Ch. 35 The Future of our family

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(Reid's point of view)

I was sadden and concerned. JJ did not want to marry me. I was not sure what I should do. Then JJ became ill. Much to my relief she agreed to come home.

A few days later JJ arrived home from the doctor. I had wanted to go with her but work got in the way. She was smiling. I was confused. She asked if we could talk.

"What did the doctor say?" I questioned.

"He said I'll be better in about nine months." JJ answered.

"You are pregnant." I gasped in shock.

"Yes we are having a baby." JJ responded happily.

"Wow." I mumbled.

"Spence I'm so sorry for how I reacted to your proposal. I love you. I do want to marry you." JJ said.

"Are you sure?" I questioned needing her to be sure.

"I'm more than sure. I want you, Henry, this baby, and me to be a family." JJ answered kissing me.

"When do you want to get married?" I questioned knowing if she said today I would say yes.

"As soon as possible." JJ answered.

"Maybe if we do not have a case we could go to the court house this weekend." I suggested.

"You don't want you Mom there?" JJ questioned.

"She is still too frail. Maybe we can take a trip soon. Then we can tell her and my Father about the baby." I answered as JJ nodded.

That Saturday afternoon the team, our family joined us as we married. Rossi gave JJ away. Derek was my best man. Penelope was JJ's maid of honor. Henry was our ring bearer. Hotch, Emily, Jack, and Alex stood near by.

After the wedding we went to Derek and Penelope's house. I was shocked to see a house full of people. My parents were waiting for us. My Mom looked wonderful.

Chief Strauss gave a moving toast. We all ate and danced. We discussed Derek and Penelope's upcoming wedding. I saw Rossi kiss Chief Strauss. It was a beautiful day full of love. We announced JJ's pregnancy everyone was so happy for us.

[Six Months Later]

Our baby girl is due next month. Things have only got better for our family. Emily is pregnant. Derek and Penelope are enjoying life as newly weds. Work is still the same but we are all closer than ever.

Today had been another normal day. JJ and I had just arrived home. Then I heard JJ yell. I ran to her concerned. She had an envelope in her hands. I was really worried. She was shaking as she handed me the document.

Will had given his rights up. The last time we heard from him was months ago. He had stopped paying his child support. JJ had tried to contact him many times. How could he do this to Henry?

I would never do this. Henry was my son in my heart. I approached JJ. I was not sure what to say. She seemed in deep thought. I knew I had to tell her.

"JJ I want to adopt Henry." I said bluntly.

"You do?" She questioned.

"In my heart he is mine. He deserves a Father. I think I could be a good one to him. He does not have to call me Dad or change his name. I just want him to know how much I love and want him." I tried to explain.

"I need to speak to him about Will. Maybe in a few weeks we can talk to him about it." JJ said.

"I understand." I said.

[One Month Later]

My daughter has just arrived. Amelia Diana Reid was born. She weighed just five pounds. Henry was the first to meet her after JJ and I. Henry loves her already.

"Spence Henry has something to ask you." JJ said.

"Okay." I responded turning my attention to Henry.

"Uncle Spence do you still want to adopt me?" Henry questioned me.

"Yes I do." I answered.

"Can I call you Daddy?" Henry questioned.

"Yes my son you can." I answered with tears in my eyes.

"Daddy can my last name be Reid too?" Henry questioned.

"Henry I would be honored for you to have my last name." I answered.

"I love you Daddy." Henry said.

"I love you too Henry." I responded.

A few months later Henry was legally my son. He was now known as Henry Jareau Reid. I felt so proud to be Henry's Father. No his Dad.

More changes came in the following years. JJ and I added another daughter to our family. Emily had a daughter they named Haley. Derek and Penelope have three kids. Alex left the team but we still have contact with her.

The most shocking changing has happened recently. Both Rossi and Strauss are retiring. They also have plans to marry. Hotch will be the new Chief. Emily is coming back to run the team. We also have a rookie agent. He seems to fit in well.

My parents got remarried a few years ago. JJ, the kids and I were there for their wedding. My Mom moved out of Bennington Sanitarium. She still goes for therapy though. My Dad does most of Mom's care he does have some nurses who help out.

As I look at my life I know how lucky I am. I have a job I love. I have a beautiful wife. I have an amazing son and two wonderful daughters. And I have the rest of my family.