A/N: A short piece about leftovers.

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It's the sweet smell in the air that makes him hesitate. The same sweet smell that's haunted him ever since he first caught it. His heart pounds violently, suddenly, like it's remembering something he had almost forgotten. He puts a hand to his chest but all that does is imprint the heat from his skin onto his shirt.

He walks on, now determined. He bets against nothing and no one in particular that when he walks through the door he won't find a ghost in pink waiting for him.

The door opens automatically, as if he didn't need an invitation, and he passes through the threshold with his head dipped to one side.

He sees the blonde of her hair and the shine of her leather and his heart stops racing.

There's no ghost in here, just the sweet remnants of memories past.

Leo notices the absence of the other female Ranger in the girls' quarters, and when Karone turns around to smile at him sweetly he looks at her for a beat too long.

"Hey," she greets him brightly. She has flour on her nose.

He smiles in return, his brown eyes warm as they look at her. "What's on the menu?"

On the bench behind Karone are two silver cooking trays, each covered in an array of different products. Used ingredient packets and measuring utensils are scattered along the bench, the white trail of spilled flour very noticeable on the darker surface.

"Gingerbread men and cookies," Karone replies airily, her voice melodic in the quiet of the room. "And a lot of chocolate. There was so much in here to begin with so I used most of it. I guess someone here really likes chocolate."

Leo's smile fades, his lips twitching at the very sides of his mouth. His eyes darken and he looks down, away. Karone, reading him instantly, swallows hard and turns completely to face him, her eyes widening.

"Leo, I'm so sorry. I didn't think it would be..."

He bites his lip, looks back up with a brief smile. "Hey, don't worry about it. Don't be sorry either, you weren't to know."

The ghost seems suddenly real to both of them, and suddenly very alive.

They both struggle for a brief moment, neither one knowing where to go or how to push the ghost aside, though eventually Leo finds Karone's eyes and with a twinkle in his, asks simply: "Got any leftover cookie dough?"