Title: Innocence

Author: Cori Celesti

Rating: PG-13, but strictly for thoughts. Goblin is twisted; it's not my fault.

Disclaimer: I own none of it. Nothing at all. Please don't sue - all I've got is my Velvet Goldmine poster and my notebook, and you sure as hell can't have those!

Warnings: Slash, sadism, all in all fairly disturbing.

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Summary: A Goblin watches a sleeping Spider.

A/N: An inner dialogue while Goblin sits and waits for Peter to wake up during the infamous and completely slashy rooftop scene. Because I'm crazy, because you can't see what goes on behind that green mask, and because psychotic characters are the most fun to write. Any questions?


Look at the pretty little spider. So helpless. Innocent. Just lying there. If you really wanted to...

He can't be any older than my son!

But he's not your son, Norman. And that's what's important. That innocence doesn't belong to him. It's possessed by wide-eyed toddlers and little girls with pigtails and curly lollipops. Not by ones who sees the darker side of humanity on a daily basis. You are the darker side of humanity. Let's teach arachnid-boy how appealing the dark side can be...how the best way to deal with innocence is to take it.

That's what makes his purity so valuable. Who else could see what he does and remain unscathed?

It's unnatural. Spiderman shouldn't be so guileless. I'm sure he's easily corrupted...

No! He needs that innocence. I refuse to be the one to take it from him.

No matter how much you'd like to? Admit it. You want to see him on his knees...

I don't!

Do it, Norman. Touch him, take him, make him your property. See what's under that costume. It's not like he's in any position to stop you.

That's not what I want from him!

Keep fooling yourself. Wouldn't you love to see him broken? See what it takes to hurt the pretty little spider. Go ahead. He's out cold.

He'd be useless broken. I want him as an ally. And he's unable to defend himself. I won't sink that low.

Oh, go on now. Twist his soul. Shatter his mind and body. Watch him writhe and try to escape and hear his moans when he's not able to. You know you'd enjoy it.

I wouldn't!

Oh, but you would. Let's see if spiders can scream.

I've never seen his face. I haven't the slightest idea who he is. For all I know he could be one of Harry's friends, and where would that leave me?

You couldn't be any worse of than you are. Out of a job, loveless, your own son hates you, and you've got a crush on your arch nemesis.

I do not have a crush on Spiderman. Giggling girls have crushes.

Shall we call it an infatuation, then?

It's not love in any form.

Who said anything about love? You want him, admit it. Come on, Norman, how long has it been…

Far too long…

Then let's discover if this wallcrawler is as innocent as he looks.

No. Look, he's regaining consciousness.

Well, you'll never know now, will you? You had the opportunity, Norman. Don't ever forget it. Think of what could have been. This won't ever happen again.

He's awake. It's not like it matters now.

That is entirely your own fault. You could have had him. Claimed him, marked him, made him yours.

But I didn't.

And how far will that get you? You're beyond redemption. At least enjoy the path to Hell.

I won't.

"Wake up, Spiderman. And no, you're not dead. Just paralyzed. Temporarily."