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Tori Vega arrived home to a seemingly deserted home, she was used to it though. It happened most days. Not that she resented her parents for being away so much, it just got... lonely sometimes. And Trina wasn't the greatest company in the world.

Tori yawned, she was exhausted. The half-Latina hadn't been sleeping properly lately. She recently had been getting nightmares that caused her to wake up in a cold sweat at all hours of the night.

She headed up the stairs that lead to her room wanting nothing more than to collapse into a ball on her bed and take a long nap, and thats exactly what she was going to do. She walked through the door to her familiar room and headed straight for her wardrobe.

She pulled out an old T-shirt and sweats and got changed out of her slightly too tight skinny jeans and shirt.

When she was changed she turned out the light and blindly walked over to her bed and collapsed into it, preparing for a probably terrifying bout of nightmares. She couldn't take the not sleeping anymore, she was too tired.

The half-Latina turned on her side and closed her eyes preparing to go to sleep.

"Hi." An amused and familiar voice said from beside her, causing Tori to fall out of her bed with a startled scream. She scrambled into a corner and grabbed anything she could find for a weapon to defend herself with, something that had been drilled into her mind by her police-man father at a young age.

Her hands wrapped around her one of her high-heels she had worn a few nights ago and she grabbed one and held it out in an attempt to look threatening. It probably didn't work.

She used her other hand to feel for the remote she had just put down on her bedside table and flicked the lights on to reveal a very amused Jade West lying in her bed.

"Gonna kill me with a shoe Vega? I'm very scared." She gave her signature Jade smirk.

"J-Jade?" Tori stuttered in surprise. She had been the last person she would expect to sneak into her house. Jade hates her after all. But then again, now that she thought about it, it sounded just like something the goth would do. She was probably about to attempt to murder her.

"That's me." She replied smirk never leaving her face.

Yep, definitely plotting something. The half-Latina thought to herself. She raised her 'weapon' again suspiciously causing Jade to snort and roll her eyes.

"Relax Vega, I'm not here to kill you..." She said reading Tori's mind. Tori saw something flash across the goths eyes, was it hurt? She couldn't tell, it was gone too quickly.

"...Because I'd never be so blatantly stupid to kill you in your own house." Normal Jade was back just as quickly as she'd left.

"H-how long have you been in here?!" Tori spluttered mind going back to just a minute ago when she was getting changed.

"Long enough to know you have some interesting things in here." Jades reply caused Tori to instantly, go through a mental list of all the things in her room that Jade could use as potential ammo against her.

"L-like...?" Tori asked slightly scared.

"Well I didn't actually go through anything, but now I really want to, just because of the way you reacted." Jade smirked again. Tori took a breath and put down the shoe, if Jade had wanted to kill her she would have done so already.

"How did you even get in here?" Tori asked.

"I have my ways." Jade replied mysteriously. Tori decided that she didn't really want to know.

"Well," Tori breathed. "Why are you here then?"

For the first time since Tori had discovered Jade in her room, the goths smile dropped.

"I came to talk to you about something."

"Oh really?" Tori asked sarcastically and rhetorically.

"Don't sass me Vega." Jade growled, which Tori had to admit sounded kind of hot. Wait... What? No! Bad Tori! Changing train of thought...

"I'll sass who I want to sass!" Tori retorted surprising herself.

"Oh really?" Jade replied giving Tori one of her signature glares. "Try it again then."

Tori squirmed under Jades gaze. She fidgeted with her hands.

"So what did you want to talk about?"

"That's what I thought Vega." Jade grinned victoriously before the smile dropped just as quickly. "I've got a problem."

Tori resisted the urge to make a snide comment about how she has many problems, but only because she sounded rather serious.

"Why come to me about your problems?" I ask instead, getting up off the floor and going to sit on the edge of my bed.

"My dad would kill me if he found out, my mother would tell him the instant I talked to her, let alone the fact that I never talk to my parents anyway. Beck is a serious douche-bag who I'm still very, very angry with." She began, causing me to instantly think something was seriously bad if she was actually talking to me about her family.

"My god, are you pregnant?" I blurt out, to which she frowned and gave me a weird look.

"What? God, no!" She frowned before continuing. "Cat, is well... Cat. Robbie is out of the question, and Andre isn't exactly a close friend of mine at all..."

Tori raised her eyebrows when Jade explained why not Andre.

"So you won't go to Andre because he's not a close friend but you'll come to me." Tori grinned.

"Yeah well, you've already seen me broken so... yourankeversoslightlymoretha n Andre." Jade mumbled picking at her nails.

But Tori heard and couldn't stop grinning.

"I'm talking less than an atom's height higher though, don't get your hopes up."

"I can live with that." Tori smiled.

"We're getting off track here!" Jade shouted causing Tori to instantly be serious again, despite the joy she felt inside. "I'm here about a problem so can we get back to the problem."

Tori nodded and Jade took a breath and continued.

"So you're really the only person left I could go to." Jade's eyes flashed with something unrecognizable again.

