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Chapter 1: The Return of the Samurai

Emily sighed as the familiar sight of the Shiba House welcomed her after a long trip from the countryside. Everything felt so nostalgic after being away for so long. Granted, they had defeated Master Xandred only a scant year ago, but it's been ages since she's heard from any of her friends. Mia was busy studying at that culinary academy (and very hard at work if her past letters were anything to go by). Lauren was most likely enjoying being with her little brother. Jayden was probably doing the same. Kevin was training for the Olympics with the same intensity back when he was a samurai. Mike was, much to the team's surprise, attending college over at Reefside.

The ex-Yellow Samurai smiled as she pictured the former rangers' expressions when Mike announced the news. They had all gathered to congratulate him, but he never revealed why until the last minute. Kevin was especially hilarious. She always giggled whenever she remembered his astounded visage, but he was probably the proudest one out of all of them.

As for Mike and her, they decided that they were better off friends. When you get to know someone too much, it sort of feels weird if you start a relationship with them. Their brother-and-sister dynamic was what they were used to. Anything else just felt weird. They still kept in touch, a bit more than the others, though he never did say what he was studying. All he mentioned was some big project that he was working on.

And as for the last former Samurai Ranger…

"Emily! ¡hola niña!"

Emily grinned as Antonio ran over to greet her. Today was when he would get back from his round the world fishing trip.

"Antonio! It's been so long!" Emily welcomed him back with a huge hug. He was the only person none of the other rangers had seen in a while, due to circumstance. "I kept all of your postcards! You've really traveled to a lot of different places, huh?"

"Yeah, but more importantly, I've fished in a lot of different places!" Antonio proclaimed proudly. He gestured to his fish cart, which was slightly different. "I've got a ton of new fish! I even got a bigger cart just because it wouldn't all fit in my old cart."

"You've got to tell me all about your travels later."

"Let's go inside first," he gestured towards the gate. "I haven't seen my best friend in ages! I wanna see what he's doing now that things are peaceful."

"Alright. I haven't seen Jayden in forever. He always seems to be busy."

"Well, he does have eighteen years of fun to catch up on." The two laughed as they entered. The Shiba House hadn't changed at all… but there was something off…

"Is that, music?" Emily wondered aloud. Antonio nodded. He recognized that sound anywhere. Somebody was rocking out here. The question was who. The only residents were Jayden and Jii, and there were no signs of other guests…

Antonio's eyes widened along with his grin. "So that's what he's been doing."


He quickly shushed Emily and motioned for her to follow him silently. As they crept closer to the building, they started to hear the lyrics sung by a very familiar voice.

Chan-Chan-Bara Chanbara!
Chan-Bara-Bara Chanbara!
Super Samurai Rangers

Time keeps on flowing
The past becomes now
The spirits of Japan start awakening
Exhibiting seriousness (chanbara, chanbara!)
It is dangerous if you downplay it (chanbara, chanbara!)
If you show an opening, there will be no tomorrow

One Stroke, Imperial Report, authorized by Divine Providence!
In a storm of applause, the main stars appear!

Emily found herself nodding along to the music. Whoever was singing was pretty good, but she wanted to know who was singing. It seemed like Antonio knew, but when she tried to ask, he just shushed her and tried not to laugh.

Cherry blossoms fall in a flash
Now it's time to go, Samurai
In order to protect those lives
Cut, cut, dance, dance
In the end, say "GO!"
The power of the words will explode
Let's bushido (let's bushido)
Let's take this challenge (let's take this challenge)
Super Samurai Rangers!

He really sounded familiar… The gears in Emily's head were spinning as she tried to connect the voice with somebody she knows. A figurative light bulb lit up when she realized who it was. She looked at Antonio, who only nodded before signaling for her to carry on.

For a samurai
There is no treason
It is the pact he once made with his friends
Always serious (chanbara, chanbara!)
Sometimes regretful (chanbara, chanbara!)
There's a feeling to not be beaten even during practice

Both Antonio and Emily chuckled quietly. Yep, that described him perfectly.

One Stroke, Imperial Report, authorized by Divine Providence!
In the uproarious festival, the main stars appear!

