"Hey, I've got a question for you!"

The statement engulfed my mind, his voice was entrancing. It left me in a seeming hypnotic daze as I stared into his eyes, well tried, seeing as how his shako made it impossible.

"Who are we?!"

The question was so obvious, yet so hard; everything seemed so… ethereal, who am I, Where am I, I don't even know…

My heart was beating at a rapid pace; I was in front, I was shaking, Why am I shaking? Then instinctively I knew, because there he stood before me. I could feel his glorious Drum Major aura, emitting so strongly off of him. His presence was so beautiful, so perfect like a god...Oh Ash Ambrosia won't you be mine?

"PINK DEVILS!" I nearly screamed back, the thundering response sending vibrations through the 5 trombones I was burdened with.

"WHO ARE WE?!" he cried back,