Tori didn't comment though, she just took Jades hand and squeezed it gently. Jade surprisingly didn't punch Tori for it either, or even make a snide comment on it. This problem was really troubling Jade. Another flash of emotion.

"It's just... ever since I was born my parents had this idea of a perfect child that they want me to be. And whenever I do something, or be something that doesn't fit into that idea. They aren't very happy to say the least. Their idea of a perfect child is one who doesn't dress like I do, doesn't get piercings or tattoos like I have, one who doesn't challenge her parents like I do... everything I do is wrong to them."

Tori couldn't imagine what that must be like, even though her parents were barely around she knew that they loved her as she was.

"I'm sorry..." Tori started but Jade cut her off.

"Don't be, I hate them. I do it on purpose. As a small child it was all I ever wanted, to be what they wanted to be. Hell I even wore bright pink dresses."

Tori just couldn't imagine it.

"But I learnt that nothing I ever did would be enough to please them so I just stopped trying altogether." Jade said.

"If that isn't the problem what is..?" Tori asked quietly.

"I'm getting to that." Jade snapped, but Tori didn't flinch. She knew it was Jade's way of coping.

"I started doing all this stuff, dressing in black. Being a cold hearted Gank. And they got so mad." Jade smiled tightly. "Don't get me wrong this is 100% me, I just go over the top at home to piss them off."

Tori nodded, squeezed the goth's hand and waited for her to continue.

"Then I got older and it got worse, I got my piercings and they flipped out. But not as much when I got my first tattoo." Jade pointed to the star on her arm. "Because they knew piercings can grow out. But tattoos are... well permanent. They went psycho the first time. And then me being me, went out and got a second one. And..."

Tori squeezed Jade's hand again to comfort her. Jade was sniffling now.

"I'd never seen them so mad before. My dad tore up practically our entire house. They told me, 'You can have the clothes and the piercings and everything else you already have. But if you do anything else after that. We're kicking you out of this house! Understand Jadelyn? I swear we will KICK YOU OUT. If you're not going to bring respect to our family's name then you will no longer be part of our family.' a-and..."

Tears were running down her face now. Tori put her arms around the girl in an attempt to comfort her.

"I didn't feel threatened at the time. I hated them, I would love to leave. And none of their previous threats were ever acted on or serious... But then..." Jade wiped at her eyes and swallowed hard. "They found out t-that..."

Tori rubbed her shoulder feeling so bad for this girl, she thought she understood now why she couldn't go to anyone else. If they saw her break down like this her reputation would be ruined. She noticed that Jade wasn't talking anymore and looked up at her. Her cheeks were tear stained and Tori wiped them away gently.

"You can tell me Jade..."

"This is why I don't want to tell you..." Jade swallowed hard. "Because you're the only one who cares right now and If I tell you then you'll never look at me the same, and then you'll leave me just like Beck did..."

"Didn't you break up with Beck?.." Tori asked tentatively.

"That's what he told everyone huh?" She laughed humorlessly. "He found out, and he left me... and he told my parents. And... for the first time in my entire life they finally kept a promise that they made me. 'Cause now... Now I'm homeless..."

Tears started to fall again and Tori hugged Jade tightly.

"You're not homeless." Tori said firmly. "You can stay here as long as you like. Because unlike you seem to think, I'm never going to leave you no matter what you do or say. I've come this far and I'm not turning back."

"God..." Jade laughed slightly through her tears. "Thats so cheesy..."

She put her arms around Tori and hugged her back.

"But... thankyou Tori..." Jade sniffled.

"...aaaand you called me Tori. Who are you and what have you done with the real Jade." Tori smiled and rubbed the goth's back who smiled too despite herself.

"Don't get used to it Vega." Jade smiled and Tori did too.

"Instead of looking at this like it's a bad thing... Let's list all the good things while I go make you some pancakes." Tori said with a grin before grabbing Jade's arm and dragging her to the door, while Jade let out a laugh. "Number One! You can now do what you want, as long as it is legal as my dad is a cop and you're living in his house now..."


Now that she knew she had a friend she could count on and that she had a place to stay, the fact that her parent's kicked her out was not such a bad thing to Jade. She followed Tori downstairs to the half-Latina's kitchen where said girl was already bring out ingredients to make into a pancake feast.

"Number Two! You get to stay with me!" Tori grinned.

"I thought we were listing good things." Jade teased jokingly.

"Hey." Tori pouted, which Jade thought was actually quite adorable. What? NO! No no no no no no no no NO! Tori's is NOT adorable in any way... except when she makes those cute little faces... NO! SHUTUP BRAIN!

"Number three! I now get a ride from someone other than Trina!" Tori happy danced which made Jade laugh before pulling a face.

"Ugh, thanks for reminding me that I now live in the same house as that thing!" Jade scowled.

"Jaaaade." Tori pouted. "I am related to that 'thing' you know..."

"Does that make you a thing too?" Jade smirked as Tori pouted again. She returned to making her pancake mix.

