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Mistletoe: Artie/Vanessa

Summary: Claudia remembers the exact location of the original mistletoe and decides to bring a little holiday cheer to Artie's life. Set in the same universe as Cornucopia.


Claudia's spent the last couple of months watching Artie mope around the Warehouse, choosing to be as standoffish as possible with the agents. It wasn't as bad right after Thanksgiving but he still avoided the B&B. He still won't take Vanessa's calls or answer her e-mails. Claudia has kept in touch with Dr. Vanessa though. Artie and Vanessa were meant to be together, to spend their golden years together. If Vanessa didn't hold it against Artie for Alice taking possession of her, then he needs to get over it sooner or later. Claudia preferred sooner.

Claudia schemed and planned, growing positively giddy the closer it got to Hanukkah and Christmas. Myka, Pete, and Steve could tell that she was up to something and when they questioned her about the near constant mischievous glint in her eyes, she stayed mum, informing them that, "Just in case things go awry, you might want to have plausible deniability."

Promising gingerbread cookies, Claudia enlisted Pete to help her deck the halls at the Bed and Breakfast, and decked they were when Myka and Steve returned from Juno one afternoon.

She carried a box of decorations down the hall. "Don't worry, I'll take care of bringing the festive mood to the Warehouse myself." She hesitated before going out the door. "Just...heads up when you're in Artie's office."

Pete and Myka had a pretty good idea that Claudia's warning meant that she would be removing the original mistletoe from the Aisle of Noel and rigging it up in their boss' office. When Dr. Calder showed up the following day with a suitcase, Pete and Myka were positive.

"Claudia, you know that Artie's not going to appreciate you meddling in his love life," Myka reminded her.

"Okay, one, Artie rarely appreciates anything that I do that's in his best interest or with the most well-meaning of intentions. Two, I am not meddling, I simply invited a longtime friend of his and a fellow Warehouse associate who just so happens to be up for the role of leading lady in his life to spend the holidays with us. How is that meddling?"

Myka had snorted, smiling, and let it drop, leaving Claudia to her own devices.

Claudia found Vanessa in the sitting room, reading a book. "So, I was thinking surprise visit to the Warehouse, that way Artie can't try to run and hide. Well, I wouldn't call what he does running. Not quite jogging either. More like a brisk walk."

An amused smile grace Vanessa's lips as she shook her head, closing the book and setting it aside. "I enjoy spending time with Artie and I love visiting the Warehouse whenever I get a chance. I just wish that my presence there is one that would be welcomed."

Claudia scoffed, "Artie barely welcomed anyone's presence before everything went down. And you know him!"

"That I do."

"Then you know that he really cares about you and if he wasn't insisting on brooding and being all 'woe is me, an artifact turned me evil and made me try to kill everyone I care about and half the world's population.'"

Vanessa couldn't help but chuckle for several seconds before she grew somber. She sighed. "Artie knows how I feel about him and that I have no intentions of letting go easily, but I'm not going to force him into a relationship either. Artie needs to come to terms with his actions from when he was under the power of the astrolabe. Not only that, but he needs to start forgiving himself because until he can, I don't see how he can possibly accept our forgiveness."

Claudia sort of shrugged, bobbing her head from side to side. "He's getting there. He came over for Thanksgiving dinner and he even stuck around for a few hours afterwards!"

"And has he been back here since?"

Claudia deflated for a moment. "Well, no... So, Warehouse?"

Vanessa sat back, head tilted to the side, eyes narrowed, arms folded across her chest. "Why do I get the feeling that you are up to something, Claudia?"

"I get that a lot. Everyone mistakes my holiday cheer for mischief."


The drive to the Warehouse involved lots of Christmas music and Vanessa didn't complain but sang along. As they walked through the umbilicus, Claudia said, "I took the liberty of decorating Artie's office and, like the Grinch he is, he griped and grumbled about it but so far he hasn't ripped any down and tossed them in the trash, so that's gotta be a good sign."

There are holiday clings on the window between Artie's office and the balcony, a strand of multicolored lights along the window frame, ribbons and garlands wrapped around the spiral staircase's railing.

Claudia cleared her throat, getting Artie's attention. "Shalom! I bring you tidings of comfort and joy and someone to partner's skate with!"

The surprise was evident on his face and he just stared at them for a few moments. "Vanessa, what...what are you doing here?"

She took a step closer to him. "Well, Claudia invited me to spend the holidays here when she found out that I didn't have any plans. She said that no one should have to spend the holidays alone."

On the receiving end of Artie's glare, Claudia just grinned before exiting onto the balcony.

Vanessa took another step. "I want to be here, Artie. I understand if you're not in the mood to celebrate and I understand why you've shut me out but that doesn't change anything. Neither one of us is getting any younger and your job is no less dangerous now than it was in the past. I know what I signed up for, with the Warehouse and with you, and I am not going anywhere."

Artie stood. "Vanessa, what I did-"

"Oh, deal with it!" She snapped. "Every you care about is here for you. I am here for you."

He takes a step towards her. It's all that's needed for the mistletoe to pull them under its spell.

"I'm not ready to move past everything. I..." he felt the overwhelming urge to kiss her and he tried to fight it but it was a battle he quickly lost.

Watching through the slits in the blinds, Claudia squealed with delight. Artie could be pissed with her later.