center they held hands and slowly walked to the edge of town. Ash knew that Leaf was going to challenge Jasmine for the next badge so he wanted to leave so she could focus.

Ash pulled her to him and inhaled her sweet scent, "I will miss you Leaf. I will make sure I'm there to cheer you on."

He pulled back and took out four pokeballs and handed them to Leaf. "I want you to take care of them while I am gone. I will call Professor Oak and tell him that you are able to use my pokemon while I am training. This is Alakazam, Electabuzz, Honchkrow, and Gengar."

Leaf took the balls and put them in her bag, "I will watch them Ash…but you are taking them back right?"

Her love chuckled, "Of course but I need to concentrate on the challenge and it wouldn't be fair to them to sit at the ranch. At least this way they will be able to get some exercise."

Leaf nodded and pulled out a pokeball and handed it to Ash. "I want you to take Seadra with you. When she evolves she will be a Kingdra and will make a great addition to your team."

Ash shook his head and pushed the ball back, "I am not taking your pokemon. You need your team with you and mine are there for added security."

Leaf sighed as she agreed and turned back to Ash. They fell silent as he released Salamence. Leaf grabbed Ash and hugged him again, "I love you…make me proud."

Ash hugged her back and felt a tear in his eye, "I love you too…I'm sorry it took so long."

Leaf looked up at him and kissed him with all her love. The two trainers held each other for another minute before Ash jumped onto Salamence's back.

"Let's go buddy…we have some pokemon to capture."

Leaf waved as Ash took off and flew in the direction of Mt. Silver. The brunette smiled to herself as she released Alakazam who looked at her with a happy grin, "Care to keep me company Alakazam?" The psychic type nodded, "Of course Mistress." Leaf turned and walked towards an open field to train for her upcoming battle.


Time Skip 3 weeks

Ash growled in anger as he found himself looking at another tree blocking his way. The now official dragon trainer was in the Hoenn Region looking for pokemon that he could add to his team. Since leaving Leaf he had captured an Arbok that had been guarding a group of Ekans, an overpowered Seadra, a Treecko that wouldn't leave its tree and his best accomplishment, a mother Tyranitar and her child Larvitar. The final two had been running from poachers and Ash had saved them as he was flying over Mt. Silver. The Larvitar had wanted to go with Ash but the mother wasn't ready to part with her youngster so Ash accepted both of them. Tyranitar was one of the acceptations for his dragon team as they could easily fit the part. While researching, Ash was amazed at the list of pokemon that had been included in the dragon egg group. Arbok and Treecko were great examples as well as the Hoenn natives Seviper and Milotic, both of which Ash was intending to add into his party.

Looking at the tree, Ash pulled a ball out, "Dragonair I need your help."

The beautiful dragon appeared and looked at her master, "Use Hyper Beam to clear a path."

His pokemon nodded and fired a massive beam of energy at the tree. It exploded and split in two smaller sections, leaving an open path way. Ash smiled as he saw a lake at the end of the path and walked to it with his pokemon following. When he reached the lake he crouched down and simply waited. There had been rumors of the dragon pokemon Flygon coming to this lake as it was close to the desert so they still felt comfortable. After about an hour of waiting, Ash heard the sound of wings and looked up to see the pokemon he was waiting for slowly land. It looked around before dipping its head to the crystal clear water and drinking.

Ash seized the moment, "Dragonair use ice beam!" A ball of blue energy flashed in front of the dragon's mouth before she fired the attack. The beam slammed into Flygon's side and sent the pokemon sailing into the ground.

"While he is down use dragon rush!" Dragonair took on a blue aura as she charged at her target. Flygon used his bug like wings to become upright and fired a powerful beam at the oncoming threat.

"Dragonair spin to the left and add iron tail!" His dragon easily avoided the hyper beam and then slammed her tail into Flygon. The combined power of iron tail and dragon rush easily crushed the other dragon to the ground.

Ash smiled and enlarged a pokeball, "You are mine Flygon." The dark trainer threw the ball and it hit its target and sucked it in. It hit the ground and swerved for several seconds before clicking, signifying the capture.

Ash walked over and picked up the ball and clipped it to his belt, "Great job Dragonair." His pokemon cooed and leaned into her master's hand before she let a breath of air go and started to glow white. Ash stepped back as Dragonair started to change shape until she was the form of a powerful looking Dragonite. The mighty creature flapped her new wings and bellowed out in triumph before tackling Ash to the ground and licking his face.

The Kanto trainer cried out, "Ok ok ok! Let me up you big Meowth!" His newly evolved pokemon smiled and rubbed her head against him again, "I'm happy for you as well Dragonite…it has been a long time coming."

Dragonite helped her trainer up before turned and letting him jump onto her back, "Let's go my dear; we have a long way to go." Dragonite roared out before pushing herself into the air.


Leaf sighed to herself as she took some time to rest after arriving in Blackthorn City. The City was relatively quiet and that suited her just fine. After traveling alone for so long she had come accustomed to the silence that came with it. She thought back to last conversation she had with Ash. He had told her that he was just arriving in Hoenn and would try to get a hold of her as soon as he could. The Pallet Town trainer would be lying to herself if she said she was fine with Ash being on his own. Hell, she had half a mind to strap him into a straight jacket and leave him in Pallet but she knew it was for the best. She had run into Harrison a couple of times since Olivine City and whatever minor attraction she had once held for him was gone. She simply forgot about it since Ash confessed to her. Harrison was nice enough and seemed to look out for her but she only saw him as a friend.

