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Oh and Japanese Culture legend:
Sama = Lord/Lady
Shogi = A type of Japanese Chess. It's different from the Chess we know, but it looks interesting. Look it up to see the differences.

Chapter 22

The Festival was coming to a close, Souji and the rest of the group were enjoying what little of the festival they could together before the remaining food stalls and rooms would be forced to close. All was actually normal, if you could call it that, until one of the most sweet and recognizable voices called out to Souji.

"Oh, Big Bro!" It was Nanako who ran up to Souji and gave him a hug despite her small stature.

"Ah, good thing we found you." Dojima sighed in relief as he approached the gang. Dojima explained about his trip that would leave him gone for the rest of Sunday and Monday. "Sorry to dump this on you, but can you show Nanako around?"

Souji gave a clear nod, while Yukiko grabbed Nanako's hand and asked, "Would you like to walk around with us, Nanako-chan?"

"Can I?" Nanako asked with everyone nodding in affirmation.

"Thanks. Well, I'm gonna get going." Dojima nodded as he turned around to leave.

"Have a safe trip!"

"Yeah. You have a fun time, Nanako." Dojima walked off as everyone waved him goodbye.

"Hey Nanako-chan, how about you and your big brother stay at my place tonight?" Yukiko offered as she nudged towards her.

"Wait, hold on? Did I hear that right Yuki-chan?" Teddie interrupted as one would expect.

"Um, about me asking them about-"

"Party at the Inn!" Rise exclaimed.

"You cool with that?" Kanji added with his polite question.

"Uh, I was asking Souji and Nanako on-"

She was cut off by her friends celebrating, all high-fiving and planning what to do in the inn; Yukiko, try as she might, would not reach them. Her eyes would then glance towards Souji: "Souji-kun, think you can help?"

Souji smiled as he sighed, "Well Yukiko; even as leader, this is one of those times where they wouldn't even listen to me. We'll just have to go along and deal with it I suppose."

Nanako seemed to not mind, with thinking of it as a slumber party, her eyes only lit up more. It made her full of glee to just have more people accompanying her on this what looked to be already wonderful.

"Will it be a slumber party!?"

"Well, I guess it will be now. Are you up for it?" Yukiko asked as Nanako nodded in affirmation almost immediately after she heard the question.

The arrival at the Amagi Inn couldn't have come sooner than Souji had hoped. It promised to be an "interesting" night, but not entirely how he wanted. But it wasn't entirely bad. The festivities were tolerable; the food was great; and the night looked to be somewhat promising. Souji even got to see his friend Masato who helped prepare the meals for them and enjoyed a small conversation while the gang was returning to their rooms for a bit.

However, the sun had already set by then. The guys were in a spacious room, where things seemed quiet; just how Souji enjoyed it to be.

"Hey Yosuke! I wanna know about you and Chie-chan! Sensei said it was a beartiful and heart-wrenching story!"

"Hey Souji, why the hell did you tell him about that!? Yosuke agitatedly responded quickly.

"He wanted to know ever since it was made clear at the pageant, so I told him to get the info straight out of the horse's mouth." Souji responded with the old witty voice he enjoyed using on occasion.

Yosuke groaned in irritation and embarrassment. With a shaky sigh, he spoke, "Fine, alright I'll say it only once. So Chie and I were going to…"

In the changing room, the girls were sitting on the benches talking before they were to go in the hot springs. Chie was addressing the group and Nanako about her side of the story.

"...and then I guess you could say that settled that. So, can I stop talking now?" Chie quickly asked in embarrassment.

"Awww, that is soooo sweet!" Rise squealed in her emotions. "I can't believe you and Yosuke got together in such a romantic way!"

"Indeed. Yosuke really showed the depths of his character. I may have underestimated him." Naoto added on.

"Aw, come on guys, it was nothing special."

"Um… Chie, does this mean I can call you Auntie Chie now?" Nanako asked as the girls continued their gossiping.

"Aww, of course Nanako-chan, but why Aunt? I'm not related to Souji-kun or anything…?" Chie confusingly questioned.

"Well… You and Yukiko are kind of close like sisters! So I thought it would be alright to call you that. ...It's not bad is it?" Nanako's voice grew slightly sour after giving it some thought.

"N-n-n-no way Nanako-chan! I don't mind it at all! I just wanted to know why is all!" Chie quickly responded before Nanako would feel more guilty.

Rise whispered into Chie's ear, "It kinda makes you sound older, huh 'Auntie-Chie'?" Rise couldn't help but laugh aloud after that, leaving a confused Nanako to only wonder what she whispered.

"Um, can we just go into the springs already?" Yukiko brought up after the laughter died down.

Back in the guys' room, things seemed to get humorous with Teddie hearing the epic tale of "Yosuke scoring a hot stud" while Souji and Kanji pretended to give a first-time reaction so Teddie would enjoy himself more.

