Lee darted down off a branch as I chunked a kunai just in time to have the oncoming shuriken glance off it. In the past 2 hours of fighting, other than some kunai, shuriken, needles and various throwing bombs these assailants have barely shown themselves! Neji can pin point their location but in the few seconds it takes to get Lee or one of my weapons over there, they have fled to their next location.

My best strategy would be to be back to back with Neji seeing as his eyes are the only thing that can sort of see these damned ninja. I can attack with some sort of projectile as Lee creates a perimeter.

"Neji, what's the radius?"

"The furthest is estimated at 20 yards away, closest being about 10 at times, but for the most part they stay about 20 to 10 away" Neji responds. He's losing more chakra than Lee and I combined since we must rely on his shield with this hidden enemy and it's starting to show.

"They're that close and we can't even sense them?!"

Neji backs up to me, deducing the exact same tactic as I had. Neji gives a signal to Lee to disperse out away from us to get a further range around them.

Shuriken after shuriken nothing even seems to have hit them, but they continue to rain projectiles secretly and silently giving no evidence to their location. I really have to rely on Neji with his ultimate defense but even that is going to wear off eventually.


This new approach might cause some more uproar than this stealthy technique. If I can catch one in Jidanda's shockwave there will be a momentary gap between attacking , then Lee can grab one just I time…this should work in a lather, rinse, repeat style as we pick them off one by one…hopefully. My first mission as a jonin and captain none the less, and the mission winds up being a complete disaster!

"Gah! I don't understand what are they doing? Are they waiting for us to run out of chakra…are they using some sort of teleportation jutsu?"

"Tenten this isn't going to work for long…..I .." I feel Neji's muscles stiffen behind me.

"What is it? Neji?"

Neji took a few seconds to answer. Oh this is bad…I can count the number of times Neji has been unable to keep his cool and communicate with that same smooth, coldness as he always has, on one hand.

"I…can't see anything anymore. They've created a…a .chakra fog? I can't singularly detect anyone! They're all mixing chakras now! It's like a thick mist of chakra! Anyone further than 8 feet out I can't see their individual chakra networks!"

As Neji continued to speak I could feel his skin prickle. How could they be doing this! Not even in the war was anyone this undetectable. We must be dealing with ANBU or something …no these were a thousand times more difficult. These were extremely powerful ninja who knew how to conceal unlike any other and were obviously aiming for quick, clean kills...even in their barrages of weaponry; their attacks were aimed for vitals that would mean all but instant death.

"It's entirely impossible; perhaps they have…TENTEN 2 O'CLOCK!"

Without any time to react I watched as a single kunai came 5….4…3…2...1 feet to my neck, not anywhere fast enough to dodge.


The kunai that protruded from the backside of my hand rammed even further in as Tenten and I rolled away from the attacker, onto the ground. The pain seared through my hand, but it was nothing unmanageable. What worried me more was the predicament we were in.


Tenten and I will be rendered useless for a few moments. Shielding Tenten's neck with my hand might have been one of the most absolute STUPIDEST things I could have concluded to do. Of the multitudes of other methods I could have used I might have chosen the most ridiculous. My bodying acting completely on its own in attempt to protect Tenten, grabbing her by the neck and rolling out of the way was my life-saving choice. My tackle of sorts has us lying beside each other and I can plainly see how the kunai has cut through my hand and is now penetrating a bit into Tenten's neck.

"Tenten don't move, how deep is it?"

She rolls to look up at me, slightly moving the kunai around in her neck. Her eyes expand with the sensation of pain. I feel a slight bit of bile roll in the back of my throat. First the Byakugan can't help protect my teammate and now a second's lack of judgment has truly made us completely vulnerable.

"Tenten can I pull this out? Our only option is to retreat!"

Lee continues to knock the weapons out of our path, but if one slips past him…

Tenten is trying to keep a cool demeanor, not panicking, but her eyes are lying to me. A second later I see resolve flash before her eyes and instantaniously she rips my hand and kunai out of her throat. Who in their right mind would do that? Immediately she begins to use her chakra to heal the wound, but the pain is not letting her focus in any way. She grotesquely squirms with pain, the sight of it making me burn on the inside, but she keeps at her neck. I can't stand this anymore, this is my fault. The genius of the Hyuuga clan is now a hindrance because of one mere kunai.


Refusing to watch this war between Tenten's will and obvious pain, I brush her hands out the way and shift her to my lap, head up on my shoulder to stop the blood from pouring out of the gash. I proceed to use what chakra I have left to seal the wound. Her chocolate eyes begin to wander around, obviously fighting the urge to pass out from pain. Her hand begins to creep to my injured one, her eyes locking with mine


Tenten can't be dying...not from this.., not my teammate, sparring partner, one of my few friends…..my...

Tenten throws the kunai that had been extracted from the back of my hand a millimeter past my ear. A sound of contact echoes a few feet directly behind me as Tenten passes out in my arms

I give the tiniest of grins. Well her aim is completely unaffected that's for sure.

"Neji! Is Tenten alright? Has our youthful blossom ended in…?"

"She's perfectly fine; we need to get her back to the village. The wound is sealed but we need to make sure no major damage was done, quickly"

"Yes Neji! And it appears the enemy has retreated as well!"

A quick scan with the Byakugan confirms that the chakra fog has cleared and no sign of a ninja having even been there is even available. But why would they retreat? We were absolutely at a disadvantage and vulnerable. Why would they leave?

Lee seems to spot something behind me; he comes back with the kunai Tenten threw and a shard of fabric with a miniscule amount of blood on it.

"It appears Tenten was the only one to even land a hit! Finally our youthful flower burst open..."

Lee's banter fads into the background. Lee and I are covered in small gashes, nothing but glancing blows, but Tenten has only one or two. Tenten has always been strong but has never in my memory been the one to stand out on the frontlines. As back-up to me and Lee...but this time…it became a necessity for her to be the captain, the main fighter. She fought for the most part by herself against all the other enemies. She was the only one who was even capable of functioning and beyond that, managed to land a single kunai. And I couldn't even protect her after all that…

"Tenten has grown!" Lee, finally taking a moment to breathe in between sentences

I stand up, Tenten in my arms and we head back to the village...

Those ninja…who were they? ...Hopefully we will never meet again to find out…

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