A/N - I thought I was done with Sick Paige, but I guess I was wrong. I was sleeping this morning and woke up at 4:30 A.M. I woke up singing this song, and I instantly thought of Sick Baby. So I typed it down in my phone half unconscious. I woke up later and found it in my notes, so I just typed it down. Hope you this short addition!

I turned over and wrapped my arms around Emily, or so I thought. I was met with a pillow instead. I squinted my eyes and found the alarm clock – it was either six o'clock in the morning or the evening. This time of year is really hard to tell. If it was the evening, it meant that I had slept through the entire day, but if it was the morning it meant that I had a full day to sleep – either way it didn't matter much to me. I felt around the bed and finally found my phone. I unlocked it and found a few text messages. I looked at the time before opening them – 6:07 P.M. I opened the messages – it was all from Emily.

12:25 P.M. - Hey P. You up yet? Feeling better?

2:12 P.M. - Guess not.

3:46 P.M. - Still not up? Well when you get up there's soup in the microwave. I miss you.

4:55 P.M. - Wow honey. You can't still be asleep! I'll be home around 6, okay?

6:04 P.M. - I just got out of class. I'm on my way home after I drop by the library. Love you! 3

I smiled to myself as I read each and every text she sent me. I pulled the covers off my body and got out of the bed. I made my way down the hall and found a post-it note on the microwave.

Just press start and enjoy. Feel better, love you! - Em

I followed her instructions and once it was done I placed the bowl on the kitchen table. I started eating the soup and noticed a small cup of medicine on the table with another post-it note attached to it.

Once you are done with the soup, drink this and go straight to bed. I love you.. again. - Em

Moments like these makes me realize how lucky I've been to find someone like her. She makes all my darkest days brighter. She makes my brightest days blinding. There really isn't anyone else like her. I finished the rest of my soup and downed the medicine with a glass of water like I was supposed to. I pulled out my phone – 6:20 P.M. I dragged myself back down the hall and crawled back in bed, wrapping myself in the covers.

I laid there for a little while thinking about how much my girlfriend has been caring for me in the past couple days, when I heard the front door open. My eyes shot open and I turned my head to face to clock – 6:42 P.M.

"Paige are you awake?" I heard her say softly as she placed all of her stuff by the door.

"Sorta." I mumbled. "The meds are sorta kickin' in."

"Okay. I'm gonna go wash up and change and then I'll jump in bed okay? I thought today was never going to end. I missed you." I heard her say while I watched her pull off her many layers of clothes. "God Paige. You're even a perv when you're high off meds!" She snapped me out of my staring contest with her body. I felt my cheeks heat up even more and I pulled the covers over my face. I heard her laugh as she made her may down the hall and into the bathroom.

I must have dozed off for a few minutes because the next thing I knew Emily was getting into the bed. "Getting sleepy, huh?" I nodded my head and grabbed her arm, dragging it across my body. "So I get to be big spoon, tonight?" I nodded my head again. She kissed the top of my head and snuggled into my body.

"Sing me a night night song?"

She chuckled before saying, "What do you want to hear?"

"Nything." I mumbled drowsily. She started singing as she patted my stomach with the hand she had wrapped around my body.

I wanna make you smile whenever you're sad
Carry you around when your arthritis is bad
Oh all I wanna do is grow old with you

I'll get your medicine when your tummy aches
Build you a fire if the furnace breaks
Oh it could be so nice, growing old with you

I'll miss you
Kiss you
Give you my coat when you are cold

Need you
Feed you
Even let ya hold the remote control

So let me do the dishes in our kitchen sink
Put you to bed when you've had too much to drink
I could be the one who grows old with you
I wanna grow old with you

I smiled as I listened to her serenading me. She finished and noticed that I was not yet asleep, so she sang it over again, sending me into the dreamland. The last thing I heard before blacking out was, "I love you."

The song is Adam Sandler - Grow old with you. It's from the movie The Wedding Singer. It's so cute.