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WARNINGS! Slash. Threesomes (much later). Contains past history of abuse for multiple characters. Ron!Bashing, Ginny!Bashing. Mentally unstable Sirius (let's face it, he spent twelve years in the same place re-living his worst memories and then spent two years on the run from the law.) Not Molly!Bashing. I actually like Molly. Good!Bellatrix (can't wait to see how I do that huh?), Bad-but-not-evil!Dumbledore. Harryxseverus technically underage (not physical) relationship Powerful!Neville Earth-Elemental!Neville, Shadow-Elemental!Harry, Good!Draco (kind of), Good!Narcissa.

Pairings so far decided: Harry Potter X Severus Snape: Fred Weasley X Blaise Zabini: George Weasley X Katie Bell X Alicia Spinnet: Lee Jordan X Angelina Johnson: Ron Weasley X Hermione Granger

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I moved the scene with Hedwig's reveal from chapter four to here as it made more sense as Harry removed the familiar bond. I find it hard to believe that Hedwig would wait any longer than necessary to bond with Harry. I also included the shadow wolf as I was having a hard time finding a way to fit it in later in the story line.

I added a scene of Snape catching Harry on his way to the common room as Madam Pomfrey doing a medical scan and wanting to contact Gringotts is a lot more believable than Harry seeking emancipation.

I removed a scene where Harry tells Fred, George and Lee the full extent of his abuse, even after deciding not to. This didn't fit in with his character. I also changed the argument Harry had with Ron and Hermione as it was unreasonable given its place in the story. Harry completely over reacted and was acting like a spoiled whiny brat.

I revamped the Quidditch scene. I made it longer and more realistic.

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