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Chapter Two: Vacation Training

It was impossible. When he died, his chakra slowly turned into Reiatsu and he lost the ability to use his Sharingan as a result but now, after checking twice to confirm it, it was back.

Hanataro felt sick and scared, sick because of what this could mean and scared that it's chakra could surface and he knew he won't be able to control it. He couldn't control it in his life and he probably won't be able to control in his afterlife. He couldn't just leave though, that would draw attention but there was one person who could help him.

The only person he knew that could help him but getting to him was going to take a while.

He left the room and continued the day like he normally would, hiding his true feelings underneath a mask of nervousness and clumsy behavior. If he wasn't a shinigami then Hanataro could have been an actor since he kept this mask on since the day his brother discovered him.

One Week Later

Hanataro was a careful planner and he took every precaution in keeping his mask on but he could feel it's chakra burning at him from the inside out that he wouldn't last. He shuddered at the thought at it getting out with no one to stop it this time. So, after buying the necessary supplies for his trip, he went to his captain and asked.

"C-captain?" Unohana looked up from her paperwork and smiled at him. "C-can I r-request for a l-leave for v-vacation?" The Fourth Division Captain was surprised by that. Aside from herself, Hanataro had the most built up vacation in the entire Division.

"May I ask why Hanataro? This would be the first time since you joined that you requested a vacation." Hanataro nervously sat down at the chair in front of her. "I-I j-just need a l-little t-time to myself. That's all."

Unohana smiled and nodded her head, understanding his reasons since the Eleventh Division members were giving him more trouble than usual. Perhaps she should ask them to leave him alone for a while after he gets back. What she didn't know that he would be gone for a while.

Once Hanataro was back in his apartment, he packed everything into his bag and simply spent the rest of the day reading some books. It would be some time until night fell.


The full moon night felt natural to Hanataro, like something was calling to him but he knew that it was more than that and tried to ignore it's calls. He went into the Southern Rukongai and headed to the 80th district. It would be a long journey but Hanataro knew that he would be there, the only person left in the world that could help him with it.

Two Weeks Later

The 80th District of the Southern Rukongai was often knew as the Pleasure District to many because, unlike the other three 80th districts which was hell and crime ran free, this district was under the control of a single crime lord and he kept things in check. The only reason why that the Shinigami didn't bother with them was because the crime lord never bothered them so it was working out for both sides.

Shinigami were welcome here as long as they could pay and didn't cause any trouble and enjoyed beautiful women and great drinks but Hanataro was looking for one person in particular. He went up to a fancy looking place with two huge guards at the door, both holding pole arms, but two quick bribes later, he was in.

He then skillfully avoided barely covered women and drunkard men and kept an eye out for a certain pervert in any of the booths or bars. Hanataro heard a very familiar laugh that was followed by several women laugh and smiled. He zeroed in on the laugh and found a man with long spiky white hair and red lines that ran down his eyes. He was wearing a green short shirt kimono with matching pants and a red jacket. Around him was several women in swimsuits that barely covered them but Hanataro paid them no mind as he stepped up behind him.

The man raised a drink and said, "You women sure know how to treat a man who been through so much right! Oh I wish I could stay just a bit longer." The women giggled and pressed themselves onto him, making him give off a perverted smile. "Alright you turned my head! Waitress more drinks here for me and my lovely ladies!"

Hanataro took the bottle of sake from a confused waitress and dumped it's insides right on top of the man's head, making the women around him back away and gasp while the man spun around to look at him. "Okay! Who are you and what do you think you..." He trailed off when he took a closer look at who it was and Hanataro smiled at him.

"Hey there Jiraiya, long time no see." The man, Jiraiya, smiled and embraced Hanataro in a hug. "Its nice to see you too Hanataro. Its been so long since you last visited come and sit," He patted the spot beside him. "We can talk about our time apart with these lovely ladies to keep us company."

"Actually I need to talk to you about something very important." He said in a serious tone that made Jiraiya stare at him and nod. He got up and left the booth but not before turning to the group of women and saying. "I promise to be back tomorrow night so please wait for me!" Jiraiya reached into his shirt, pulled out a sack of money, and tossed it to one of them.

As they left, however, one of them yelled out. "Try to bring that cutie with you tomorrow!" That made Hanataro blush like a tomato and Jiraiya laugh at him as they walked out.


Jiraiya's home was a simply hut with two rooms, one to sleep in and another was the rest/bathroom. His main source income was his Icha Icha series which, to his delight and pride, became very popular in just one week of his first book release. The two were sitting in the middle of the room with Hanataro's shirt up to reveal his stomach and Jiraiya putting a hand on it, giving off a slight blue glow.

After a while, he sighed and retract his hand. "Sorry Hanataro but I can't do any complex seals with Reiryoku otherwise it could make things worse. It's Chakra and your Reiryoku is already battling for dominance and adding more into that mix will make it worse." Hanataro put his shirt back down and nodded his head.

