OK, folks...so here it is! The sequel to Stages of Grief! (or, at least the beginning of it!) I'm kind of interested to see how this goes. It IS rated M for future chapters, but it kind of starts off a little slow. Adventure and travel and lots of sex...yes, LOTS...Doc is very obsessed with Sherlock in EVERY way...could even get a little on the kinky side...just sayin' ;-P Enjoy!

He heard his phone buzz on the bedside table and grabbed it.

gud AM, lov! 2day we C ea oder! ck yr emsg b4 u leav!

John grinned as he rolled over and placed his feet on the floor. He was actually beginning to easily understand Sherlock's text shorthand. He was happier than he had been in months. The fact that he was going to see Sherlock before the end of the day was definitely for the reason for the bounce in his step and the smile on his face.

He opened his laptop and set it to booting as he made his morning tea. He drank the warm brew as he pulled up Sherlock's email and was happy to see he had actually written it out longhand.

My John,

Good morning! I know you are probably sipping your morning cuppa as you read this. I can see you in your robe, hunched over your computer and wish I could be there to be reading this over your shoulder. I cannot wait until you are here with me. I have missed you so much and so many things to tell you!

Just a few things as a reminder:

First, you will most likely be followed as you leave the flat. This is to be expected. The man who was Moriarty's right hand is now in charge and has a tail on you and Mrs. Hudson. You are both fine. She is fine. They will do nothing as long as they do not suspect I am alive.

I ask that you use your best acting skills and look sufficiently harried and distressed as you leave. My brother has "let it get out" that you are leaving the country because you cannot stand to be around people who remind you of me. It is best this way.

Second, please wear something into which you can easily change. Take the hat that I hid from Mycroft the last time he visited. It is in the wardrobe in my room. Also, take a coat, preferably not your leather. While I love your leather jacket on you, it has become very distinguishable as yours. I'm sorry; you must part with it for your own safety at this point. Leave it at Baker Street. I'm sure Mrs. Hudson will keep it for your return. Don't wear either the hat or coat as you leave the flat as you will want them to confuse Moran's man at Heathrow.

Lastly, Michael, the family driver will drop you at the terminal and will go no further with you. However, he is fully aware of Moran's tail. Follow his instructions for when you get to the terminal and you should be safe.

I must let you go now, so you can get here! I will see you soon, my love!


John chuckled at Sherlock's paranoia as he shut down the computer and stuffed it into his travel case. For all their protestations, the Holmes brothers were so much alike. The last time Mycroft had pulled John from the streets of London, he'd been given a warning about being followed. John had blown him off at first. Then, several hours after the warning, he had noticed the bloke who had been helping Mrs. Hudson about the house the week before Sherlock's jump. Once he'd seen him, John saw the man more often than coincidence would allow.

He jumped in the shower quickly and shaved. He dug through his wardrobe to find a comfortable pair of jeans and a dress shirt covered with one of his favorite jumpers. He grabbed the dress coat that Harry had given him for Christmas just before he'd gone to Afghanistan. He'd worn it all of three times, including to Sherlock's funeral. He laughed at that thought. A jacket he never used for a day that wasn't necessary. Ironic. He knew that he could easily pitch it in the rubbish and not have any second thoughts about it.

He went into Sherlock's room and pulled the fedora from the wardrobe shelf as the bell rang at the front door. He went back to his room and grabbed his travel case and his old Army duffle. Slinging the duffle over one shoulder, he stuffed the hat into the travel case and threw the coat over his arm. He took one long last look around the room before he jogged down the stairs to open the door to his next adventure with Sherlock!

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