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Chapter 1

Rain patters the window as Souji eyes open. Today is Showa Day so he has the day off from school.

"What should I do today?" The Fool spoke to himself almost immediately after he started to wake up. Quite the pattern for him, but today was a day off from school, so he couldn't do much. Nanako was preoccupied with the television after he made breakfast for her, His mind and stomach were still recovering from the Mega Beef Bowl he had from yesterday, so that was out of the question. He did come up with one thought though, Yukiko is supposed to return to school tomorrow after being rescued from the TV and since then has been recovering; according to what Chie said a couple of days back.

"Hmm, maybe I should go see her…" Souji mumbled. "Nanako, I'm going out!" Souji informed loudly to his cousin.

"Okay, take care!" Nanako replied back as Souji went outside with his umbrella popped open and headed to the shopping district.

While walking to the Shopping District, he called Chie to ask her a few things. Chie answered within the first few rings.


"Hey, it's Souji."

"Hi there, Souji-kun, what's up? Don't tell me you wanna go to the TV World again to train. I'm still tired from saving Yukiko."

"No, that isn't what I wanted to talk to you about, though what I wish to talk to you about does involve her. I want to ask you if you can give me directions to the Amagi Inn."

"What? Why do you wanna go there? Don't tell me you're-"

"I just want to make sure she's okay, that's all." Souji cut her off almost quickly with a cold tone. Though truth be told on his first day in Inaba when Chie and Yukiko walked with him, Chie did bring up if Souji thought Yukiko was cute, though he boldly admitted she was cute in his nonchalant grey eyes, he couldn't admit to Chie that he just wanted to see her for more than just if her health was improving, he didn't feel courageous enough like last time.

"Okay, if you aren't gonna be honest, I'm not gonna help you." Chie teased with a little laugh afterwards.

Just as Souji was about to give in and admit it; Chie speaks again, unintentionally cutting him off.

"It's alright, I understand Souji-kun. You really are a nice guy, you know that? Anyway, here's the address and how to get there…" Chie passed along the information Souji desired.

"Thanks Chie. I'll let her know you said 'Hi.' Later." Souji hung up the phone and headed to the bus stop as he predicted he needed to.

The bus would take him there in about 20 minutes. He spent that time contemplating about what to say to her; but for some reason, he could not think of anything to tell her. He could not think of anything, so the least he did was read as much as he could off of "A Great Man" as possible before getting there despite purchasing it just before the bus arrived . He felt more like a real man and more ready for this situation. Sure enough, those 20 minutes passed by too quickly and he had already arrived at the Inn. He sighed and shrugged, "Well… no point in standing here." He walked in as calm as can be, despite how in the inside he was screaming.

"Welcome!" A woman in a beautiful blue kimono with raven colored hair wrapped up to compliment the kimono greeted and bowed to him.

"Oh uh… Hello, I'm one of Yukiko-san's classmates." "Oh, you aren't Hanamura-chan. Are you perhaps…?"

"Oh forgive my manners, my name is Seta Souji, I transferred here from Kyoto for the year."

"Ah yes! I've heard of you. The infamous transfer student my daughter keeps talking about. Oh and forgive me for not introducing myself as well, I'm Yukiko's mother. What brings you to our Inn Souji-chan?"

"Well Amagi-san, I, um, came to give the notes I copied for her; it's a review for the first mid-terms of the year."

"Ahaha, I see. Very well, I'll escort you to your- I mean her room. Excuse me; it's a habit of me to show people to their rooms."

"No no, it's fine."

"As I'm taking you to her room, tell me a bit about yourself Souji-chan. What made you come to our small town of Inaba?"

"Well, I'm just here for the year because my parents are working overseas. South Korea I believe. I'm staying with my uncle, Ryotaro Dojima."

"Ah yes, the 'Hardboiled Detective of Inaba' I had homeroom with him and my husband back in high school. I believe I know your mother too! She was my senpai back in my days of youth."

"Y-you still look young to me." Souji forced out for the sake of keeping things less awkward, until he realized just how bizarre for him of all people to say.

"Aw, why thank you Souji-chan! I only get that from my husband and my Yukiko nowadays. But here we are; it was nice speaking to you Souji-chan."

"The pleasure's all mine."

"Yukiko! You have a friend here to see you!"

"Oh, is it Chie?" An all too familiar voice asked.

Her mother opens the door with a smirk and says, "You're favorite transfer student is here to check up on you! Hope you two get along well!" Yukiko's face a beamed a shade of red while Souji felt his own cheeks rise in temperature

"Mother, stop it!" Yukiko frantically said.

"Ahahaha, I'm just teasing you two. Call me if you need some tea or anything. Oh and Souji-chan," Her tone slightly changed as she gave Souji a slight push into Yukiko's room," you are welcome to the Amagi Inn at any time. I heard you put a great deal in finding my Yukiko, maybe you could say you are her "Prince?" Ahahaha, well take care you two!" Ms. Amagi said as she closes the door and laughs away.

"Uh… did you tell her what happened to you?" Souji asked, still being in a bit of a shock.

"No, but I think she just guessed that and said it at the 'best' time." Yukiko was pouting, still recovering from the embarrassment while blushing. Yukiko was dressed in a light blue kimono, just like her mother's, except her hair was completely down like how it always is whenever the two interacted. "But, um… what are you doing here Souji-san? Did you come to check up on me like Chie?"

