Noticing a Heart

'I don't mind being in the background watching over you.'


The sound of the whistle passed through the gym signalling the players that practice was over. As usual the group of girls that normally watched the basketball practices went down to Kise and told him how cool he was.

"Kise-kun, that's so cute! Where did you get that?" one girl pointed towards the small plush of himself that was sitting on the bench. Kise smiled and walked over too it picking it up. The girls swooned when he gave them another charming smile.

"Someone very special to me made it." He ignored all the girls chattering and looked passed them. Tsumi stood at the end of the court near the door and gave him a slight wave, a small blush covering her cheeks when he gave her a wink. She folded her arms together; He's such a dork…

Tsumi didn't mind if she were always standing behind the hoards of fans and teammates, she knew that the only one Kise would be looking at was her.

-Extended Ending-

"Sorry! I just finished taking a shower! Then some people wanted to talk me." Kise jogged up to her while waving his hands in apology.

Tsumi sighed and smiled, "It's alright, I'm used to it." Kise smiled and wrapped his arm around her shoulders, pulling Tsumi closer to him.

"Oh! I finished reading the book you told me to read! It was pretty good!" He glanced down at her face to see a smile.

"That's good- Wait." she stopped walking and turned her head to your boyfriend, "You never paid for that book! I had to pay for it with my own money!" Kise gave Tsumi a nervous smile tightening his hold on her.

"How about I treat you to ice cream to make up for that?"

Tsumi sighed and leaned into him causing him to smile, "You're going to make me fat by eating too much ice cream~"

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