The Power of Shadows

Chapter 1

By Draceena Rise

Disclaimer: I do not own anything to do with Harry Potter, except one copy of each of the books, one copy of each of the movies, a copy of The Tales of Beedle The Bard, a copy of Quidditch throughout the ages, a copy of Fantastic Beasts and where to find them, a poster of the Hogwarts crest and a Ravenclaw badge (I'm a Ravenclaw!). I earn no money off the Harry Potter franchise.

WARNINGS! Contains mention of past rape. contains past history of abuse for multiplue characters. Ron!Bashing, Ginny!bashing. Mentaly unstable sirius (lets face it, he spent twelve years in the same place re-living his worst memories and then spent two years on the run from the law.) Not Molly!Bashing. i actualy like Molly. Good!Bellatrix (can't wait to see how i do that huh?), Not-exactly-evil-but-very-manipulative-and-moraly- questionable!Dumbledore. HarryXSeverus technicly underaged relationship. gay!Fred. Powerful!Neville. Good!Draco (kind of). Good!Narcissa.




Harry stared down at his hands.

He couldn't believe it.

Cedric was dead.

This was not supposed to happen.

Voldemort had a body.


He looked back up at the room he was in. The come and go room, Dobby had called it.

Harry closed his eyes and wished that there was a way that he could train to be strong enough to defeat Voldemort. That there was some way he could avoid the Dursleys. That there was some way to become strong enough to save the people important to him.

"OW!" Harry yelped as a big heavy book came and landed on his head. "The hell?" he asked the world at large. "Why do the fates hate me?" he looked down at the book now resting at his feet and read the cover. "Huh? 'Between Existence And Oblivion: How To Access Pocket Dimensions.' Convenient." Harry turned to the first page of the heavy tome. He had every intention of reading the whole thing before he had to make another appearance in Hogwarts. Harry had no idea how long he sat there for just reading but soon he had finished the immensely large book. He stood up and held the book close to his chest. "Ok. Let's give this a try."

He closed his eyes and searched within himself for his magic. He had felt it often enough that he found it with no problem. He frowned when he felt all the chains and restraints on it and pulled at tugged at each one of them in turn. He could not break them but he managed to loosen two of them. There was a lot of magic in his core but he figured it just looked like a lot but really was not that unusual.

He focused back on the task at hand. He focused his will. He imagined a sanctuary. A place he could be safe. A place he could learn. A place he could rest. A place he could keep his belongings safe from the Dursleys. A place he could train to be able to protect his friends. He felt a tug on his entire being and fell to the ground feeling completely sick.

After a moment Harry realised that he was not in fact lying on the ground as there was no ground to lie on. He opened his eyes and was met with a huge white expanse. There was a jigsaw puzzle pattern in the sky along where the horizon should be.

Harry focused on what the book had said. After he reached his pocket dimension he needed to give it shape. He focused on a floor. He wanted a house so he would start one room at a time. Soon he had a decent sized floor made of a dark cherry wood. He focused again and black walls spread up on all sides of the floor. He made gold pillars in each of the four corners. After looking at the room a little more he split the walls in half, the bottom half being an ebony black wood panelling, the top half being black paint with gold and silver swirls that flowed through them like an ever shifting mist. He then made a front door. The frame was silver, the door itself made of a very dark grey wood. He added a dark grey door mat in front and added some cherry wood tables along the two walls besides the door.

Harry soon let himself go and added everything he thought a front hall could need, pot plants, a coat rack, a cupboard for other coats and shoes and he put a deep red rug on the floor just in front of a door directly opposite the front door. Through this one he made a comfortable sitting room, furnished in blacks, reds, gold and silver with dark mahogany, cherry wood, ebony and ivory furnishings.

Harry had no idea how long he spent making the house. He knew he must have made the library twice the size of the rest of the house but didn't really care. He would need it that big if he wanted to train. When he tried to fill it with books he came to the first snag. He could not create something if he had no knowledge of it. He tried to make a book about how to become an Animagus but the book was completely blank. Harry resolved to use the money in his vault to buy as many books as it took to fill the room.

Harry finally finished the house and after setting the dimension book on one of the shelves he headed back out to the front door. He knew he must have spent twice the time outside the house as he did in it, creating the grounds. There was a lot of grass. He made a large sandy area that he would be able to practice martial arts in, and it had a track around the outside that was a mile in diameter. He knew he needed to get stronger, not just with his magic. Finally he noticed the gnawing ache in his stomach and focused on going back to the come and go room at the exact moment he left.