"Well, I came to give you my notes from yesterday."

"Oh thank you, but Chie already gave me hers from last week. Did you say that to Mother as a way to come see me?" She immediately could tell he was lying. He was still trying to recuperate as well from her mother's jests.

"…Yes. I wanted to check up on you to see if you were okay though, but I figured that wouldn't be enough to simply let me see you."

"Oh, I see… you're a bad liar." Yukiko giggled as she blushed again. "Well since you are already here, shall we chat for a while?"

"I'd like nothing more than that, Yukiko-san."

"Oh feel free to just call me 'Yukiko' alright Souji-kun? Yukiko smiled with still a bit of blush.

"That's fine with me, Yukiko."

"Well, I think you may as well know this, but… you are the first boy to ever come to my room."

"Oh, really? I'm honored." Souji replied smoothly with the results he expected.

"Well how's school been though while I'm gone?" Yukiko asked with curiosity on her face

"It is fun, but it needs more red in it."

"Oh…" Yukiko was at a loss for words, while an embarrassed smile was printed all over her usually calm face.

"I've never really got the chance to have a long conversation like this with you, but what say when you come back to school, do you want to perhaps study one day in the library?"

"Yes. I'd like that." Yukiko said very quickly which lead to somewhat of an awkward silence. Yukiko then said the first thing that popped into her head. "Oh… did Mother say anything about me?"

"Yes she did, she said that you would talk about me to her."

"N-No I don't talk about you to her!" Yukiko cried in a flustered tone.

"Oh, I see… you're a bad liar." Souji grinned as he could tell Yukiko was lying and her blushing heavily was just one of the reasons.

"Well… when Chie brought me home, Mother asked if Chie found me and Chie just said that she did not find me herself, she mentioned Yosuke-kun and you as well. I even mentioned you were a transfer student and so Mom asked me a few things about you while I've been resting."

"Ah, I see. I understand. Though you said I'm the first boy to visit your room right? Why would she let me visit you so easily? Chie told me it took her quite some time to visit you at your house."

"Well, I told her you were a nice boy who's not like the other boys I've had encounters with."

"You mean the ones who are taking that 'Amagi Challenge' right?"

Yukiko nods her head. "She was really surprised though, considering I also told her you thought that 'I'm cute.' She said that she wanted to meet you, but while we're on the subject… were you telling Chie that so she could get a laugh in from that?"

"I was being honest. I think you are beautiful."

"Ohh… I see." Yukiko looks at the floor with her face bright red.

The two talked for quite some time and also studied a bit for the midterms and it was 5:30 PM.

"Oh, it's getting late; I need to get home in time to make dinner for Nanako." Souji said as he glanced at the clock.


"Nanako is my Uncle Dojima's only daughter, she can only cook breakfast, so I try to make her food from time to time since always ordering take-out is bad for you."

"Oh, I understand. I'm impressed that you can cook at your age."

"It's nothing, really."

"But, thank you for spending today with me. I really enjoyed talking to you and… I'm looking forward to our study date next week."

Souji nods to her as he tries to reach for his pen but he accidently grabs Yukiko's hand.

"Ah! I-I'm so sorry Yukiko, I meant to grab my pen, not your hand." Souji apologized as red spread all over his face for a 2nd time.

"Oh, i-it's no problem Souji-Kun. I didn't mind at all." She spoke despite her facial expression showing embarrassment. "Well thank you again."

Souji walked out of Yukiko's room waving goodbye, closed the door, and headed out. "Her hand felt… so soft." Souji thought to himself. Souji then reached the lobby, a familiar face was there, as if waiting for him."

"Leaving so soon Souji-chan?"

"Ah yes, I'm heading home to make dinner for Nanako and Uncle Dojima."

"Oh you can make dinner already at your age? That's wonderful! Yukiko is trying to learn, but not going at a great pace. Maybe you can teach her one day! Anyway, do take care now and you are welcome to visit anytime, Souji-chan! Say hi to Ryo-kun for me!"

"I shall. You and Yukiko take care now." Souji sees them off and he checks his phone since he left it off while speaking to Yukiko. There was a text message from Yosuke in Souji's inbox.

"DUDE! I heard from Chie you are hanging out with Yukiko, you GOTTA tell me the details later tonight. Call me after your dinner is over."

"…Chie, you are more feminine than you give yourself credit for." The Fool sighed as he waited for the bus to arrive.

At the Dojima Residence.

"I'm home."

"Welcome back." A stern voice spoke hiding behind newspapers.

"Hello Uncle, you're here early."

"Yeah, I got out early. What were you up to today?"

"I was studying with Yukiko today at the Inn and making sure she was doing okay. We're gonna study again next week alone again."

"Hmm… well I understand you are worried, but I'll let it slide because you were studying. Don't tell me you're interested in her?"


"Hahahaha! Oh you are definitely a strange one Souji. I've heard at the station many students try to go on dates with her, but fail miserably; but it sounds like you got a chance." Souji had nothing much to say to that. "Well, I won't stop you, just keep those grades above the passing mark, try not to get into trouble and you'll be fine."

"I understand Uncle."

"Well, let's make some dinner then. Hopefully if you cook well enough, you'll impress that Amagi girl." Dojima smirked as he teased his nephew.

The evening ended on a straight note as Dojima and Souji has a discussion about his day with Yukiko, with Nanako slightly confused, but happy all the same that her dad was home.