A/N: Credit for this chapter is given to Little Miss Nicap. She was the one who had given me the idea to use the scarfs and vibrator in this chapter. I hope everyone enjoys.

Olivia groaned when Alex pushed her against the door and kissed her slowly. In the bedroom there were many sides to Alex. There was the wild side that likes it so rough that it boarded on painful. Then there is the side that loved to be tied down and teased relentlessly. Then there's the side that liked to torture Olivia and make her squirm and keep her teetering on the edge till she finally took mercy on her and let her fall over the edge. The kiss that Olivia just received told her it was going to be that type of night.

"I have missed you so much." Alex whispered into Olivia's ear as she peeled her shirt off her. "I have some plans for you and this amazing body tonight."

Olivia could only moan as Alex's hands roamed over her body.

Alex pulled back and admired Olivia. Most people were amazed when she took her shirt off how defined her muscles really were. She remembered how one night at the gym one woman almost fell of the treadmill when Olivia walked out wearing tight shorts and a wife beater that more than accuented her figure. She also loved how she did everything she could to get her attention as well only to be shot down when Olivia pulled Alex against her and kissed her.

Olivia pulled her undershirt up and over smirking when Alex moaned and her eyes dilated till they were almost black.

Alex pulled Olivia to her and allowed her hands to roam over rock hard abs till she reached her pants. She nipped Olivia's bottom lip before unbuttoning her pants and dropping to her knees to remove them.

Olivia placed her hands on Alex's shoulders to steady herself as she stepped out of her pants. She was about to release her hold when she felt Alex pull her boxers down as well. She looked down expecting to watch Alex take her fully in her mouth but was caught off guard when she undid the harness and slid it down her legs as well.

"Just us tonight my love." Alex whispered as she stood and placed a kiss on Olivia's shocked face "I want to feel you not a rubber phallus but I will gladly give you what you like when I am finished if that is what you want."

"I only want you." Olivia struggled to say realizing that all the moisture from her mouth had settle between her legs.

"Then lay down.' Alex ordered as she reached into her purse and pulled the scarves out that Olivia had used to tie her to the bed before she had left for the conference. She smiled at Olivia praying that she would be fine with her tying her down. It wasn't that she didn't trust her but as a cop you always kept your hands free and for Olivia to submit to her was the biggest aphrodisiac she could ever receive.

Olivia clenched her legs together when Alex pulled the scarves from her purse. She didn't think twice about placing each arm at the hoop they had installed on their headboard for this purpose.

Alex gently tied each of Olivia's wrists to the hoops before stepping back and admiring the woman on display before her. There was a slight flush covering her body and even though she was doing her best to maintain control of her breathing Alex could tell that she was losing the battle.

"I realized when I was out there it had been a while since I've stripped for you." Alex stated as she slowly began to unbutton her shirt. "I decided on the trip to fix that when we got home."

Olivia groaned as she tugged at the restraints gasping when she felt them tighten. She hated not being able to touch Alex as she stripped for her.

"No no" Alex whispered as she dropped the shirt off her shoulders and tossed it to the side before turning around. She glanced over her right shoulder as she undid her bra and allowed it to fall from her body.

"Turn around." Olivia growled

Alex ignored Olivia as she unzipped her skirt and shimmied out of it. She stepped out of it and turned around allowing Olivia to fully take in her body.

Olivia felt the air leave her body when Alex finally turned around and unveiled her body to her.

"I think tonight I want to spice things up even more if you allow it." Alex stated stepping forward and opening the top drawer of Olivia's night stand.

Olivia could only hum as she stared at Alex's perfect body.

Alex took another scarf from the drawer and folded it a few times before turning toward Olivia "I would like to blind fold you."

Olivia's eyes grew wider as they shot between Alex's face and her hands. She knew if she said no then Alex would put the scarf down and not speak of it again. But there was something forbidden about not being able to see what Alex was going to do with her. Something that turned her own even more.

"Liv?" Alex asked raising her hands up displaying the scarf.

Olivia nodded her approval.

Alex crawled up on the bed and kissed Olivia. She knew the type of trust she was instilling in her to not only restrain her hands but to blind fold her at the same time. She securely tied the scarf over Olivia's eyes before stepping off the bed. "If at any time you would want this removed just say so."

