Noticing a Heart

'My shyness has ruined so many opportunities'


The squeaking of shoes on the court echoed throughout the gym which was accompanied by high girlish screams.

"Kya! Kise-kun is so cool!"

A group of girls watched as Kise dunked another basket into the opponent's hoop, earning another point for his team.

The players on the court panted and slowed down once they heard the sharp sound of a whistle being blown.

"That's good for today, go home and get some rest for tomorrow!"

A small chorus of 'yes coach' got mumbled as the players slowly made their way to the changing rooms. The group of girls giggled amongst each other before rushing down the bleachers and onto the court.

"Kise-kun good job!"

"You were wonderful during practice!"

The blonde gave them a charming grin, making the group of girls swoon. Being surrounded by a bunch of girls he didn't notice one that was standing a bit away from the group.

Tsumi sighed as she tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear, Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to come today…she gave a longing glance towards the blonde player, I guess I can't talk to him this time… Tsumi turned and headed towards the door, head hanging down in defeat, I can't compete with his fan girls anyways… Next time for sure! She nodded to herself as she made her way towards the exit. Tsumi failed to notice a pair of dark colored eyes following her retreating figure, giving her a curious look.

Here's the first chapter for my small mini drabble Kise story!

Please let me know what you think of it! Thanks for reading!