It took longer than I thought it would to drag the woman out to my black Rolls Royce that was parked just outside the grand entrance to the mansion. Not that I couldn't handle a woman, but what I couldn't handle is a woman that is kicking and punching to all hell. From the moment I untied her ropes, I realized that I might as well have unleashed the Kraken. I got the job done, making sure to secure her bonds once more when she was in the backseat of the car. I decided to leave her mouth without duct tape because no one would hear her if she screamed anyway. I needed to transport all of my explosives, ammo, food, and clothing out of the house, and each time I came back to the car, she was there, giving me a cold glare. When I finally hopped into the front seat of the car, I leaned my head around to her and gave her a smile. "What's wrong, love?"

She didn't answer, but just turned her head and stared out the window.

I started the car and drove out of the mansion roundabout and headed towards the highway to the airport. "Listen, darling, you and I…" I gestured towards myself and tried to put a little bit of malice into the darling. "… you and I will have to start getting along. Until I can get you back to my company's headquarters, I will have to deal with you myself."

She didn't respond, so I continued. "Look, I'm doing you a favor. My boss wants me to kill you, but you're just an innocent bystander that was in the wrong place at the wrong time."

I curved the Rolls smoothly onto the highway and lightly tapped on the accelerator, bringing us to just above the speed limit. Thankfully, the woman piped up. "Where are we going?"

I laughed a bit. "I already told you. Alaska. Sitka, to be exact."

The woman turned her head to stare back out of the window. I sighed and began to drum my fingers against the steering wheel in front of me. The only thing that was keeping me from not worrying about what she would do in the airport was the knowledge that I had an airplane waiting for me, ready to go. The Agency didn't skimp when it came to their agents, thankfully.

As we zipped past the many signs and other cars, I began to think ahead to this next hit that I had been tasked with. Who would be the target, I wondered. The Agency always knew exactly where each of their agents were, and didn't get them the specifics of the numerous hits until they got to the location of the task. GPS and different stuff like that.

I took one of my hands off the wheel and fingered the back of my head. Even though I couldn't feel it, I knew that there was a barcode back there, and just underneath the surface, a GPS tracker. It had hurt like hell when they had put it in, seeing that they had given me the bare minimum amount of numbing solution. I remembered one of the doctors saying to "man up and take the pain" when I had been writhing in pain. Yes, well how about we open your head and smash a piece of metal inside your brain without any numbing stuff, I had almost told him.

The woman noticed me rubbing my barcode, and asked, "What is that?"

I immediately placed my hand back on the wheel and stared back out at the road ahead of me. "Alright, don't answer me." She muttered.

I sighed and spoke up. "It's my barcode that designates me as an Agent of the Agency."

The woman snorted a chuckle of laughter. "The Agency? What is this, a James Bond film?"

I smiled a bit. "No ma'am. This is reality. You are riding with an assassin. A Hitman."