"But seriously... are you sure it's okay that I stay here?" Jade asked quietly.

"I said it would be fine and my parents are pretty cool with anything I do so it's okay now stop worrying!" Tori grinned and flicked some flour at Jade.

Jade raised an eyebrow at the girls antics.

"Funny how my parents wanted the perfect child and got me and your parents don't expect anything from you and yet you're like the perfect child." She mused.

"You think I'm perfect?" Tori grinned at Jade.

"What? No! I never said that." Jade growled and Jade saw something flash across Tori's eyes when she growled. She raised an eyebrow and Tori blushed and returned to her cooking, hiding behind her hair slightly.

Weird. Jade thought. But so is she. In a cute way thoug-... NO! STOP IT BRAIN!

"Sure... whatever you say Jade." Tori grinned.

"What did I tell you about sassing me Vega?" Jade growled again. Another unidentifiable look from Tori. Could it be...

"That I can sass you whenever I feel like it?" Tori grinned wider, distracting Jade from thought.

"I didn't say that!" Jade gave Tori a look, trying hard not to smile despite herself.

"Funny, I remember it that way." The half-Latina poked her tongue at me and continued making the pancakes.

"Number Four." I grin. "It gives me many more opportunities to kill you and/or get information that I could use to embarrass you at school."

"It's not like you don't know pretty much everything about me anyway... you know what I'm allergic to, you even know my blood type! You probably even know things about me that even I don't know." Tori grumbled before putting the first batch of pancakes on a plate and handing it to the goth who was leaning against the counter.

"I probably do." Jade grins.

The goth gratefully took the plate and started eating the pancakes, which she found to be the best she'd ever eaten. Not that she'd tell Tori that.

"Well?" Tori asked.

"Eh. Not as bad as I expected." Jade grinned as she laughed.


After pancakes the two girls sat on her couch for a while and talked about random stuff, nothing in particular.

A little while after the random conversations Jade noticed that Tori was tired, and she remembered that Tori had gone into her room to sleep in the first place and the only reason she wasn't right now was because Jade had been there. Feeling slightly guilty the goth suggested that she go to bed as she 'looks like she's about to collapse on the carpet'.

"What? No... nooooo. I'm not tired..." Tori let out an unconvincing yawn causing Jade to give her a look.

"Well... okay yeah I'm tired but we have to make sure you have somewhere to sleep first." Tori smiled tiredly, I wonder why she's so tired? "Well here are your options: There's the couch, the floor, the table or the guest room."

"I'll take the table." Jade replied managing to look completely serious causing Tori to give her a weird look. "Kidding! Guest room it is."

The two girls climb the stairs and Jade follows her down the hall past her room, past a few others and into a room. Jade was very surprised when she saw the wallpaper and the bed was black. Jade raised an eyebrow at Tori.

"What?" Tori shrugged. "I used to have a cousin who stayed over occasionally and liked the colour black almost as much as you."

"Tell your cousin they have good taste in colors." Jade grinned. The goth walked over to a desk and picked up a heart shaped photo of a pretty looking girl. Not as pretty as Tori though... NO. SHUT IT BRAIN.

"This his girlfriend?" Jade asked showing Tori the picture.

"That's her girlfriend, yeah." Tori folded her arms and raised an eyebrow at Jade waiting for her reaction, instantly ready to defend her cousin if Jade said anything bad about her.

"Her girlfriend huh?" Jade looked slightly surprised but didn't look like she was about to criticize.

"Yep. So you don't have to worry about there being any boy germs in your bed." Tori joked.

"Oh like I care about germs." Jade smirked.

"Jade West isn't afraid of anything, let alone germs." Tori laughed and rolled her eyes. Before she frowned slightly.

"Wait... uh... when you... erm... were you allowed to take your stuff?.." Tori nervously asked not really knowing how to phrase that question.

"When they kicked me out." Jade finished for her. "They said I was being allowed to get my stuff from them tomorrow. Since they are 'fair parents'..." The goth mumbled something sarcastic under her breath. "Anything I don't take they're burning."

"Well, then we'll go get your stuff tomorrow." Tori gave a small smile. "Until then..."

The half-Latina left the room briefly but was back in seconds. She tossed Jade a black shirt and some grey sweats.

"You can wear these... uh if you want." Tori said.

"Thanks Tori..." Jade mumbled. "Thanks for everything..."

"No problem." Tori smiled brightly at the use of her first name, and turned to leave. "I'm going to bed, I'm about to pass out."

"Night Vega."

"Night West." The half-Latina walked out the door and poked her head back in with a sad smile. "I know you aren't ready to tell me why, but when you are I'll be here. And. I. Will. Stay."

"Yeah I know." Jade says quietly. Before turning her head and giving her a classic Jade look. "Now get out of here Vega. Unless you plan on perving on me while I get changed?"

The goth grabbed the bottom of her shirt and raised her eyes in challenge to Vega.

"Night Jade." Tori said rolling her eyes and leaving.


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