Olivia nodded as she took a deep breath to calm her pounding heart. Her biggest fear had always been being tied down and not being able to see what was going on around her.

"Honey do you want it off now?" Alex asked noticing the change in her body language.

"I want to try this." Olivia finally answered after a few minutes of silence.

Alex kissed Olivia in agreement before moving along her jaw line.

"You have no idea how badly I needed you while I was away." Alex whispered before biting Olivia's earlobe "I watched the other guys pick strange women up and take them to their room. I could hear them pounding into the woman all night long. I was so horny one night I almost wanted a head between my legs getting me off."

Olivia's jaw tightened and she jerked at her restraints.

"I knew no one could make me scream and come the way you do." Alex answered as she kissed her way down Olivia's shoulder sucking at her pulse point intent on marking her for all to see.

Olivia wiggled under Alex's mouth. If she had use of her hands she would have pulled her away and back up to her lips to remind her who she belonged with.

Alex bit Olivia hard groaning when she heard the sharp intake of air "even as I looked at the women the men were taking up to their room I knew it would be useless for me. No one has ever gotten me off the way you have and no one ever will. That is because we have the one thing I have never had with anyone before do you want to know what it is?'

"Please" Olivia moaned.

Alex took one of Olivia's nipples in her mouth sucking on it before biting it gently. She twirled her tongue around the tight bud groaning herself when Olivia pushed her body into her wanting her to take more. Alex usually was more than willing to give in to whatever Olivia wanted but this time she had went week without her and teasing her just wasn't in the cards.

"Alex" Olivia whispered when she felt her step off the bed and away from her. She may not be able to see her but she was connected to her in a way she had never been with past lovers and knew exactly where she had stepped away to.

"Open your legs wider." Alex ordered from where she stood at the end of the bed.

Olivia quickly did as she was told.

Alex licked her lips when her eyes fell upon her glistening, swollen folds, her need growing even more when Olivia opened herself up even wider for her. She wanted to dive in and devour her as if she was her last meal but that wasn't the plan for tonight. Instead she took a deep breath and turned toward the door.

Olivia sensed more than felt Alex's absence from the room. She fought the panic down that was in her throat. She knew that Alex would jeopardize her or push her past a point she couldn't take. She also knew that Alex loved to push her past her comfort zone much like she did with her.

"Hey." Alex whispered as she walked into the room and saw the look of panic on her lovers face. "Give me a minute and I'll undo you."

"leave it." Olivia answered breathing a sigh of relief when Alex was close to her. It amazed her how her body would automatically relax when she was in the same room with her.

Alex leaned forward and gently kissed Olivia pulling back when Olivia tried to deepen the kiss. She reached over to the night stand and pulled an ice cube from the bowl.

Olivia shivered when she felt the Alex trace her lips with an ice cube. She darted her tongue out of her mouth and moaned at the wetness.

Alex trailed the ice cube down Olivia's chest between her breast before circling the right one making slow circles until she ran the ice across the already taut nipple.

Olivia hissed when the cold hit the nipple. A strangled cry caught in her throat when she felt Alex enclose her lips around the nipple flicking her tongue across it. She never knew it was possible but she was pretty sure that if they kept on she would come without even being touched.

Alex released the nipple with a pop and sat back on her heels. She was torn between giving Olivia a little relief or continue to torture her. She was also wondering if she could truly make Olivia come by strictly teasing her breast. Deciding to see how far she could push Olivia she reached forward and grabbed another ice cube from the bowl and began the same assault on her left breast.

Olivia jerked at the restraints as she lifted her hips off the bed. She needed relief and she needed it now. She had never been wound as tight as she was at that moment and was fighting with everything she had not to let go.

Alex groaned at the amount of control Olivia was displaying. She took another ice cube and began a trail down Olivia's defined abs circling around her naval before following the same trail with her tongue.

Olivia groaned as Alex's tongue heated the skin that the ice cube just cooled.

Alex placed the ice in her mouth and sucked on it as she stood up from the bed and made her way to the bottom of the bed. She couldn't help but feel a rush run through her when she realized that Olivia despite all her attempts to gain relief still had her legs spread just as she had ordered minutes earlier.