After he recovered from the disorientation that caused he called out to Dobby and ordered up some food. Once he finished eating he started paying attention to all the junk inside the room. He wandered around for a while and soon came upon the books.

An evil smile worthy of a Slytherin crossed Harry's face and he concentrated again, one by one each of the books disappeared in a cloud of darkness. After a few minutes Harry began to speed up, sending more and more books at a time. Dobby had said this was all the books that the students, staff, guests and so on had left in here or left at Hogwarts when they left and so none of them would be missed.

Harry must have been at that for at least an hour because Dobby popped back in to tell him it was nearly curfew. Harry reassured Dobby he would be staying in this room all night and went back to work on the books.

Eventually he got really sleepy slipped back into his pocket dimension to sleep.

The next Week (real time) passed in much the same manner. Harry took all the books from the room. Once he finished this he went back to his dimension and read each book in turn before filing it in the correct place on each shelf. It was after about ninety-five books that Harry realised he had somehow developed a photographic memory.

He shrugged this off as a side effect of one of the chains on his magic that he loosened.

He figured out that he did indeed have complete control on the time manipulation aspect of cross dimensional travel and relished in the fact that he could leave for as long as he needed to and could come back at the exact moment he left.

Once Harry had moved all of the books from the come and go room he started on the other items. He made three basements, one was a potions lab, one was turned into a sealed, barred room he could lock people up in and one was turned into a storage room. In here he put all of the furniture he found after he had repaired it all. Some of it fit in with the d├ęcor in the main house and so he vanished the furniture he created and put them in its place. The stuff that didn't fit in he could always sell. He found a lot of broken potions equipment and he knew enough from reading the potions books that you can't use magically repaired equipment for potions, it was bad for the potion so he practiced banishing and vanishing charms. Banishing charms send something to another place, vanishing charms are and extension of transfiguration and essentially transfigure something into air molecules, that was how conjuration worked, by transfiguring air molecules into something else.

Harry decided that he should also master what he had learned in class up until then and after having Dobby bring him his trunk he pulled out all of his books and, after reading those entirely, he stored them in his new library. He then practiced each spell until he could do them all wandlessly, silently and with just a thought for most of the passive spells like charms and transfiguration. He found a lot of spells that could have helped in each of his adventures thus far and decided that from now on he was not going to go into a situation unprepared.

He found quite a few clothes in the come and go room too and, while he would never wear most of them (honestly why would he wear a dress?) he stored all of them in the large bedroom wardrobe.

After he had done all of this Harry realised that there was not much left in the come and go room. Just some notes from one student to another (all of which Harry had already read) which he burned, a few scrapes of parchment which he straightened out and stored in the desk in his study, some jewellery which he stored in one of the trunks he found and placed in the basement, and a tiara that was giving off a very bad vibe and hurt his scar to be near. Harry had no delusions that that was a coincidence. He sent that to Between (what he decided to call the pocket dimension) and locked it up in a thick trunk in the reinforced cellar.

Harry eventually ran out of things to do so he went back to the Gryffindor dorms. He had not made an appearance in the school for a week and people were beginning to worry. As soon as he climbed through the entrance he was bombarded by a field of red. "Harry!" two voices called out. Harry looked up into the twin frowns of Fred and George. "Where where you?" they spoke simultaneously, Harry scanned his memories and realised they only did this if they were feeling emotional. "Ron said your trunk disappeared a few hours ago and no one has seen you in a week. Are you ok?"

Harry gave a weak smile up at them both and wrapped his arms around them both, resting his forehead against them. "No. I'm not alright, oh, dearest brothers of mine. But I will be. My trunk disappeared because there was something in it I wanted so I had Dobby come and get it for me." Harry stepped back from them both. "Now if you will excuse me, I need a shower and then I am going to bed." Harry walked around them both and headed towards the staircase for the boys dorm.

"Harry." Harry felt one of the twins place a hand on his shoulder. "When you have had a shower and got your pyjamas on, come on up to our dorm room. K?"

"Why?" Harry asked.

"Fred and I would like for you to be close to us tonight, dear brother. You have been through a traumatic event and you need your family right now." The other twin answered him. Harry focused and realised that the twin's magic was different enough that he could tell them apart. He smiled and looked over at them both.

