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Chapter 4

The next night everyone was minding their own business and having fun. Jonny and Mavis we're having fun in the pool playing Marco Polo, Harry, Ron, and Hermione we're playing wizard's chess ( they summoned a wizard's chess board with their wands and they can use a little bit of their magic so they won't attract too much attention) and Dracula was talking to some of the hotel guests.

"Marco!" Jonny called with his eyes closed.

"Polo!" Mavis called back trying to avoid Jonny from tagging her.

"Ok Ron you're going down! My wizard chess skills will defeat you! Ha! Check mate. I win for the third time in a row." Harry told his best friend Ron.

"Bloody hell Harry! Your good. I thought that I would be the better wizard chess player since I defeated the life size version back at Hogwarts. Oh well, maybe I will beat you in the next game. Care to play again Harry? I really want to beat you." Ron explained to Harry in a pleading voice.

"Wow Ron after your third defeat in a row I thought you'd want to quit, but it seems to me that you won't quit until you beat Harry am I right Ron? Can I play next game please? I really want to play instead of watching you two play all night." Hermione said with a bit of annoyance and boredom in her voice from watching the two boys play at it for a while.

"Ok Ron your on and of course Hermione you can play after this game." Harry said with excitement.

"So Drac do you know how long those new kids are going to stay at your hotel?" asked one monster.

"They said that they ve're going to stay until they can get enough energy in their vands to summon a portal to get back to their own vorld. So for now I don't know. Besides Mavis and Jonny seem to be enjoying having other humans around and I'm cool vith it just as long as they don't do anything that could harm my daughter." Dracula explained to the monster.

"Hello my name is Dark Fang and my friend here is Black Claw. We're new around these parts and we wanted to make your acquaintance." Dark Fang explained aka Venom.

"Yes we traveled far and we needed a place to stay and rest for a while." Black Claw told Dracula aka Van Helsing.

"Oh vell you two are more than velcome to stay at my glorious hotel and my name is Dracula. Mavis, Jonny, Harry, Ron, and Hermione come here please there are two new guests here that I want you guys to meet!" Dracula called out to his daughter and his friends.

When all four young adults came to Dracula's side they all introduced themselves to the two new guests and the two new guests introduced themselves to the four young adults.

"Black Claw and I were wondering if you guys would like to come with us to the Haunted Forest to check something out. You see we came to warn you guys that a human monster hunter named Van Helsing has teamed up with the son of Voldemort, whose name is Venom, to try and kill not only all of the monsters including you and your daughter, but also to kill these three humans as well and Jonny because he would be a witness." Dark Fang explained trying to hide the fact that he and his partner are the ones who wish to do away with them.

"Oh my, vell then we shall go with you and your friend to the Haunted Forest to investigate." Dracula said trying not to sound worried.

"Voldemort has a son? Uh eww, that is so gross. I mean who would want to marry him and have a kid with that side show freak? Yuck it gives me shivers just thinking about it." Harry said grossed out.

'Just you wait brat. Your going to pay for what you did to my father and how you just insulted him and my mother who is also dead.' Venom thought to himself trying to suppress his anger.

"Ok great then follow us and don't worry about your hotel everyone will be fine for awhile without you." Black Claw said trying to sound like he's concerned.

'This is going great! Venom and I will soon have our revenge and I can finally rid this world of monsters forever even if it means that I have to kill some humans.' Van Helsing thought to himself.

When they all got to the Haunted Forest Dark Fang and Black Claw transformed back to their normal selves and tied up the two vampires and the four humans to a tree.

"Vhat is the meaning of this?" Dracula exclaimed freaking out a little.

"Ahahahahahaha! Finally after so many years of trying to capture you and your daughter Dracula! Your time of living as the undead is over you vampires shall die tonight!" Van Helsing yelled with evil excitement in his voice.

"Yes and I too shall have my revenge on you three little brats for killing my father! How dare you kill a perfectly evil father! You made me an orphan because after you killed my father, my mother died from a broken heart!" Venom lashed out at the three former Hogwarts students.

"Dude he was evil and killed so many of our friends and family! Besides we're the good guys and you're the bad guys so it's basically obvious that we had to kill him to save everyone that we care about." Harry explained with hurt and anger in his voice.

"It doesn't matter now all that matters now is if we should let you live or die. I'm in a good mood so if you guys answer all of our questions then we will leave you alone and never bother you again. If you choose to ignore the questions than I will torture you all with illusions of your worse fears. Do we have a deal?" Venom explained with calmness and eagerness in his voice.

"Venom I thought we were going to kill them all not play 20 questions!" Van Helsing said preparing to kill Venom and then kill their captives.

"Silence human monster hunter! Don't forget that I can easily kill you with a single curse if you try to double cross me!" Venom scolded Van Helsing sensing his motives.

"Grrr fine we can question them." Van Helsing said gritting his teeth with anger.

"Ok first question. How did you get here?" Venom asked Harry.

"Well you see we were practicing some spells with our kids and somehow we accidently summoned a portal that sucked us into this world. We've been here ever since." Harry explained as careful as he possibly could.

"Hmmm ok I believe you, because I was invisible when I followed you three into this world. I wish to avenge my father and now that I've got you tied up I feel like I can forgive you three, but only if you promise to spare my life and not to come looking for me ok?" Venom said trying to stay calm.

"I don't know you need to promise not to kill us if we promise to spare your life. Okay?" Harry told Venom.

"Ok I promise I won't kill you and besides I can't touch you Harry Potter anyway because your mother protected you with love which I despise." Venom said to Harry.

"That's great now can you let us go now?" Hermione asked wishing to be freed.

"Yes of course. I may be evil but I never break a promise." Venom said untying his captives.

"Van Helsing you may do what you want I don't need you anymore, good-bye. I wish to stay in this world seeing that the wizard world has so many wanted posters of me. I can give you three some energy to your wands so you can return home. This is my thanks for sparing my life and not taking me back with you." Venom said giving Harry, Ron, and Hermione some energy to their wands.

He then left and was never seen again. Van Helsing decided to leave the monsters alone and went his separate ways.

"Well at least we get to go home now. Dracula, Mavis, Jonny thank you for everything that you've done for us we will try to master this portal spell and think of a way for our wands to not lose energy when we use it. Good-bye and we will try and visit as much as possible." Harry told Dracula, Mavis, and Jonny.

"It was great hanging out with you guys and please do come back again. We will miss you."Jonny said to Harry.

They all gave each other good-bye hugs and then summoned the portal that would take them back to their own world. Dracula, Mavis, and Jonny walked back to the hotel and looked forward to the day they can see Harry, Ron, and Hermione again.

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