Rising up in a flash
Now it's time to go, Samurai
We want to save this sinking world
Cut, cut, dance, dance
The Zords are in standby
Five hearts come together as one
Let's bushido (Let's bushido)
Looks like you cut it (looks like you cut it)
Super Samurai Rangers!

They neared the porch. With a great deal of stealth, the duo continued to the dojo, where the music seemed to be originating from. Emily could hardly suppress the grin on her face. Antonio wasn't even trying.

In order to make these great dreams shine on
Today, too, the morning sun rises by the Mount Fuji

Chan-Chan-Bara Chanbara!
Chan-Bara-Bara Chanbara!
Put your love and courage into your sword
Chan-Chan Bara, Samurai
Chan-Bara-Bara, Cut it up
The darkness that blocks your way
Let's bushidou (let's bushidou)
Let's take this challenge (let's take this challenge)
Super Samurai Rangers

Jayden barely finished with the last chord when the sound of applause from behind startled him. On pure reflex, he spun around and held his flaming red semi-acoustic electric guitar in the same manner he would as his katana. Emily smiled held her hands up while Antonio merely flashed a huge grin. Confusion was prominent on Jayden's features before he smirked and lowered his guitar.

"Antonio! Emily!" He put down his "weapon" before greeting his friends warmly.

"Amigo! ¿Cómo has estado?" was all Antonio said before he tackled Jayden with a full-force best friend hug that nearly knocked him off his feet.

"Hey Jayden," Emily shyly waved at him, her last conversation with Mike coming to mind and causing her to blush. Why did he have to say those things! Now I can't get those thoughts out of my head!

Her sudden sense of awkwardness caused Antonio to release Jayden (allowing the latter to take a deep breath) and the two to look at her curiously.

"Emily? Are you alright?" Jayden stepped closer ('too close!' her mind screamed) and put a hand on her forehead, noting that her face was rather red. Did she have a fever? He immediately went into 'caring leader mode'. "Are you sick? Do you feel dizzy? Do you need to lie down? Can you walk? Here let me help." Not giving her any time to respond, Jayden swept Emily off her feet and carried her bridal-style over to the seats. She let out a sound that sounded like a cross between a yelp and a squeak, her face growing redder by the second. Antonio simply watched this scene unfold before a mischievous smirk graced his features.

"Hey Jayden, why don't you let her rest in your room? I bet your bed would be much comfier," he 'innocently' suggested. Jayden nodded and Emily shot him a glare. Or tried to. Her flustered expression sort of ruined the effect.

A short while later, after setting Emily down in his bed, Jayden sat at the counter while Antonio made some sushi in the kitchen.

"When we stopped in France, I learned how to make sushi from the owner of a golden shop called Gold Sushi," Antonio explained with fervent excitement as he set the plate in front of Jayden and plopped down next to him. "It was a golden opportunity! It just had to be destiny!"

"Right, Antonio," Jayden said before staring at the reader and winked. "Anyway, glad you're back buddy. Just right in time actually."

"Just right in time for what?" Emily asked as she sat down on the other side of Jayden.

"Emily! Are you alright now?" Jayden asked.

"Yeah, I was just tired earlier," she replied.

"Ri-ight," Antonio stretched out the word so it sounded like two syllables. Emily gave him a look that clearly told him to stop it. Antonio countered with an I-know-you-know-I-know-what-was-really-going-on-look. She silently groaned and replied with a silent "later" before turning back to Jayden, who was watching the exchange with an amused expression.

"So, you were saying?"

Jayden looked confused. "I thought you knew already. Didn't you get the letter in the mail?" She shook her head no. "Well, it's been almost exactly a year since Master Xandred's defeat. Jii thought that it would be nice of the Rangers could have a little reunion. Jii's on his way to Reefside to pick Mike up from college and Lauren's going to get Mia and Kevin." Jayden appeared to be confused. "I was going to pick you up, and it's great to see you, but what are you doing here if you didn't get the invitation?"

Emily suddenly found Antonio's sushi very interesting. Fortunately something interrupted her before she had to answer. Unfortunately, it was the Gap Sensor.

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