"Thank you." He breathed and quickly went up to his dorm before he could burst into tears in front of half the house. He idly wondered where Ron and Hermione were but just figured they were out looking for him. After a long shower he placed his trunk back at the end of his bed and went up the staircase to the sixth year boys' dorm. As he stepped in the doorway he was again ambushed by the same twin redheads but this time there was someone else. When he was released he realised it was Lee Jordan.

He smiled up at the three of them and wiped the tears from his eyes. He was pulled down onto the only bed in the room; all three had been pushed up against each other. Harry lay down in the middle and Fred and George settled on either side of him, Lee curled up behind Fred. When the enlarged blanket had been pulled up over them Harry could not hold back anymore and, clinging tightly onto Fred, he finally broke down and cried himself to sleep.

When he woke in the morning it was to someone gently stroking his head. He sighed and relaxed into the hands around him. "Come on Harry." A voice whispered above him. "We need to get up, breakfast starts soon and the school needs to see you are still alive. People have started spreading rumours that you killed yourself." Harry groaned and looked up at Fred who smiled back down at him. "Come on, sleepy head." Harry grumbled and sat up. To his surprise George, Lee and Fred started to pull him in the direction of the showers. "The three of us have nothing to hide. We have all seen each other often enough, sometimes we wash each other's backs. Now strip naked and get in the shower."

Harry gaped at Fred for a few moments more before he shrugged and started to take his pyjamas off. The other three were already under the hot spray of the showers, which by the looks of things they had asked the house elves to change so that they could shower together comfortably, instead of the cubicles in his dorm's bathroom.

"Bloody hell!" Harry looked up at that shout and suddenly felt very self conscious about the look Lee was giving him.

He heard identical gasps from Fred and George and looked over and became worried at the fear and repulsion he saw in their eyes.

"Harry..." George whispered. "Where did you get those scars?" Harry looked down at himself and realised that the reason for their reaction was the scars that littered his chest. There was a large jagged spiky round one over his heart that he guessed must have come from when he was hit with the Cruciatus. There were a number of inch long thin ones where his uncle had stabbed him with a kitchen knife. There were a few longer ones on his upper arms and around the edges of his ribs where his uncle had slashed at him with a knife and right across his chest was the word 'freak' carved clear as day against his faintly tanned skin. Across the outside of his upper left arm was the word 'useless' and across the right was 'scum'.

"The back is worse." Harry whispered and turned around. He heard footsteps and suddenly there was the sound of retching. He looked over to find Lee crouched over the toilet vomiting. Fred and George didn't look much better.

His back was riddled with scars, criss-crossing across his back, intersecting each other at odd angles, some were thicker than others, some whiter and some were more raised. The word freak was carved between his shoulder blades along with many other places. He had a few other words across his back and down his legs 'filth', 'unwanted', 'abomination'. "My uncle hates magic." He whispered. There were more footsteps and the further sound of retching and he flinched a little when arms curled around him before he relaxed into Fred's arms, George going over to join Lee in emptying what little remained in their stomachs. After a few minutes George and Lee went over and brushed their teeth so Harry decided not to tell them the worst part. "This one here was from the graveyard though. It wasn't there before at any rate." He pointed to the jagged shape over his heart. "It was probably from the Cruciatus." Fred tightened his hold on Harry. "Would... would you mind not touching me right now?" Harry hesitantly asked. "I don't like people touching me from behind, especially when neither of us is wearing clothes." Harry felt Fred stiffen behind him.

"No... No...Nononono... Harry tell me he didn't... please..." Fred begged.

"I'm sorry." Harry whispered.

"Don't apologise. Never apologise for what he did Harry. It was not your fault and I don't want you blaming yourself for it. Understand?"

"I don't blame myself. It's just reflex to apologise whenever someone is angry around me. At the Dursleys it is always my fault and it will be taken out on me, even if I had nothing to do with whatever it is that is wrong." Harry leant back against Fred for a moment before the close quarters of another man became too much and he stepped away. "My Androphobia is a lot better than it used to be. After Quirrell tried to strangle me to death in my first year and spending all this time around Professor Snape... it gets better. Maybe someday it will fade entirely."

George cleared his throat uncomfortably, "We should probably all just get showered and head down. We got up late anyway so it is likely everyone will be in the hall when we get there and Harry needs to get some clothes."

