The Many Names of Jack Frost

Jack Frost has been called many different names over the years he's been around like: Jackson Overland Frost, Jacky, Jack, Jack Frost, Frostbite, Snowflake and most importantly A Guardian. These names mean nothing and everything.

Jackson Overland Frost is a small defenceless child. He has messy brown hair and mischievous light brown eyes that hold love for the world around him. He would never hurt a fly. He will prank anyone he can find. He is fun loving child and that is all he is, a child.

Jacky is the name Pippa, Jack's little sister gives the trouble making boy that looks after her and would give his life to protect her. This boy has untameable chocolate brown hair and soft pale features; he has fun filled toffee eyes. He is still a child and is a bit naive. The boy is still mostly defenceless and very smart but he doesn't always show just how smart he really is. He still lives to cause fun and he always will.

Jack is a boy with birds nest brown hair, an innocent smile and brown eyes that seemed to shine with impish happiness. He spends his days running around with his friends and sister playing in the snow or in the grass or in trees depending on the time of year. He is very happy.

Jack Frost is the name The Man in The Moon gave the teenager he lifted out of a frozen lake after Jack had saved his little sisters life. He can command snow and ice but the wind is his only friend making for a lonely existence as no one else can see him. The spirit of winter is a mysterious teenager with shaggy ice like white hair and light blue eyes that still carry the spark of mischief. This person has soft aristocrat features and is ghostly pale. Jack is doesn't know what he's meant to do so sets about bringing fun to the world.

Invisible is a broken mess he was watched people grow old and die around him for years, and he had felt everyone walk through him rather than into him for what seems like forever. He is plagued by nightmares about drowning in a lake doesn't know why, he still doesn't know why he is here. He has ragged white hair and jaded blue eyes that still carry a glimpse of trouble but that is beginning to be drowned out by betrayal and loneliness. He carries a sheppards crook and is frosted over at the top. He has a hallowed face and a stick like body from starvation. He is lost and alone.

Frostbite and Snowflake are names given to him by the Easter bunny. He has spiky white hair that defies gravity and deep blue green eyes filled with a storm of emotions like happiness, joy and mischief. He has a maturity too old for his age and white skin he is even thinner than before but now has more body strength. He now has a family and is finally happy.

Guardian is a title given to him after he defeated Pitch with the other Guardians. This teenager has messy ice like white hair and powerful blue eyes that hold nothing but love and trouble. He is now loved by a family and has friends. He has North who is a father figure to him and Tooth who is like a mother or big sister. Sandy and Bunny are like his brothers, Bunny being the one he fights with all the time but still loves and Sandy being the one he goes to for advice. Jamie and Baby Tooth are like his little siblings who he would play with all day if he could. Jack Frost is happy.

All of these names make up the hero who saved the world from Pitch who wanted nothing more than to be believed in.