"So there, ya happy?" Yosuke snobbishly asked.

"Yup yup, Yosuke! Gosh, that tale feels like it inspires me to score even more! I can't wait to tell the cubs back home about this!"

"What cubs? You mean my little cousins visiting!? Nooo way dude! If you say a single word about this, ESPECIALLY, to my mom and dad, I'll see to it that topsicles are off shelves for a month!"

"Yosuuuukee! That's almost as bad as keeping all the lovely Junes workers away from me!" Teddie pouted.

"Yeah, well I'm glad at least the girls are far away to hear this."

Aw, we're in different rooms!" Teddie groaned after realizing the truth about the Persona ladies.

"Well, duh." Yosuke commented.

"It's one thing if they were next door, but they're so far away…"

"Well Yukiko said they weren't that many rooms as she had thought, so they're up on another floor. And the first thing they're gonna do is take Nanako to the hot springs."

"Ooohh, i-is it one of those 'Girls and Guys' Springs?" The guys only shrugged at Teddie's question, dismissing any hopes of Teddie seeing anything. Especially when two of the guys in that very room had girlfriends that he might get a glance at.

"I don't wanna take more'n one bath if I don't have to. Why don't we take a dip before we hit the sack?" Kanji suggested as Yosuke just gave a nod in agreement. Kanji took a stare around the room, taking note of anything that looked 'extravagant' in his mind. "By the way… 'Sup with this room? It looks pretty expensive."

"Oh, you noticed too? Normally a room like this wouldn't be open during the holiday season. I wasn't trying to think about it, but…" Yosuke hesitated for what felt like a moment. "...You don't think something happened in here, do you?"

"Senpai…? What're you all… quiet about?"

"Now that you mention it-" The four jumped in shock after hearing a loud noise catch them off guard... It was only the phone.

"G-Geez, that freaked me the hell out! G-Go answer it, Kanji!"

"W-What the hell are you freaking out for?" Kanji simply got up afterwards and answered the phone, hands shaking in slight worry and fear. He answered a forced 'hello' and his composure returned. He only nodded as he listened. "Oh, okay cool! Thanks!" Kanji then hung up the phone with no issues. "That was the front desk." Yosuke and Teddie were relieved, yet disappointed with the surprise result. "'Said the Hot Springs are now open for the Guys."

"Wow, Amagi Inn, great service… I broke out in a cold sweat…" Yosuke sarcastically remarked.

"Well, c'mon then, let's go wash it off." Kanji suggested as he began to walk away.

The guys were downstairs and as Yosuke and Teddie entered the mens' changing room, Souji and Kanji were stopped by someone.

"Sou-chan, Kan-chan, it has been quite sometime!" A familiar mother had greeted Souji in surprise.

"Kaede-san, good evening." Souji greeted back.

"Uh, good evenin' Kaede-sama!" Kanji bowed and greeted her back so hard it was almost reminiscent of a child's meeting one of their parents' friends for the first time.

"Now now Kan-chan, there's no need to be so formal. You can talk to me just like how your mother does. Anyway, are you enjoying you two enjoying your stay? I hope it lives up to your stay from over the summer Sou-chan." Kaede asked.

"Well, I-"

"What!? You stayed here before, Senpai!?"

"Why yes Kanji, I won a free night here at the summer festival a while back. Did you think I just can come here and get a free night?"

"Uh nah Senpai, it's not that; I was just surprised that you stayed here before. It's not like Kaede-sama let Ma, Dad, and I stay here before so often."

"Oh those were the days Kan-chan. Sometimes I miss those days when your father and my husband would play those fun games of Shogi and Ping-pong. It even got you interested in learning them."

"You play Shogi Kanji?" Souji asked in a hint of surprise.

"Well not as much as I'd like, punks back in the day wouldn't be intimidated by me if they knew I played it, so I stopped. 'Sides, my dad is gone, so I never really knew anyone I could have a matchup against."

"I played Shogi and Chess with my father, so I'm up for a game anytime."

"Thanks Senpai, though I'm nowhere near as good as Yukiko-senpai's or my own dad."

"I'm not as good as my dad. I only beat him twice, because he 'let me' win."

"That's exactly what my dad said when I beat him too!" The two went back and forth, exchanging times with their families that they would otherwise, never be caught dead speaking of.

"It seems my time in the nostalgic world has spread to you two boys. I'm glad to see that everyone is having a good time." Kaede nodded with a pleased look.

"...Eeeeeeek! Get out of here!" A girl's scream could be faintly heard.

"Was that Rise? What the hell is she doing in there!? It's the guys' turn! The clerk said so!" Kanji was ready to run in and see what was going on.

"Kan-chan wait here! You two should see that you're other male friends are in the waiting room. I'll see what's going on."

