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"So anyway... before we were interrupted. Where's my surprise?!" Jade asked Tori who frowned slightly and looked at her watch.

"I don't know..." Tori began to say but she was interrupted by two girls who Tori thought looked familiar.

The first one looked to be in her early twenties was about average height, with than coloured skin with brown hair and brown eyes and was wearing a black leather jacket with a black shirt, black skirt and black leggings. Guess what colour her boots were? Black. Jade felt like she should know who the girl was but couldn't quite put her finger on it.

The second girl also looked familiar too, she looked the same age and she was roughly the same height as the first girl but she had dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. The second girl was also wearing a black leather jacket and the black skirt, boots and leggings. But she wore a light blue shirt underneath the jacket.

"Hey, Tori." The first one said in a voice that Jade swore she recognized from somewhere. "Long time, no see."

Tori looked up from her watch with a grin and flung her arms around the girl causing Jade to raise her eyebrows.

"You don't need to hug me to see if I'm real each time you see me." The girl chuckled. Tori let go grinning widely. Then she turned to the second girl.

"Hey Tori, it's been a while." The second girl beamed, before giving the first girl a look. "Sorry we're late. Maya just had to stop and get some coffee on the way and the cashier recognized her."

Tori gave the first girl whose name was apparently Maya a look. The name sounded so familiar and Jade was frustrated she couldn't remember.

"The Jetbrew over here has the best coffee around." Maya protested. "I don't come over here very often. It's not my fault that I can't keep a low-profile!"

At the mention of coffee Tori turned to me. Incidentally Jade was drinking Jetbrew coffee right at that moment. Maya and looked to her then, noted her coffee and grinned triumphantly at the other girl who rolled her eyes.

"Jade, your surprise has arrived. This is my cousin Maya, the one whose room you are staying in currently, and that is her girlfriend Angela." Tori gestured to the other girl who waved with a grin. Jade now recognized the other girl from the photo in the guest room of Tori's house.

Maya and Angela... So familiar... Jade almost did a spit-take. She'd figured out who they are. I can't believe I didn't figure out who they were earlier. She thought annoyed at herself.

"Although you might know Maya better as-..." Tori started but Jade cut her off.

"Tawny Walker-Black?" She asked with a shocked grin. "From 'The scissoring'?"

"Ha!" Maya grinned at Angela. "I can't believe you said nobody would know who I was without the costume. That's two people who know who I am on the same day!"

"She knew your characters name." Angela pouted. "She didn't get it until just now even though she heard your name more than twice."

"But she still knew who I was." Maya grinned.

"Well it is her favourite movie of all time..." Tori smirked. "I would hope she would know who the main character is."

"Nobody ever remembers me though." Angela sighed. "Nobody ever remembers..."

"You were Tawny's bestfriend, Selena. In the very beginning scene before she moved away. I remember you now." Jade said with a grin.

"See? She knows you." Maya put her arm around Angela.

"How many times have you watched that movie?" Angela asked with a laugh.

"Many, many times." Jade grinned, still not quite believing she was talking to her favourite actor ever. Wait a second...

"Tori!" Jade exclaimed with a frown. "Why did you not tell me your cousin was the main character in my favourite movie!"

"It never came up?" She shrugged.

Maya and Angela laughed.

"Sounds like Tori." Maya grinned.

"So how long are you guys staying for?" Jade asked the two girls.

"Not very long, we just dropped in since we were passing through. We only managed to tell Tori this morning." Angela said.

"They're on their way to the set of 'The scissoring: the sequel.'." Tori grinned at Jade.

"Your making a sequel?!" Jade exclaimed.

"It's supposed to be a secret so if we see it leaked anywhere on the internet we'll know who did it." Maya raised her eyebrows at Tori.

"I only told her!" Tori protested.

"It only takes one." Maya smiled and shook her head.

"I won't tell anyone, I can be trusted with secrets unlike Tori over here." Jade laughed.

"I will trust you based on the grounds that you are drinking coffee from my favourite shop." Maya grinned.

"Well, I can tell you two will get along." Tori rolled her eyes. "You two could start a coffee brand called Made (Ma/ya and Ja/de.)."

"Let them open a coffee shop." Angela grinned and threw her arm over Tori. "We can sell Tangelos (T/ori and Angel/a.) to supermarkets everywhere!"

"Tangelos... Yup it's a plan to take over the world." Maya scoffed and Jade smirked.

"You'll see... You'll all see!" Angela shouted dramatically before doing a very good evil laugh.

All three of the girls stared at her.

"Jeez, guys take a joke." She pouted and looked at her watch. "Oh! Maya we're going to be late! We have to go like right now!"

"Sorry Tori we gotta go. We'll see you again on the way back though. It was nice meeting you Jade, make sure Tori doesn't get into too much trouble." Maya grinned.

"Tori? Trouble?" Jade raised her eyebrow and smirked causing Maya to laugh.

"True, so I suppose she hasn't stopped being a goody-two shoes yet. Make her fun by the time we get back." Maya laughed, giving the protesting Tori a hug before following Angela back the way they came.

"I am so fun!" Tori shouted after them causing the two to laugh. Jade smirked.

"Keep thinking that Tori." Jade smirked.

"As my girlfriend you are supposed to support me." Tori pouted. There was that word again, the one that sent tingles down Jade's spine.

"Fine you are fun..." Jade said causing Tori to grin. "...To tease."

"I can always stop letting you use my coffee maker." She mock threatened.

"You're the funnest person I know!" Jade smiled widely.

"That's what I thought." Tori smirked.


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