A/N - Okay so this is a prompt fill for my tumblr. - Paige waking up sick in the middle of the night, Emily comforting her and staying up all night talking about cute things to make her feel better. Idk something cute and fluffy :) - It's not exactly what you asked, but it's close? But I hope you like it anyway..

"Ahh Choo!" My body immediately flew up off of the bed as I sneezed. Emily's body suddenly appeared next to mine as she rushed over from the desk.

She rubbed my back in a soothing motion, "Baby, are you okay?"

"I think I have what's going around." I said with a stuffed up nose.

"I told you that you shouldn't have swam this morning. It was almost 50 degrees outside!" She said in a stern voice.

"Are you really lecturing me right now? I feel like shit, thank you very much."

She stopped the rubbing and leaned in to kiss my forehead, "Okay. I'll defer the lecture. Lay back down. I will be right back." She left my side and I curled up into a ball underneath the blanket.

A few minutes later she reappeared by my side with a glass of warm water and a shot glass full of medicine, "Come on. Sit up and take your medicine. You won't get better if you don't."

I sat up against my own will, my body exploding with pain, "Is that Robitussin?" She nodded. "That stuff tastes like ass. Don't you have any pills here?"

She shook her head, "Stop being a little baby. Just drink it. This is much more effective than pills. Trust me." She held the glass up to my mouth and tilted it so the fluid drained into my mouth. I swallowed the disgustingly bitter syrup and washed it down with a full cup of water.

She eased me back, so that I was lying on the bed once again. She rubbed my back in circular motions as I closed my eyes, trying to fall asleep. "Can you please tell me a bed time story?"

With a slight chuckle she said, "Okay, sure."

"Thank you baby. I love you."

She leaned down to kiss my head before she started, "Once upon a time, there was a beautiful Princess named Emilia. She was born to King Waye and Queen Pamilia of Roseforest."

I laughed lightly through a cough and interrupted her, "Babe, you're such a dork."

With a slap to my back, she scolded, "Do you want me to tell this or not?"

"Sorry. Okay. I'll shut up now."

She cleared her throat, "Okay now where was I? Oh yeah, they lived in a small town of Roseforest. She grew up being loved by her parents and the entire town. One day, when she was old enough to wed, her parents introduced her to Ban, her husband to be. Although he was a nice boy, there wasn't the connection that she wanted. She never understood why. He was fairly handsome, a gentleman, and any other girl in Rosforest would have love to be in her situation."

"Mmhmm." I mumbled as I tried my best to not let sleep take over just yet.

"One day she was swimming in the pond near the edge of Rosforest and she was interrupted by another girl. She said, 'This is my pond. Leave now!'"

"She immediately stopped swimming and looked up furiously and said, 'This is a public pond. I will do as I please.' The other girl just jumped straight into the pond and challenged her to a race. Whoever wins the race would get custody of the pond. Emilia knew that she was the fastest swimmer in Rosforest, so she agreed, and they were off. Back and forth, they swam for what seemed like an eternity. Emilia would win the first race, but then the girl would win the next one. Eventually they were both worn and they both laid by the pond catching their breaths. The girl said that she'll be back the next day for a rematch when they were both rested; Emilia agreed." Emily paused for a moment, most likely to question if I was still awake, so I answered her question,

"What happened next?"

She laid down and wrapped her arms around my body, "Well day after day, they kept coming back to race each other. There was never a definite winner. Emilia started to really enjoy this girls company so she would sometimes let the other girl win, just so that there was never a winner."

"Really? Is it really how it went?" I asked with amusement.

"Yes. Now shut up, or I won't finish." I stayed silent and she continued, "At first when they rested after races they would do it far apart from each other, but on this particular day, they were lying side by side. After their race that day, the other girl introduced her self formally. Her name was Sage. Emilia watched as the sun hit Sage's face, and how it lit up the whole pond. Sage was definitely something special. Before she knew it, Sage's lips were on hers and they shared a magical, earth shattering kiss. Sage finally pulled away, apologized and left in a hurry." At this point I was starting to slip into the dreamland, but I still tried my best to stay awake, wanting to hear the ending.

"Emilia knew that she loved this girl and she couldn't marry Ban. So, she went home and told her parents that she couldn't go through with the wedding. Her parent's asked why but she didn't have the nerve to tell them the truth. How was she to explain that she couldn't be betrothed to Ban, because she fell in love with another girl. They told her that unless she had a real reason, they were not going to call off the wedding. She ran up to her room and cried the rest of the night, trying to find a way out. When she was sure that the whole castle was asleep, she snuck out of her window and headed to the pond."

"She laid there staring at the stars and tried to come up with a plan. She heard a rustle and thought that some night crawler was coming out to eat her, but Sage showed up. Sage asked her why she was crying, so she explained herself. It turned out that Sage was also madly in love with Emilia and couldn't get her off her mind. She laid there with Sage holding her for the rest of the night as they tried to come up with something. It was not only that Sage was a girl, but Sage's was just a mere peasant and her parent's would never approve her being with a mutt." I laughed lightly, but didn't say a word.

"Before dawn broke, she took off and ran home, before her parent's knew that she left. With each passing day it was getting closer and closer to the wedding day and she spent most her days with Ban, planning the wedding. Little did her parent know that every night she was falling asleep in Sage's arms by the pond."

"One day Sage appeared at the King and Queen feet, begging for them to call off the wedding. She explained to them that she was in love with their daughter, and that they shouldn't force her to wed someone she doesn't even love. They were furious by her words and threw her out of the castle, shunning her. Emilia told her parents that she was never coming back and she chased Sage out. They ran to the ponds and planned their getaway. That night, they ran far, far away and found a small village. They made their lives in that small village for some time, and one day Emilia noticed one of her parent's guards searching the town. They quickly left and made their way to the next village, but not too long after, the guard appeared there as well. This went on for months and months until one day they were tired of running."

"Running bad," I mumbled half asleep.

"Yes, babe. Running bad. They went back to the castle to confront the king and queen. Apparently the king and queen wanted to apologize for their wrong doings. The entire time they were running away from nothing. The king and queen realized that they only wanted their daughter's happiness, whether it was with Ban or Sage. They accepted Sage into the family and they lived happily ever after." I smiled as I felt her arms grip me tighter.

I mumbled, "I love you Emilia," as I started to fall into a deep slumber.

The last thing I remember hearing was her whispering into my ear, "I love you, Sage."