Hello everyone, welcome to Bleach The Last Jinchūriki, the rewrite of Bleach The Last Shinobi! Due to how much attention my story got, I have decided to rewrite this due to several factors.

One major factor is that Recent Naruto Chapters had made it difficult to down right impossible to write the original ideas I had because it wouldn't make sense or conflict with the Manga.

So here you go! I promise to update this story at a more common pace.

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Chapter One: Nightmares of the Past

Four people stood in front of a massive gate, three of them adults and one a small eight year old boy.

"Just ignore what everyone says and you'll be a fine Shinobi." A man with spiky blond hair and sky blue eyes. A white and red hair sat ontop of his head.

"The dobe is right, the only opinion that matters is yours." A man with dark hair and a odd hairstyle that resembles a duck's butt.

"But if you need a shoulder to cry on, us and our friends are always willing to lend it." A woman with pink hair kneed down and hugged the boy.

The trio left through a massive gate, leaving behind a small eight year old boy with black hair and blue eyes holding a small plush toy. Then the scene changed to a destroyed field with the same trio fighting a large shadow figure with three tails swinging madly behind it.

"You have to fight against it!" The blond man yelled dodging a dark beam that completely destroyed the ground he was on. "It's too strong! I can't make it stop!"

The figure roared in a mix of pain and anger when the dark hair man hit its side with a lightning covered hand and was forced to dodge as a tail crushed the spot he was on.

The pink hair woman yelled at him. "Sasuke what are you doing?!" The man, Sasuke, leaped back to her. "We have to weaken him so he can regain control. Its the only way Sakura." Sakura gritted her teeth before sharing a quick glace at her blond partner who nodded.

Team Seven continued there assault on the jinchūriki who started forming his fourth tail. Sasuke's skin turning a dark grey, the blond man's body was covered with orange chakra, and Sakura tearing out pieces of the earth in a impressive display of strength.

The landscape changed to the same boy, except who was now ten, weeping as he ran, a village being consumed by black fire behind him.

Hanataro shot up from his bed, sweating and panting heavily before putting his head in his hands.

'That nightmare again. Why does it still show up?' He looked up at his clock to see that it was already almost five and decided to just go to the Fourth early again. He changed into his uniform and went to out to start his day, his nightmare still bothering him.


Unohana likes to think that she knows a lot about your division members. Isane, for example, is a hard working lieutenant albeit with the weirdest nightmares she ever heard, Iemura has an odd personality but is able to take charge if the situation demands it, and Ogido is a good member who is dedicated to his work.

Hanataro, though, was someone she could never figure out. Most of the time he would be doing his duties, working hard and keep going despite the harassment of the other shinigami. Other he would gain a look of regret whenever he had the free time to think and would look twice his age.

It makes her wonder what he went through during his life.


'Ah. Right on time.' Unohana didn't even need to look to her left when Isane came to her office and just said. "Hello Isane, would you like some tea to calm your nerves?"

The tall lieutenant sat next to her captain and took a cup. "Thank you captain and sorry again."

"You don't need to apologize for your nightmares, just relax and enjoy the silence." The two Fourth Division members watched the sun rise over Seireitei and Isane spotted someone heading into the Fourth. "Was that Hanataro?"

Unohana nodded her head. "Yes he's been arriving earlier than usual for the past couple of days and when I asked him why, he just said that he been having trouble sleeping."

"Do you think he's having nightmares?" Isane saw the little shinigami as a younger brother and was understandably worried that he's not getting enough sleep.

The captain took a sip of her tea before responding. "I think so but just keep an eye on him Isane."

With Hanataro

"A failed experiment. That what this says Naruto." Sakura said as she read off a clipboard as her blond partner picked up a little five year old boy who looked like he was on his last legs. "Can you heal him Sakura?"

Sakura took one look at the child and sighed. "I can try Naruto but its chakra damaged his body so much that even if I fully heal him, he won't live long."

"...But at least he'll live."

Hanataro shot up and realized that he had fallen asleep leaning against a wall, his broom in his hands. 'I guess all those nights of not sleeping is catching up.'

He rubbed his eyes before going back to work, however, after a few minutes he slowly went back to sleep leaning against a wall.

The same boy, except now six, was sitting in a hospital room with Sakura who was teaching him. "Whenever someone calls you something bad, you don't pick up the nearest sharpest thing and throw it at them, understand?"

The boy nodded his head, a look of regret on his face. "Sorry Sakura but I was taught that way by-"

"I know that but those people were bad even if they were your family." She smiled and the boy couldn't help but smile back. "We're your family now."


Said shinigami suddenly stood up straight. "I'm awake!" He blinked at seeing Isane standing in front of him with a worried look on her face. "Hanataro have you been getting enough sleep?"

He nodded his head. "Yes Lieutenant Isane, I've been getting enough sleep." A complete lie because when she watched him walk off, he slumped against a wall and was falling asleep again. She sighed before shaking him awake and pulling him into one of the empty rooms. "Hanataro as your lieutenant, I'm ordering you to catch up on your sleep."

Isane made him laid down on a bed before leaving the room, switching off the lights as she did and left Hanataro in the dark who decided to do what she ordered, praying that his nightmare wouldn't show up again.

Of course, his prayers went unanswered as the moment he fell asleep, his nightmare started again.

The boy stood in front of three figures, each of them wearing a black cloak and a mask that had a different emotion on it. The one on the right stepped forward, his mask a grinning one with the left side of the face painted green and the other painted brown.

"Hey there brat, nice to see you again."His voice had a undertone of madness in it. The boy stepped back further but was blocked by the wall behind him and whimpered. The one on the left took a step toward him, this one having a sad mask painted bright purple. "Aw what's wrong? Scared to see us, your dear old family, that makes me want to cry." Her voice had a sad tone to it that made anyone honestly think that she was sad but it had something else mixed in it.

The middle one, this one with no expression on the mask and was pure white. When the person spoke, it was the voice of a woman. "Enough you two, we need to bring him back to master before the Shinobi notices us."

The trio slowly went forward to the boy who closed this eyes but when he opened them, they were a trio of black tomoes that spun to transform into a black cross with a red background.

"AH!" Hanataro shot up and found himself back in the room in the Fourth Division. 'Damn it! Those memories, why can't they just stay dead?' He went into the restroom to wash his face but when he looked at himself in the mirror, he was met with a horrifying shock.

His eyes were a black cross with a red background before it transformed back into his normal blue color eyes.

And that is it for now! I hope you enjoy this chapter and I promise that the next one will be longer.