As for her pokemon journey…a lot had happened. First and foremost was her win streak. Since taking Ash's team with her she had upped her training and with Ash's pokemon helping her, her team had grown by leaps and bounds. She had captured a cute little Chikorita which had evolved into a Bayleef and her proudest capture was a fully evolved Togekiss. Her team was overall well rounded and she felt confident in her abilities as a trainer. The Blackthorn City gym leader used Dragon type pokemon so Leaf was going to spend a couple of days training and preparing a strategy for the battle. The Johto League was still four months away so she had plenty of time to prepare. She could go with brute force and use her starter, Venusaur but the leader; Clair had a reputation that only a fool would ignore. Leaf giggled lightly to herself as she started to think like Ash. She glanced up and out the window to view the sunset with one thought on her mind…to make Ash proud.


Two long years…that's how long it was since Ash Ketchum also known as Eclipse Silverline had been training for his challenge against the Elite Four. Ash had traveled all over the five regions collecting pokemon that would fit into his dragon party and now he was standing outside of the Pokemon League Headquarters. Inside sat a group of the world's most powerful trainers and their regional champions. Ash's eyes hardened as he walked into the main hall and was met with a rather attractive looking secretary. She looked up and brushed a strand of her violet hair while putting on a cute smile, "Can I help you sir?"

What could have been a pleasant conversation turned sour when she leaned forward and showed off her womanly assets. Ash mentally snorted, sure this girl was pretty but nothing compared to his Leaf. Just the thought of his girlfriend made him smile as he went off into dream land. The two years of training had been lonely and hard for him but the two of them knew it was for the best. They called each other whenever they had the chance but seeing someone you love through a screen just wasn't the same.

Leaf was currently in Pallet Town taking a break from her adventures in the Sinnoh Region. Thanks to the training she and Ash had done together when they started their journey, Leaf had made quick work of the region's gym leaders and obtained her eighth badge with four months to train for the Sinnoh League.

Ash had been so proud of her when he found out that he almost abandoned his training just to go see her. The last time they had physically seen each other was when Leaf was competing in the Johto League. Ash surprised her as she won her first match in the finals and let's just say that no one saw the two for the remainder of the evening. Ash was taken out of his thoughts when the secretary cleared her throat and leaned forward some more, "Sir? Is there anything I can do for you?"

Ash rolled his eyes and presented his pokedex, "I'm here to challenge the Elite Four."

The young ladies' eyes widened before she smiled, "Well they are in a meeting so I could keep you company if you are lonely."

Ash shook his head, "Just the registry is alright."

The girl frowned in what most would consider cute but to Ash it was annoying. He collected his pokedex and went to the phone on the opposite side of the room and dialed. The phone rang for a good thirty seconds before the imposing image of Jonathan Green appeared on the screen.

At the sight of Ash he cracked a huge smile, "Well I'll be damned…Ash Ketchum in the flesh. How are you doing kid?"

Ash smiled lightly, showing a rare trace of emotion, "I'm doing just fine sir. I was wondering if Leaf was around."

Leaf's father chuckled, "Good man checking in on your woman. I will call her over."

Ash shook his head, "Actually I was hoping you could not tell her. I wanted to surprise her by having you guys come to the Indigo Plateau."

Jonathan's eyes widened at the significance of the meaning, "You are taking the challenge?"

At Ash's nod John smiled wider, "At a boy Ash! I knew you had it in you. You do realize that Leaf will be hard to keep in the stands."

Ash laughed at this and nodded, "I wouldn't expect her to. It has been a long two years for the two of us."

John nodded, "You have no idea. Every other day she was calling wondering if Delia, Oak, or Violet and I heard anything. I hate to break it to you Ash but you just might be stuck with her for life."

John smirked, "I do have one request, I get to play the overprotective father at least once."

Ash chuckled and nodded, "I would be honored sir. And for the record I have every intention of seeing it through."

John smiled again and nodded his approval, "Good luck kid. We will be waiting for news in good old Pallet."

Ash chuckled as the screen went blank. He turned and looked around the center and walked over to the trophy case that was parallel to front desk. Inside the glass case were the trophies and pictures of many Champions from the past. Ash quickly picked out Professor Oak's display and the picture was nothing short of inspiring. It showed a much younger Professor Oak giving a command to his Dragonite. The pokemon in question had its wings almost tucked to its body in mid flap. Its face showed determination as the first signs of a hyper beam was seen forming in its mouth. If it hadn't been a picture, Ash would have expected it to finish charging and launch the attack.

Turning his attention to the other displays, the dragon trainer's gaze hardened when he found his father's. It showed Red standing with his arms crossed and a Pikachu launching a thunderbolt. The opponent's pokemon was a Machamp and it was clearly in pain from the electric attack. Ash's mind went to work as he thought about his father's known party. It consisted of his Pikachu, Charizard, Blastoise, Venusaur, Snorlax, and the final spot alternated between his Espeon and Lapras. The team type wise was nothing but average but with the combination of attacks, stats, and levels of his pokemon there was no doubt in Ash's mind that his father would be a force to be reckoned with.

While some would look at the pictures and only see past and present champions, Ash looked at it as a wealth of knowledge. Any trainer with a decent set of skills would be able to look at these pictures and plan a decent team around them. Granted some of the Champions rotated their teams but they still had their specialized types. That was one of the things that separated Red Ketchum from the rest. His Pokemon were legendary for their abilities to get out of tough situations. The battle against Lance was considered one of the greatest for his generation and was replayed regularly on the official Pokemon League Network.

Ash lightly smiled as he thought about the one flaw that his father had and that was fighting an opponent who used the same strategy. Dragon pokemon were power…and there was no other way to put it. Even ones that didn't evolve like Unova's Druddigon were a threat to be had. Ash gently slid his hand over his belt that contained his pokemon team and smirked coldly as he looked at his father's face.

He was ready to begin his conquest and his team would be the aide he needed in destroying Red Ketchum.

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