"I got that covered already but food sounds good." Harry smiled and silently thanked George for changing the subject. After a quick but tense shower in which George or Fred would place a hand on one of his shoulders every now and then or gently touch his arm, thigh or back, the four of them stepped out of the shower and dried off. The older three boys looked over at Harry when they were finished. Harry then lifted his hand and a cloud of darkness surrounded him. He quickly dressed in a slightly baggy black long sleeved shirt, black jeans, a black belt with a gold buckle, and a black trench coat with the Gryffindor house symbol stitched on the back. He reappeared in exactly the place he left at the exact moment he left and smirked at the shocked and dumbfounded expressions of the other three.

"Bloody hell." George whispered.

"You have to teach us that." Lee grinned.

"Sorry, family secret." Harry smirked back. He smiled softly at the crestfallen looks they were giving him. "Not going to work guys. I'm a marauder remember? I'm immune to the puppy dog eyes."

Judging by the shocked look on Lee's face it seemed he was unaware of this, the confusion on Fred and George was also quite obvious.

"What do you mean?" Fred asked.
"You're a Marauder?" George asked.

"Moony is my honorary godfather, Remus Lupin, Wormtail is a traitorous bastard, Peter Pettigrew, Padfoot is my godfather, Sirius Black and Prongs is my father, James Potter. That makes me the son of a marauder and last year when I was talking to Sirius he said I was classed as a member 'cos when I was a baby I was always manipulating my parents with 'the puppy dog eyes' and I was always pranking them."

"Woah. You two never told me that!" Lee turned to Fred and George.

"We didn't know." The chorused.

Harry's stomach rumbled. "I have not eaten since breakfast yesterday. Let's go get food. Get dressed already. Not that you don't have nice bodies but I don't think everyone wants to see them." Harry waved over his shoulder as he walked out the bathroom.

Soon the four of them walked out of the abandoned Gryffindor tower and made their way to the great hall. As predicted everyone else was already there and looked up when they entered. Harry felt all their eyes on him and shrank back into Fred and looked down at the floor. He was led over to the Gryffindor table and sat between Fred and George; Lee sat on the other side of George. Harry looked up and saw Hermione and Ron opposite him and offered them a weak smile.

"Harry where have you been? You really should not be outside the common room after curfew. What if you got caught by one of the teachers? You would lose so many house points."

Harry stared at Hermione for a moment before Ron started talking. "Mate, if you were going to wander around the castle you could have told us where you were going. What if I wanted to come with you? How about after breakfast we go up to the common room and play chess?"

Harry narrowed his eyes before replying rather sarcastically, "Oh I'm fine guys, thanks for asking. It's not like I watched one of my friends die and then watched the darkest lord to walk this earth since Grindelwald gain his body back and attempt to murder me for the fifth time." Harry stood up. "The least you could do is show a little humanity."

He turned and stalked back out the hall, he could sense Fred, George and Lee follow him. So he headed to the kitchens. After opening the portrait he climbed through and waited for the others to come in after him. He greeted Dobby and the other elves he knew and ordered some breakfast for the four of them. They sat down at one of the tables in the corner and ate in silence.

"They were supposed to be my friends." Harry whispered at last, breaking the awkward silence. "I go missing for a week after watching one of my friends die and then watching the man who sold my parents to Voldemort give Voldemort his body back, forcing me to participate in the ritual, then I get hit with a Cruciatus and then Voldemort tries to kill me for the fifth time and the first thing they do is berate me for wanting some time alone, they didn't even bother to ask me how I am." Harry leant against Lee, who was sitting next to him, and closed his eyes, silently letting his tears fall.

He felt Fred and George walk around the table and hug him from behind as Lee wrapped his arms around him. He was vaguely aware of the house elves talking and felt some of them disappear. He still hadn't gotten used to the whole sensing magic thing.

One of the elves, an old one if he was reading the magic around it right, came over and took Harry's hand. She started humming a song and Harry realised with a jolt that he knew it. He could remember it from long ago.

"Sun goes down and we are here together, fireflies glow like a thousand charms. Stay with me and you can dream forever right here in my arms." He sang along with the elf's gentle humming.

Fred, George and Lee sat in silence and listened to Harry as he sang a half forgotten melody from long before he could remember. "Where did you hear that song?" Lee asked when Harry had finished singing.

"My mother used to sing it to me to get me to sleep." He answered smiling lightly. "How did you know that song?" he asked the elf.

"Yours mother useded to bring you heres often, sometimes Missy would helps her." Missy smiled up at Harry, her wrinkled face lit up as she smiled. "You's was a good baby."

