Chapter 2

Feelings for kakashi

Naruto was upset because kakashi had gone to a mission with out him. I was just a mission right? No it was not just because of the mission, since kakashi came back from the death and he carried him (Naruto) He has been having a warm feeling for him. Anytime Naruto sees Kakashi he becomes shy and emotional damn it.' Well i have to tell him but if...' Naruto said. 'Tell me what? Kakashi said bored as usual.

Naruto: Huh? (Shocked that kakashi came back so soon)

Kakashi: Tsunade sent team 8 to the mission instead of me.

Naruto: Ha ha ha ha ha ha I told you that you will come back.

Kakashi: What do you mean by 'come back'?

'Well this was supposed to be secret but i will tell you. Tsunade told Jiraya that team 7 that is us, was not ready for the mission because you did...' Naruto said scared

'I did not what?' Kakashi said bored as usual.


Bam was the sound heard after kakashi unleashed his lightning blade on Naruto. Naruto was surprised by the sudden action and was in real pain because of what Kakashi did Naruto feelings for kakashi went hatred and over took.

Naruto: Rasen shuriken, Sage justuuuuuuuuu Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh (charging forward)

Kakashi: Tondo justu (earth technique)

Naruto and Kakashi had been battling for over 20 minutes, Naruto and Kakashi stamina had reached low level so they could no longer fight one more justu this will make the sick for 2 weeks so they stopped.

Naruto: Had enough? (Tired)

Kakashi: Why did you fight me?

Naruto: I should be asking you that question.

Kakashi: Well because of what Tsunade said, I just wanted to see if I did not trained you well.

Naruto: WHAT? (Shocked).

Kakashi: Bye Naruto Ha ha. Take this card meet me there tomorrow

Name: Kakashi Hatake

House: California Ville, mountains

Naruto: He so intelligent (blushing).

Naruto said watching as kakashi jump over the trees going where ever he should be now. A warm feeling entered Naruto then Naruto realized that he really loved Kakashi more than Normal.

The Next Day….

Naruto did as kakashi said, he came to his house on the mountains wondering why Kakashi would live on the mountains where it so cold and lonely. Naruto soon arrived and rang Kakashi's door bell. Kakashi opened the door and drew Naruto close kissing him passionately before closing the door. Naruto was shocked and wanted to push Kakashi away but 'no' Kakashi kiss was very entertaining too his body. So he stopped kissing Naruto and said 'Naruto do you love me like I do?', 'Bam' was the sound heard when Naruto punched Kakashi for not making the kiss last but Naruto still had an idea.

'Sexy attack sexy justu' Naruto said transforming in a lady this time nude. Naruto could tell that Kakashi like it very much, 'Come here big boy' Naruto said exposing her nudeness to Kakashi. She (Naruto) walked to Kakashi, bent down and started kissing Kakashi and removing his clothes. Kakashi told Naruto to be in a 69 position.

Naruto: What's a 69 position?

Kakashi: Check my Icha Icha Paradise book.

Naruto stood up walking sexily to the table; she then opened the book flipping through pages then saw it.

Naruto: Yuck, I have to swallow your thing?

Kakashi: Yep now come here.

Naruto: Ahh take it easy. You have a big crock you know that?

Kakashi: Ahh Naruto I'm goanna cum real bad in-si-de you.

Naruto: Please don't…..

But it was too late, Kakashi chummed inside of Naruto liking it.

Naruto: I begged you but still you did it. Now every 2 hours my chakra will be turning into a female so as I will too.

Kakashi: You are a boy, you can't get pregnant.

Naruto: when you fucked me was I a BOY?

Kakashi: Oh NO, PLEASE NO.