"Its okay. I was just hoping that you would at least have something for me." The two had known each other since the day Jiraiya discovered Hanataro, staving. Of course, Jiraiya was surprised to hear that he was from the same place he was since the day he died Jiraiya haven't encounter anyone from his home and assumed that they went somewhere else while he was needed else where.

It was a much bigger surprise and shock to discover that he was the jinchūriki of It but he still took him into his home and continued his training. Hanataro was a fast learner but, to his slight disappointment, he didn't appreciate women the way he did. Oh Hanataro was straight, just too damn shy and timid whenever a woman spoke to him and he'll end up a stuttering and blushing mess. However women found this cute and often gotten more attention in a day than Jiraiya would in a week.

Jiraiya got into a classic thinking pose with a hand on his cheek. "Maybe you could try and control it again?"

"No Jiraiya, we tried and failed at that." Hanataro stood up and stared outside the only window that house had and Jiraiya stood up with him. "That was before Hanataro, but maybe now it will be different. Beside what other choice do we have?"

Hanataro consider this for a while. The last time he tried controlling It's chakra resulted in Jiraiya nearly losing an arm and him almost dying but if he didn't at least tried controlling its chakra then it would burn him from the inside out. Finally he sighed. "Alright then we'll try again but I only got this week to stay since I have to head back before my leave for vacation starts getting attention."

And so it began for Hanataro's chakra training.

Two days later

Chakra and Reiryoku are two sides of the same coin with Chakra being the physical side and Reiryoku being the spiritual. Of course that didn't make it easier to use since once someone dies, there Chakra gets turned into Reiryoku the moment they die or over time. Then they have to get used to using a whole new source of energy within them when they're already used to another they used there whole lives.

Despite the difficulties of adapting to a new source of energy, one could use it the same way they used Chakra when they were alive with trial and error...

"AHHH!" Hanataro yelled as he fell from a tree for what was the tenth time in a row and hit the ground, creating a dust cloud.

...Make that a lot of trial and error.

The small shinigami glared at Jiraiya who was standing sideways on a tree, grinning down at him. "Come on Hanataro, you can't expect to eat if you don't at least get up to me." In order to motive Hanataro, Jiraiya said that he wasn't allowed to eat a single bite until he at least reached where he was.

'Just like old times with Naruto.' Jiraiya thought fondly, remembering the years he spent training Naruto on his own and while Hanataro was vastly different from the loud mouth blond, he was similar when he wanted to help others. The two would always put others before themselves and would do anything to help out someone, friend or foe.

The white hair man was snapped out of his day dreaming when he saw that Hanataro was now standing in front of him, panting slightly and glaring at him which he ignored and grinned.

"Nice job, took a while but at least you got up here." The two jumped down and headed back into the house to eat a meal of fish, rice, and meat. Once they were done, Jiraiya took Hanataro to a nearby river for some water walking.

Once he saw his teacher walk on the water with no effort, Hanataro had to ask. "How are you doing all that so easily?"

Jiraiya grinned and flashed two peace signs. "Well I don't spend all my time with the ladies or writing. I'll have you know that I practice the moment I felt this new energy take over my chakra and it took me a while to get used to it." Hanataro slowly took a step onto the water with one foot before followed by the other and soon he was grinning in front of a frowning Jiraiya.

That didn't last one as the white hair man smiled and disappeared in a swirl of leaves, confusing Hanataro. However he heard a whistle and turned around, paling at he saw Jiraiya with a large rock in hand. "You wouldn't."

"Practice makes perfect." Was all Jiraiya said before dropping the rock in the water, creating waves and making the surface more harder to stand on. He continued to throw rocks in until Hanataro finally lost control and fell into the water.

'Its going to be a long week.' Hanataro thought as he resurfaced, glaring at his laughing teacher.

One Week Later

"Well I can't say that we made much progress but at least we did make progress." Jiraiya said as Hanataro packed his stuff to leave. "Just remember to practice anytime but try to practice control it's chakra daily."

Hanataro nodded his head in understanding before disappearing in a swirl of leaves, leaving him alone. 'That kid is a fast learner, I only showed him the bare basics for that move when I first started training him all those years ago and he already has a grasp on it despite it being so long since he used it.' Jiraiya went back into his home with those thoughts.

Back In Seireitei

'There's no place like home.' Hanataro thought as he walked back into his home. The trip back had taken less time than usual due to Body Flicker Technique and he was feeling better than before. He still haven't gotten complete control over it's Chakra but at least he has at least enough control to keep it from going wild and fighting against his Reiryoku thanks to both his training with Jiraiya and his time in the Fourth since Chakra and Reiryoku wasn't that different. He knew he would still need practice to keep it controlled during a fight and he knew that he had to find someplace where no one would notice his training.

The World of the Living might have some good spots but it's Chakra could accidentally kill any animals nearby or perhaps those training grounds with the hot springs he discovered a few months ago. It had enough space and privacy for him to train in secret.

While Hanataro went over his thoughts, a person was hiding behind a wall, their veins around the temple bugling and the clear colorless eyes showing no emotion.

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