Harry smiled and blushed in embarrassment at the praise. Lee and George snickered and Fred took the opportunity to tease Harry. "A good baby huh? What happened to mini marauder?"

"Oh, master Harry Potter sir was a mini marauder, a good one too." Another elf piped up. "Managed to prank master Snape sir he did. Got away with it too. Elvesees think it was because-" Missy slapped her hand over the second Elf's mouth.

"Shush. You's is not supposed to talk about that."

The second elf looked panicked, like it was about to... "I forbid you from punishing yourself as you did not actually tell me anything." Harry looked sternly at the elf until it relaxed.

"Master Harry Potter sir is a great wizard." Dobby gushed.

"I know what it's like for you. To serve someone else, getting no thanks and nothing in return and being punished if anything is done wrong. Sometimes getting punished even if you did nothing wrong." Harry looked down at his lap and the boys tightened their arms around him. He breathed deeply. "I need your opinion on something. Should I go to Gringotts and ask to be emancipated?"

The simultaneous yells of "YES!" nearly blew his ears out. Harry laughed and moved the conversation onto lighter topics.

A few hours after breakfast the boys all grabbed their brooms and headed out to the Quidditch pitch, which had been turned back to a Quidditch pitch. The boys mounted up and soared up in the air. Fred, George and Lee started to throw a Quaffle and Harry did some totally reckless flying up in the air, sometimes shooting down to the ground so fast the other three yelled in fright. After a particularly dangerous move Harry heard clapping from the stands. He looked over and saw a bunch of the Durmstrang students sitting in the stands along with a few of the Beauxbatons students Harry noticed some of the Durmstrang students had brooms, one of which was Victor Krum who was the one clapping.

Harry floated over. "Like that?" he asked.

"'T was ok. Nowhere near as good as me, but you ok. For a kid." Victor replied.

"Oh, ho? Really now? Then I guess you would have no problem if my team and I were to play against you in a Quidditch match then? Here and now?"

"Of course. You no match for my team."

Harry smirked and flew over to land on the stands near them and without taking his eyes off Krum he called, "Dobby." Dobby popped in, "Would you be so kind as to inform the students in the school that the Gryffindor Quidditch team is going to play against Durmstrang?" Dobby nodded excitedly and popped away. "You all in your gear already?"

"Not yet."

"Well then, while we give time for the stands to fill up, why don't you all go and get ready, I will meet the rest of my team in the locker room. You can come on to the pitch through that door over there." Harry pointed to one of the entrances to the pitch. "The way into that locker room is on the outside of the pitch. Be ready in half an hour. We'll be waiting." Harry slid back onto his broom and flew over to tell the twins and Lee what was going on.

Half an hour later Harry was standing with Wood, Angelina, Alicia, Katie, Fred and George in the locker room. "Potter, how did you do this? Why did you do this? We need strategy. How can we play if we didn't plan? How can we-"

"Plan if we have never played against the Durmstrang team? Never even seen them play? They are at just as much of a disadvantage as we are. Neither of us know anything about the other team, except I have seen Krum fly and they have seem me fly. Don't you want your last Quidditch match at Hogwarts to be spectacular? This match is going down in Hogwarts history. We can do this. We have the best team in Hogwarts. The best three chasers, the best two beaters, the best keeper and the best seeker. We will go out there and we will win. Step by step, moment by moment. We will see how they fly and improvise, dodge them, distract them, play like a Slytherin. It's only cheating if they can find a rule that says you can't do it. We will go out there, have fun and win while we're doing it." Harry pumped his fist in the air at the last part and everyone but Wood copied him. "Yeah! Let's do this."

The doors opened at that moment and they walked out onto the pitch, Wood shaking Krum's hand. The chest was opened and the Bludgers and the Golden Snitch were released. Harry kept his magic tagged to that of the snitch so he was always aware of where it was by following it with his magic. Then the teams flew up and the Quaffle was released. The game was intense.

Harry flew all around the pitch slowly and finally he had Krum in just the right place, when Fred flew below them the light glinted off his watch, Harry had insisted he wore it for exactly this purpose, Krum looked down and Harry dived towards the ground. Krum followed. Harry flew recklessly threw the air, around the players, his own team expertly flying around him without disrupting their play.

After the sixth time Krum had nearly crashed because of a stunt Harry pulled Krum became frustrated and began to search for the snitch himself. Harry then seized his chance; the snitch was over the teachers' box.