"K-Kaede-sama, are you sure?"

"Of course I'm sure; I'm the manager after all." Kaede smiled as she entered through the female's side."

"Let's get Yosuke-senpai and Teddie then, Senpai."


Entering the Mens' side, the two were spotted (still in their bath towels somehow) catching their breaths."

"Oh, there you are partner, the girls and Nanako-chan are in there. We tried to convince them, but we just got hit with buckets."

"Ha, you're all covered in lumps, man! Kanji commented while laughing.

"This isn't funny, Kanji!" Yosuke angrily pointed out.

"Well, what are gonna do now Yosuke? We're just gonna get hit again." Teddie weakendly asked.

"Oh don't worry, someone is on the way to fix this issue. We should have full control of the Hot Springs before long." Souji remarked in a war-torn voice.

"Sensei! You mean the battle for the Hot Springs was always ours!"

"Yes Teddie, my secret weapon has been unleashed on them."

"Oohhh, is it a new Persona!? Or a Sword!? A Tank?!"

"No Teddie, it's Yukiko's Mom; she's the Manager."

"Yuki-chan's Momma Bear!? That's some ferocious firepower you're working with Sensei! You sure don't hold any punches!"

"Souji, you really need to stop buttering Teddie up with these stories and jokes." Yosuke muttered. A flying bucket was thrown smack dab into his face. "Oww! What was that for!?"

"For probably looking at Yukiko in the Hot Springs."

In the Hot Springs, Kaede finished giving the girls a lecture.

"Well ladies, you shouldn't have mixed up the times; there are nearly thirty minutes left for the guys and these boys want to go in, we musn't keep them waiting."

"Yes mother..." Yukiko sighed as she agreed.

"...Is it my fault, Amagi-san? I wanted to go in first, so you should get mad at me, not everyone else."

"Not at all Nana-chan. Yukiko and the girls misread the times, so you don't need to take it out on yourself." Nanako only nodded in response. "Tell you what, when the boys finish their time here, the Springs will be all yours for one hour! It'll be the all girls hour here, so you can relax here to your heart's content!"

"Okay! Thank you Amagi-san!" Nanako nodded again, happily this time. The girls went into the changing room to dry up and head back into their rooms for a bit.

"How did we lose that fight? I thought we were going to get out of this 'cause we were all girls?" Chie questioned with a disdained look.

"I'm surprised myself, Chie-senpai." Naoto agreed.

"Yukiko-senpai, how the heck did she just scoot us off like that despite all we said.

"It was because I mixed up the times and Mother seems to have high regard in Souji-kun."

"Well no wonder." The other girls remarked at the same time.

"Souji's charms are too amazing for his own good." Rise said with a shrugged look.

"You know I can hear you young ladies, right?" Kaede interrupted with a disappointed face.

"M-Mother!?" Yukiko jumped in surprise while the girls gave similar reactions.

Teddie and Yosuke were still impatient as always, while Kanji and Souji awaited for the "all clear" from Kaede.

"Alright boys, you can enter now! You have about 30 minutes to enjoy yourself though!" Kaede's voice can be heard from the entrance.

"Sweet! Let's go guys!" Yosuke said as he already went to the springs with no hesitation.

The springs were just as great as they were hoping for. All four of the men of the investigation team were enjoying the springs that they too had rightfully deserved.

"This makes all those buckets to the head worth it." Yosuke sighed in relief.

"Man, how long has it been since I was here…" Kanji said as he enjoyed the lukewarm waters.

"Aww, I forgot to bring the eggs to boil here." Teddie pouted with disappointment.

"Forget about them Teddie, just enjoy yourself while you can. We got about till 8 PM to enjoy ourselves here, so just be thankful Yukiko's mom bailed us out."

"Let him be Yosuke." Souji ordered.

"Yeah whatever. So, what do you wanna do after this?"

"I say we play some ping-pong!" Kanji suggested. "There's a couple of tables in the recreation room here. I'll ask for the paddles and some balls when we get out."

"Nobody asked you Kanji." Yosuke smugly responded

"You game Yosuke? Or are you scared Kanji will knock a ball right in your face?" Souji said with intention to damage Yosuke's pride.

"No, I'll totally beat him at Ping-pong! I bet he's never played a game in his life. I'll play you too!"

"We'll see Yosuke." Souji said as he waved his hand back and waved it across Yosuke in the face at point-blank range. "And before you ask why, that was for just being an idiot."

"You serious?" Yosuke said in minor pain.

"Kanji, be sure not to show Yosuke any mercy with that game. He needs to be put in his place for putting us through that hell of a contest." Souji calmly demanded. "These are strict orders from your leader."

"Yes sir!" Kanji complied as he lifted his arm in pride when he beats a shadow.

"Oohh, Yosuke is gonna get his butt whooped!" Teddie cooed in amusement.

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