A/N - Because I was asked and I think we could all use something cute today, I added a chapter 2. It takes place right after, when she wakes up from the little nap she had earlier. I hope you guys enjoy this and it brings a smile to your face.

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I slowly opened my eyes and looked over at the clock. It was barely 3:00 A.M. I rolled over and silently watched Emily study for a few moments. Another cough or two was released and she adjusted her eyes towards me. She dropped her pencil back onto the book and walked over to me, taking a seat on the bed. "You still up studying? It's real late." I said weakly.

"Well school is kicking my ass. I need to fight back." She said through a laugh. She felt my forehead with the back of her hand, "A bit warm. I'm gonna go get you another dose of the yucky stuff. I'll be back in a jiff."

A few minutes later she returned with more medicine. I drank the vile syrup without complaint this time and laid back down on the bed. She laid down on her side and placed her hand on my stomach, rubbing in circular motion. I smiled at the woman I loved, "You ever think of our future, Em?"

She was silent for a moment before she replied, "Yeah, of course I do."

I looked deep in her eyes and all I saw was love and care, "What do you see?"

A smile appeared on her face as she started, "I see you asking me to marry you in the most romantic way possible. I see you being extremely corny, but sweet and loving. We'll have this small ceremony in my backyard. Just you, me, the girls, and our parents. I'll wear this beautiful white dress and my dad will walk me down the aisle, with you waiting by the minister in a classic black and white tux. I imagine that we read our own vows to each other expressing how we feel. We kiss and it's the start to our perfect lives."

"Really?" I ask in amazement that she ever thought that far into the future.

"Yeah, and we'll go on our honeymoon in some romantic place like Paris or Rome. Oh, and lots of sex. I see that we have lots of sex during our honeymoon." She added with a chuckle.

"Mmm. That sounds nice. What happens after we get married?" I asked pushing her to continue.

"Well come back to Rosewood and start our lives. We'll get our own little place somewhere not too far from our parent's place, but not too close either. We'll start saving, so we could buy our dream home. You'll be at home doing something artsy – something you love. I'll be teaching kids to swim nearby. I don't have to worry about leaving you at home all day because Paily, our little kitten, will be keeping you company. One day you will sell one of your beautiful pieces for a large sum, either a painting, sculpture, photo, or something of the sort."

I smiled as she continued to rub me. I was edging closer to sleep once again, but managed to mutter, "Painting. A painting of you."

She kissed the side of my head, "Sure. It was a painting of me. So, we take the money and put in a down payment for a house for you, me, and Paily. It's not an extravagant house, but it's warm and cozy. It's the perfect house to start a family. Not long after we settle into the house, we talk about starting that family. Not long after that conversation, I get pregnant and little Lindsey comes into our lives. She's a perfectly healthy little brunette and our little bundle of joy. I take a hiatus from work and stay home with our family."

"That sounds... nice." I tried my best to say in my state of drowsiness.

She smiled and snuggled into me, letting me feel her breaths on my neck. "It is. Lindsey, Paily, and I spend our days watching Mama work. She knows you as Mama and she knows me as Mommy. Soon after Lindsey's first birthday, we decide that Lindsey should have a younger brother or sister to watch after. It's your turn this time."

"My turn?" I asked sleepily.

"Yes, my dear. Your turn." She said chuckling. "A year later, a little boy named-"

"Shea." I interrupted her. "I like name Shea."

She kissed my head again, "Okay honey. A beautiful baby boy named Shea joins our growing family. After Shea is born, you go back to what you do best. You make wonderful art. You draw beautiful portraits of our children; our family. You paint a family portrait of our entire family and we hang it in the living room for everyone to see."

"Love you, Lin, Shea." I mumble.

"Yes. Don't forget about Paily." She added.

"Kitty." I replied happily.

"But yes, you are the most loving mother, and wife anyone could ever ask for. You wake up in the middle of the night for changings and feedings. You take all of us out for walks in the park and everything. We are so spoiled by you." She released a deep breath onto my neck, causing me to giggle from the tickle. I felt her smile into my neck,

"Right before Lindsey starts Preschool, we decide that it would be perfect to have another baby in the house. We've always talked about adoption being an option, so we go down to the adoption agency and fill out the paperwork. The process takes a while but, six months later, we bring home a beautiful little girl named Spencer. She's named after her aunty Spency." At this point I'm nearly asleep. I can still hear every word, but responding is too difficult.

"A few years later, Lindsey comes home from school and begs us for a puppy. I say no, and explain to her the difficulties of owning a dog, but you go behind my back and bring home a little puppy – a baby Pomeranian. The entire family gives me the puppy dog eyes and I cave. Lindsey and you names the dog Spark Plug and we welcome him into our large family." I guess she noticed that I was almost completely asleep, so she kissed my cheek and whispered,

"I love you. Sweet dreams, baby."

"Love you, love babies." I muttered back, before falling asleep once again.