Harry flew quickly off to the stands and, skimming along just above the spectators heads flew towards it. He knew that if he approached from strait on then he would crash into the teachers. As he approached, he realised Krum has seen the snitch and was speeding towards it. Suddenly Harry sped forwards; the snitch was directly between Krum and Professor Snape! Using all the strength he had he pushed his broom forwards faster than he has ever pushed it before.

He grabbed the snitch from just above Professor Snape's head with one hand and Professor Snape with the other. A second later Krum crashed into the spot Snape had just forcibly vacated. Every one sat in shocked silence as Harry pulled Professor Snape to sit sideways on the broom in front of him as he slowed to a stop in mid air. "You ok, Professor?" he asked, an unusual feeling of concern bubbling up in him as he looked at the slightly dazed Professor.

"I'm fine Potter. Put me down." Snape sneered and Harry had to admit that in such close quarters it didn't have as much effect as before.

Harry obliged and flew backwards to the teachers stand and let Snape down before he showed Lee the snitch in his hand. The crowd went wild.

Harry looked over at the score board.

Gryffindor Durmstrang

...250... ... ...40...

Harry could not believe his eyes. They had slaughtered the other team. As he flew down the where the rest of his team were landing his could not keep the grin off his face.

Fred looked sadly at Harry. "Harry oh dearest brother of ours,"
George adopted the same expresion as his brother. "Why did you grab Snape?"
"He could have been flattened by Krum." They bemoaned together..

"Exactly." Harry said. "Snape is a twig. He would have been crushed and then Professor Dumbledore would have had to find a new potions Professor and finding a decent potions master willing to teach children is harder than you would think. Besides, Professor Snape has managed to go thirteen years of teaching without killing a student in class. He is the only potions Professor in Hogwarts history to do so. He is also the only Professor to be able to go a full year without seriously injuring, maiming, scaring or disabling a student in his class. All injuries we attain in his lesson can be treated in less than a week."

That avenue of conversation was quickly drawn to a close when Wood, Alicia, Angelina and Katie landed nearby and soon they were all enveloped in a huge group hug.

Wood pulled back and grinned at Harry. "Oh, my god! Potter! You beat the Bulgarian national team seeker in Quidditch! WITH ministry officials from the Department of magical sports and games watching! This is incredible!"

"Wood, with how well you saved all those goals I would not be surprised if you got snagged for England's national team."

"No way Potter. You are way more likely that I am to get chosen. You should have seen yourself flying out there."

"I will. I was having the match transcribed and recorded. This match is going in the next revision of Hogwarts: A History." Harry laughed at the stunned faces of his team mates. "I did tell you it would go down in Hogwarts history." Harry looked aver as the Durmstrang team came walking over. "You alright Krum? Didn't land too hard did you?"

Krum smirked at him. "No. I did not. Would have had softer landing if you had not moved Professor out of way though. You play well. All of you. I enjoy match greatly. Maybe next time you play at Durmstrang?"

"We'll see, Krum. I definitely plan to fly against you again sometime. You're the best competition I've had and enjoy flying with you. Maybe someday I might be a professional Quidditch player and we can face each other in the world cup."

"That would be enjoyable. I introduce you to my brother. He your age. You get along well I think."

Harry smiled up at the much larger teen. "That would be nice." They shook hands and all the other team members were introduced. Harry was mildly surprised one of the Durmstrang students was fluent in English and made a 'got wood' joke when Oliver was introduced. Harry Fred and George laughed with him. The girls snickered and wood just blushed. The other Bulgarians had no idea what their friend just said.

Very soon they all walked inside and enjoyed a large dinner at the Gryffindor table. Krum completely ignored Ron's obvious attempts for attention. After dinner they all went to hang out in one of the classrooms on the first floor that had been converted into a social space.

All too soon the day came to an end and Harry trudged back up to bed with Fred, George and Lee. They were surprised when they came up. All four of their trunks were up against one wall, the three beds that had been pushed together had been replaced with one large one and there was now a writing desk, a couch, two armchairs and a fireplace in the room. They shrugged it off, had a shower, put some pyjamas on and got into bed.

Harry smiled as he snuggled into George's chest.

Maybe things wouldn't be so hard after all. With his brothers by his side, and his newfound friend Lee, he was sure to be able to survive anything the Dursleys could throw at him.