Sorry for the long wait everyone I hit a major writers block and I had a very hard time trying to think of a new story. This story will be the last Hotel Transylvania story that I will be writing. My new story topics will be based on Pokemon with which Ash meets his father Giovanni and other Pokemon stories. Well I hope everyone likes this story and thank you for all of the reviews I got on my last story Jonny's Parents Come to Hotel Transylvania, it means a lot to me. :)

This story will be about Hotel Transylvania and Harry Potter meeting for the first time. Dracula, Mavis, Jonny, and everyone else are having a nice time when they suddenly see a portal appear from out of nowhere and Harry, Ron, and Hermoine show up. Everyone gets aquainted and chat but no one notices the mysterious figure that came from the portal as well. Who or what is this mysterious figure and what will happen when it meets a famous monster hunter named Van Helsing?

Chapter 1

It was a nice,clear, and warm summer night in Transylvania, the stars were out, the moon was shining as bright as ever, and the monster hotel known as Hotel Transylvania was gleaming with life, and by life I mean undead life and the only living being is a 21 year-old adult named Jonny. Jonny was telling Jokes to his girlfriend, Mavis was enjoying listening to her boyfriend's jokes, and Dracula was doing his normal hotel manager duties and also keeping an safe eye on his daughter and her boyfriend making sure that they don't get into trouble. Everyone was in the main lobby.

"Why didn't the skeleton go to the party?" Jonny asked his girlfriend Mavis.

"I don't know. Why?" Mavis asked and glanced around to make sure there were no skeletons around to hear the joke.

"Beacause he had no body! hahahaha!" Jonny laughed at his own joke.

"Oh I get it haha that was a very funny joke, Jonny." Mavis kissed him on the cheeks, then the lips, and gave him a hug, careful not to squeeze him with her vampire strenghth.

Dracula came over to check on the young couple and Jonny told him the joke he told Mavis. The old vampire got confused but Jonny explained a little and then Dracula laughed. Everyone was laughing until they heard something from behind them and noticed a portal the size of a door. The portal was a bluish/purplish color and then three people came out of it. The first one was a male, he had a lighting bolt on his forehead, jet black hair, green eyes, had glasses, wore a black coat with a symble on the right side of his shoulder that said Griffindore, black shoes, had a wand in his hand, and looked like he was the second male had the same clothing and shoes as the first as well as the symble on the right side of his shoulder, also had a wand in his hand, had red hair, freckles on his face, had blue eyes, and looked like he could get scared easily. The third one was a female who looked like she was smart and brave, had the same clothes and shoes as well as the symble on the right side of her shoulder just like the two boys, had brown eyes, red hair, and had a wand in her hand.

Everybody was stunned at what just happened, but then Jonny managed to come back to reality and decided to meet and greet these new guests. Jonny was about to start walking towards the three new guests when both Dracula and Mavis rushed to come and stop him in his tracks.

"Jonny vhat do you think you are doing? You don't know these guys or what their capable of, do you?" Dracula said while worried about his friend's safety.

"Dad is right Jonny, they might be dangorous. They do look like their humans though, it's just that they suddenly appeared through a portal from which we have no clue as to where they came from." Mavis explained hopping Jonny would understand.

"Guys, guys, I got this one ok? Just roll with it, and besides they look like their humans like Mavis said and they look friendly. Their probably confused and scared as to where they are right now. Well I'm going to say hello to them and you two can join me when you two are ready, ok?" Jonny told his girlfriend Mavis and best friend Dracula.

"Harry where are we? It looks like some sort of hotel but all I see are monsters." Hermoine asked Harry.

"I don't know guys, all I remember was that we were practicing portal spells when we got sucked into one and here we are." Harry explained to his friends.

"I just hope there aren't any spiders in this place. Spiders are creepy and scary! I hate spiders!" Ron said with a scared tone in his voice.

"Ron, this place looks like it has a ton of spider webs so that must mean that there are a ton of spiders here, sorry to rain on your parade." Hermoine told Ron holding back a little chuckle.

Ron looks up and screams on the top of his lungs and then hides behind Hermoine for comfort and safety from the creepy and scary spiders.

"Ron Weasley! We are in a hotel so please try not to scream like a little girl when you see a spider or and spider web, ok?" Harry and Hermoine both said at the same time.

Ron just wimpered in fear ignoring his friends yelling at him.

"Hi newcomers! Welcome to Hotel Transylvania! My best friend Dracula's lavish five star monster hotel. I'm Jonathan but everyone calls me Jonny, so who are you guys and what brings you three here?" Jonny happily asked the three newcomers.

"Oh, uh, hi there Jonny. My name is Harry Potter and these are my best friends Ron Weasley and Hermoine Granger. We actulally come from England and Ron and I are wizards and Hermoine is a witch, we were practicing portal spells when one of them sucked us in and here we are." Harry explained to Jonny who seemed both confused and excited.

"Wizards, witches, spells, and portals? That is the most awesome thing I ever heard! I've always wanted to learn how to fly! Oh, do you guys fly on broomsticks? Do you use owls as pets and messagers? Wow I've got so many questions to ask that my mind is like totlally going a million miles per hour! This is crazy awesome!"

All three just stared at this hyperactive man. Harry was about to answer Jonny's questions but then stopped to see and tall and pale man with a young girl come up.

"Oh hey Harry, Ron, and Hermoine meet my best friend Dracula the guy who owns this place and his beautiful daugher and my girlfriend Mavis. Dracula and Mavis meet Harry, Ron, and Hermoine."

Dracula, Mavis, Harry, Ron, and Hermoine all got aquainted and everyone started to chat. No one noticed to see a mysterious figure come out of the portal which now closed.

Ok Chapter 1 complete, yay! This will be my very first time writing a story that is not only a cross over but also has chapters in it. So please everyone review and I hope you like it so far. I have no idea how many chapters this will have but I will play it by ear. So what or who do you think is this mysterious figure and what will happen now that everyone is aquainted? Find out in chapter 2. :)