Simpsons go Scrooge

Chapter 1

This is a Simpson's take on a Christmas Carol, which will still be set in 1840s London.

Mr. Burns as Scrooge

Waylon Smithers as Jacob Marley

Homer Simpson as Bob Cratchit

Marge Simpson as Mrs. Cratchit

Lisa Simpson as Tiny Tim

Lindsey Neagale as The Ghost of Christmas Past

Ned Flanders as The Ghost of Christmas Present

Professor Fink as The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

It had been many years since the death of Mr. Burn's business partner Waylon Smithers so another person Homer Simpson had taken over from Smithers position.

"Its Christmas tomorrow" Homer whooped.

"But you still will be coming into work" Mr. Burns told him.

"Oh I want to be with Marge and the kids"

"I am sure they will be fine without you. Anyway won't your children be at school?"

"We can't afford to send them to school, hey do I get extra pay because it's Christmas?"

"No because December 25th is a very normal day and that is final. Why would I give you more money just because it's a certain day of the year anyway?" Mr. Burns sighed.

"Because its Christmas, oh its time for me to go home and see my family. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Mr. Burns" Homer darted off out the door as his shift was over for the day.

Some carol singers came to Mr. Burn's door but he just told them to go away. Not long after he went home to have his dinner and then go to bed.

But when Mr. Burns was in bed he awoke, he could hear somebody rattling the door.

"It is I your business partner Waylon Smithers" a ghost of Waylon Smithers appeared who then started talking.

"Smithers" Mr. Burns yelled.

"Listen carefully Mr. Burns, because of my stinginess I had to walk the earth wearing all these heavy chains and I am still wearing them. Three spirits will visit you in the night" Smithers told him and soon after he vanished away.