Meant to be

Summary: AU What if the Doctor had a wife in Gallifrey? What if she didn't die in the Time War, but had regenerated and then used a fob watch to make herself human? Rose always had a watch in her pocket, but she never remembers getting it. How will the Doctor react when Rose opens the watch? Post The Satan Pit. Rose/Doctor

NOTE: By the way the Doctor and Rose are in an established relationship, they got together after the Idiot's Lantern.


Rose was currently in her room and she was flitting through her clothes, trying to find the perfect one. The Doctor had promised that they would go to a nice and peaceful planet for once. This one apparently was deemed paradise and it was currently their ninth date.

They had been officially going out for 3 weeks now. And it had started ever since their dealings with the Wire. Oh for Rose it wasn't a new news, that she loved the Doctor. Heck she realized this way before he even regenerated, that her feelings ran deep for the Doctor. But up until now, she had thought his feelings for her were purely platonic. However it was after their encounter in the 50s did the Doctor openly expressed his feelings and since then he has been more open.

She smiled as she thought about their previous dates. Though she was looking forward to their next visit to her mother, the fact that she was now officially in a relationship with the Doctor, she was excited to let her know. Though the Doctor didn't share the same enthusiasm, he is still afraid of her mother and about her infamous Tyler slap.

Her eye caught a pretty black dress, hidden under her signature pink hoodie and she pulled the hoodie off but as soon as she did that, something fell out of it. Startled she looked down and saw an old watch, it looked like a golden fob watch.

Rose blinked in surprise and held it up. The fob watch fell out of her hoodie pocket. But she had never seen it before. Confused she stared at it and held it close.

How could she not remember how she got it? Where did it come from?

Slowly, slight memories started to trigger about the watch when suddenly it slammed down and her mind became blank.

In a daze, Rose put down the watch on the side table beside her bed and her eyes went back towards the dress. She immediately forgot about the watch. She picked up the dress and left the room. Never noticing that the watch had glowed when she had held it and then it stopped after she left it.