This is but a tiny drabble to give you a glimpse of the aftermath of this bizarre occurrence. With this, I thank you all and mark this story completed. Please, enjoy.

The cafe was bustling with people, bright colors and sounds molded together like play-dough after an enthusiastic kid's use. Kise had chosen a small corner table in hopes of getting some peace and privacy, but the table right next to him had quickly filled up with noisy junior high students with their semi-fashionable clothes and light-hearted discussions. Gah. He could totally sympathize with people like that, in a way, but there was the potential danger of them recognizing him. Though, of course, he'd done his best with his disguise. He was wearing a horribly tacky blue hoodie and gray sweatpants. Which would only make the situation worse if he was nevertheless recognized.

He raised his eyes and let out a startled "Ah!". Kuroko was there, loyal to his habit of appearing out of thin air, sitting in the other chair with a comfortingly habitual vanilla latte in his hands, and Kise hadn't noticed him at all, even though he'd been waiting.

"Kurokocchi! Since when have you been here?"

"Since four minutes ago. I kept count. It took you exceptionally long to notice, today."

"Sorry! I must've been so lost in thought."

Kuroko frowned at him lightly. "I hope you were regretting your bad deeds."

"I am, really!" Kise stated, letting his smile gain a shade of regret. "I didn't realize the pills mattered so much, so I was too careless with them."

"Who drugs their friend without even making sure they understand the instructions?"

"I'm sorry." He wished he didn't have to think about how ill Kuroko might've been because of the transformation. It made him feel kind of sick. The coffee he had ordered was cold already.

"Well, there's nothing to do about it now." The shadow gulped down the rest of his latte and fumbled for something in his bag. "Here's the drug, I don't want to keep it."

"Oh, thanks."

"Did you leave #2 outside?"


"Thank you for taking care of him until now." He heaved the shoulder strap of his bag over his head and got up to leave. "See you later."

Well, that was one brief exchange.

"Kurokocchi!" the blue-head stopped halfway across the cafe's floor.

"I'm really sorry!"

"It's alright. I'm not going to hate you forever, Kise-kun."

"Does that mean you hate me now?" Kise shrieked after him, but was coldly ignored.

Ahh, geez. Kuroko had gone so easy on him, how was he supposed to feel redeemed now? He gulped down the cold coffee and grimaced. It tasted unusually horrible.

It hit him when he was putting the drug in his medicine cabinet at home. There were two doses of it missing.

Of course. Kuroko wouldn't have forgiven him that easily.

Kise wondered if his teammates would treat him as nicely as the Seirin team had treated Kuroko.

Oh, there was no way they would.

Notes #2
I'm not going to write any continuation for Kise's part. Though I find the idea totally hilarious, I don't know him and his team well enough to do so. Thank you for reading all this!