Alex lifted Olivia's legs and placed them over her shoulder as she made her way up the bed between her legs. She slowly ran her tongue through her folds swallowing the generous amount of liquid she found.

Olivia bucked her hips on the first swipe of Alex's tongue, the cold intensifying the effect. If her hands weren't tied she would have grabbed her head and held it in place as she shamelessly bucked against it till she came.

'You taste so damn good."

Olivia whimpered with need.

Alex's plunged her tongue into Olivia moaning when she felt her muscles tighten around her tongue as if trying to pull it in even deeper. She thrust her tongue in and out a few more times before running it up the length of her folds again.

"Please." Olivia cried.

Alex hummed as she carefully spread Olivia's folds open so not to bump her straining bundle of nerves and send her flying over the edge. She could see it poking out under its hood and knew from past experiences it wouldn't take much to send her flying.

Olivia held her breath not sure how long Alex planned to leave her hanging.

Alex slowly inserted two fingers in Olivia and began to pump in and out of her as she enclosed her lips around her straining bud and sucked on it. In no time at all she heard Olivia chanting her name as her release came crashing down on her, slowing her thrusts as she brought Olivia down from her high.

"Hey" Alex whispered as she removed the blindfold from Olivia.

"Hey yourself" Olivia whispered as she leaned up and kissed the blonde gasping when she felt something press against her.

Alex studied Olivia's eyes as she held herself above her. Olivia was never one for penetration but there were times that she allowed Alex that honor and she prayed that she would allow her this now.

Olivia tilted her hips till she could feel the tip of the phallus at her entrance. She carefully wrapped her legs around Alex as she pulled the phallus into herself hissing at the intrusion.

Alex gritted her teeth together in an attempt to not just slam into Olivia. She thought she could control herself and take her nice and slow but now she wasn't so sure.

Olivia glanced from Alex's eyes to her restraints and back. She hoped that she would untie her so that she could touch her while she made love to her. When she started to thrust in and out of her she knew that she wasn't done torturing her.

"I love you so much." Alex choked out as she began to slowly thrust in and out of Olivia, groaning at the resistance she felt. Alex continued to thrust into Olivia as she reached up and released the restraints on Olivia's wrist.

Olivia quickly untied herself from the other restraint and wrapped her arms around Alex pulling her tight against her as she wrapped her legs around her waist. She dug her heels into Alex's back encouraging her to increase the speed.

Alex groaned as she found Olivia's lips and they dueled for control.

"Fuck baby." Olivia gasped as she turned her head and hissed when Alex bit down on her neck again. She was going to be receiving snide comments from the guys all week but she didn't give a damn. She loved it when people knew she belonged to her. "harder"

Alex slammed into Olivia twice and then slowed her speed once again. She was going to bring Olivia over the edge in a slow and steady motion. Tonight was about making love and reconnecting, not the hard fucking they sometimes do.

Olivia bit Alex shoulder as they slowly made love, the burn and desire slowly building.

"I Love You" Alex whispered as she continued to move in and out of Olivia "I am totally and completely and utterly in love with you. This past week without you was a living hell."

Olivia felt tears well up in her eyes at Alex's declaration. How she ever became so lucky was beyond her.

Olivia's was becoming ragged as Alex continued to thrust into to her. She knew with the clawing at her back, the pressure on her lower back from her heels, and the tug of the toy that Olivia was at the edge.

"Look at me" Alex gasped out with each thrust. She almost came completely undone when she saw the love shining through Olivia's eyes.

Olivia's body arched up and froze as Alex changed the position of the toy hitting her spot causing her to come undone. Her cries mixing with Alex's as they both fell over the edge together.

"God I missed you." Olivia finally said once she was able to speak again.

"Not as much as I missed you" Alex answered placing a gentle kiss on her chin as she pulled out of Olivia careful not to cause her pain.

"Don't leave again." Olivia whispered her voice raw with emotions as she pulled Alex tight against her "I don't sleep well when you're not here."

"Same here" Alex mumbled as she tightened her arm around Olivia's waist and threw her leg over hers enjoying the safety and love she felt wrapped in Olivia's arms.