A/N: So after listening to the "12 Days of Christmas - Clone Wars version" song far too much, I figured I might as well try writing a series of Christmas themed drabbles. I warn you now, there is no Christmas in the Star Wars universe, so think of more as Star Wars characters doing Christmassy things. To make things even more interesting, I mashed together the song's prompts with a bunch of Christmas-related prompts. I challenge you to see if you can guess what the Christmas prompt is by the time you get to the end of each piece—virtual cookies for people who get it right ;)

For those who haven't heard the song before: youtube dot com/watch?v=SAz_JRWPPSo

The Force, Strong Within You


On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, the Clone Wars gave to me—the Force, strong within you.


The air was hot and stuffy; full of moisture and the scent of earth and growing things. Katooni trotted obediently beside Petro as she and the other younglings followed Master Yoda through the Green Room. Plants loomed over her on either side of the narrow path, bright vibrant green leaves punctuated by clusters of crimson flowers.

Ahead of them, the walls of red and green opened up, revealing a sandy clearing under a great glass dome. A single lonely tree took pride of place in the circle of sand: it looked like the tree couldn't make up its mind which way it wanted to grow, wiry branches stretching in every direction.

An AgriCorps worker, an elderly human male draped in a battered robe, was standing beside the tree. He bowed to Master Yoda as the group came to a halt in front of him. "Master Yoda, it is good to see you."

Master Yoda nodded. "Indeed."

Ganodi pushed forward. "I don't understand, Master. Why are we here? All I see are plants."

"Patience, young one." Master Yoda said. He lifted his gimer stick and gestured to the room around them. "Trust the Force, you must. Stretch out with your feelings."

Katooni closed her eyes, reaching for warm familiar feeling of the Force. It rippled around her, just out of her grasp. She frowned slightly. All the plants around her oozed a quiet sense of satisfaction, life humming in every leaf and flower and yet… there was a sadness in the room. Something nearby was unhappy. She reached for the sadness only to have it slip away. She opened her eyes to see Master Yoda watching her.

"Sense something, you did, hmmm?" he asked.

"I thought…" She looked down. "I guess I didn't feel anything."

"On Illum, a lesson you have learned. Use it, you should," Master Yoda said.

Trust yourself. Katooni took a breath. In the past few weeks, she had built her lightsaber and rescued Padawan Tano from pirates and General Grievous. She could do this. She closed her eyes and reached out again, strong and sure, picking her way slowly towards the source of the sadness.

"Very good, young Jedi." Master Yoda's voice broke through her concentration and Katooni opened her eyes to find herself beside the lonely tree that stood in a ring of sand, one hand on its rough bark.

She beamed. "Master Yoda, this is the source of the sadness!"

For the first time, she noticed that unlike all the other plants in the room, this tree didn't have any flowers nestled in amongst the broad leaves, which were drooping sadly.

"It's just a tree," Zatt sniffed. "Unless…" He whipped out his ever-present datapad. "It's… Force-sensitive."

Katooni snatched her hand away from the bark as she stared up at the tree awed. A Force-sensitive tree. She'd never heard of such a thing.

"You are correct, young one." The AgriCorps member stepped forward. "This is the pride of our collection, a Kawa tree. In its natural environment, the tree would be entertained by the forest activity around it." A note of regret entered his mild voice, "however, the Temple is rather lacking in excitement. So every year at mid-winter, we Jedi help perk it up."

"Open yourselves. Feel the Force flowing through you," Master Yoda instructed.

Katooni closed her eyes, visualising the Force wrapped around her, singing through her veins.

Master Yoda's voice was in the background as she concentrated. "Around the tree, wrap the Force. Your happiness, excitement, your adventure, all your feelings. To the Kawa tree, send them. Sad, it should no longer be."

In her mind, Katooni saw the sad tree enveloped in a whirlwind of colour, snatches of emotion from all of her friends; green joy from Ganodi, a purple splash of fierce pride from Petro, and yellow steadiness from Gungi. She fed the tree a deep blue stream of confidence. The tree drank it all in, blazing brightly.

Katooni opened her eyes, blinking in surprise as red threads drifted in front of her eyes. She looked up to see the tree was now covered in a riot of golden-tipped fluffy red flowers, happiness radiating from every leaf and twig.

"We did it!" Ganodi cheered.

Katooni felt a broad grin spread slowly across her face.

Master Yoda chortled. "The Force, strong within you all." He turned and started shuffling away. "Come. Time for your next lesson, it is."

Prompts: Pohutukawa tree. Red and green. Did you manage to work it out?

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