Hey everyone! I'm back once again! Sorry about the delay, after I got over the illness, my power went out because of a bad storm for several days and it's finally back on! Anywho, here are the results to the poll that I posted.

1st place with 44 votes is Behind The Scenes!

2nd place with 35 votes is Sweet Dreams!

3rd place with 24 votes is The Book Of Potential Boyfriends, Nalu Version!

Okay, those are the top three! These will be the ones I will continued. As for the ones whose vote didn't make it, these are the results and I hope that no one is too upset over the results.

Tied for 4th place with 22 votes is High School Reunion and Natsu's New Rival.

5th place with 21 votes is Miss Rank Two.

6th place with 19 votes is At War With Love.

7th place with 15 votes is For The Love Of Nalu.

8th place with 12 votes is Rise Together.

9th place with 8 votes is The Book Of Potential Boyfriends, Graylu Version.

10th place with 6 votes is Work In Progress.

Thank you, all of you for voting and letting me know which you'd like for me to continue. As I've said before, only the top three will be continued right now, once I finish one of those, I will then post another poll asking which I should continue next. Thank you all for you support!