Meant to be

Notes: Just a recap, The Doctor thought Seraphina (Rose) 'died' when he was in his original form. It was before the start of Classic Who. Susan was the Doctor's and Seraphina's granddaughter. It was also the reason why Seraphina wasn't with the First Doctor to travel with him, because he thought she was dead.

P.S. Kaelum and Araina are my creations. They don't exist in Canon-Who.

Rose (currently) is in her 4th incarnation.


She then felt her daughter reacting to it, strongly. Rose then became even more confused, why would her daughter react to a watch?

It was then she noticed that the watch could be opened. Taking a deep breath, she opened the fob watch.

Chapter 3

Blinding golden light showered Rose. Pain shot through her and every cell in her body seemed energized. In her head she heart echoes of heartsbeats, beating away like drums. Telepathically, she felt her daughter trying to comfort her but Rose couldn't concentrate on her now. The light from the watch vanished and it fell from Rose's hand. Carelessly it fell on the bed side table but Rose didn't care, she didn't even notice it.

She felt dazed and confused. To calm herself down, she placed her hand on her chest but then froze up. Because she could feel two hearts beating, not just one. At this she became alarmed and her eyes went wide. It was then long, forgotten memories hit her. Memories she didn't even know that had existed came back. Human, she wasn't human, not all the time. that wasn't right, it wasn't the right name, it was Seraphina. That was her name. It was all coming back. Growing up in Gallifrey, her biological parents, her three brothers and the Doctor. Her Theta, she had met him in the first year of Academy. She also remembered their bonding ceremony. She also remembered being the outcast. In fact, the Doctor, her Doctor was the only one who completely understood her and loved her. Even her parents saw her as the black sheep because of how emotional she was. Her brothers, aside from Kaelum, did not like her that much either. Infact, from what she vaguely remember, it was Kaelum who protected her. God if it wasn't for him, she would really be dead.

She remembered it clearly now. It was her and the Doctor twentieth anniversary when it happened. She was waiting for him when Araina came to visit. She had never liked Araina but she was Koschei's sister so she never said anything. After all Koschei was a good friend of theirs so she didn't mind, but she had always been wary of Araina. Neither Koschei or Theta knew but she knew that Araina often had a crush on Theta so they evidently did not get alog. Which was why she had been surprised that Araina came to visit her, when it occurred. Araina set their house on fire, leaving her in it. She shivered as she remembered the burning. It wasn't pleasant. But Kaelum was there, he had heard her mental anguish and came, he got her out of the house but it had been too late. The burns were to much and she regenerated. But since she was so much in pain she couldn't control her regeneration, she instead regenerated into a baby. Kaelum then used the chameleon arch to turn her into a human in that body and had transported her to London, where she got adopted by Jackie and Pete.

Her memories of the past and the future blended together. Although she was grateful to her brother for saving her, anger took control. The Doctor had told her that his wife died, which meant that Kaelum hadn't told him. He had lied to her husband. She didn't understand why Kaelum had done it, why had he abandoned her on Earth? Why did he lie to the Doctor? She wanted answer, she was burning for it but she knew she would now never know because Gallifrey was gone.

It was then it hit her, her planet was gone. Suddenly tears filled her eyes and she fell on her knees. Everyone was dead. Before when she was human, she sympathised when the Doctor but now the pain hit her because of her true identity. Her children and Susan were also gone. She was close to a break down but when she felt the stress coming from her daughter telepathically. At this she immediately composed herself.

She won't break down now. The only consolation she had was that atleast the Doctor survived. God knows how she would have dealt with it otherwise. It was then the craziness of the situation hit her. She had turned into a baby, became human, stranded in 21st century Earth and yet years later she still ran into her Doctor. As if that wasn't surprising enough, she fell for him again. But now that she gained her old memories back, she wasn't even in the right universe to let him know. She knew how much guilt he felt, few days before she got trapped in this universe he had told to her about his wife and how guilty he felt for not being there for her. He had told her he telepathically felt her pain. She wanted to let him know now but it wasn't possible. Her eyes turned fierce and determination filled her.

Smiling she placed her hand ontop of her stomach.

"We will find way back to your father and give him the surprise of his life."

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