A/N: My one big problem with Power Rangers is that it doesn't deal well with death. Lost Galaxy for me was all about sacrifice, and so naturally death follows. This is a short piece showing the group in the wake of Kendrix's passing.

I don't own Power Rangers, Saban has that right.

The room was dark, because it couldn't be anything else. It wasn't right to turn lights on, to feel warmth of any kind. Not now, when the world was so cold.

They sat around, unevenly placed and awkwardly positioned: Maya with both legs hanging over the hammock, Kai backwards on a chair while he leaned over it with folded arms, and Damon was perched on the edge of the coffee table.

Mike stood near the door, head down in thought. He hadn't said much since being told.

Leo, arms folded, leaned against the wall closest to the bunks. Of them all, his presence was the most precarious; he hadn't said anything, and his eyes reflected nothing.

"What do we do now?" Maya repeated what she'd said earlier, this time hoping someone would answer.

Kai shook his head, not meeting eyes. "What can we do?"

"We move on," Damon said evenly, not anticipating the stares from both Maya and Kai. "I mean, we do what we've been doing. We keep going, she'd want that..."

Don't speak for her, Leo snapped. All in his mind, though, because nothing came out. He stared at the floor.

"You're right, Damon," Mike said, suddenly coming to life. "We keep going, simple as that. It's all we can do."

You should lead us, Leo spoke again, to the depths of his mind. Mike had the sense to say all the right things in moments like these; he had the presence of mind to lead.

"What about the Quasar Saber?" Maya asked. "We should try to find it, right? So that it doesn't end up in the wrong hands?"

Mike nodded his agreement, his eyes warming as he tried to smile. "Tomorrow. We'll start tomorrow. I think for now we should all try to get some sleep."

How do we sleep? How do we ever sleep again?


As if reawakened, Leo turned towards the voice. He saw his brother's eyes reflecting his own. "What?"

Mike frowned in the dark. "Did you say something?"

A splinter of fear reached inside Leo, but he didn't know why. He paused for a long moment. Looked at everyone else. Saw the absence. The fear ebbed away as the familiar ache reclaimed him.

"You're right," Leo spoke quietly. "We should get some sleep."

But nobody moved. Tomorrow was so far away, a long way to go. How do we ever sleep again?