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"What did you say, Luffy?!" Usopp cried out after listening to their captain's suggestion. But from the looks of Luffy's character, it shouldn't be merely just a suggestion.

"Let's tame that octopus and have him pull our ships," Luffy repeated. "Although the only problem is that we're underwater."

"And it'll be difficult for devil fruit abilities users like us to fight it," Ace added.

"Don't be stupid!" Usopp exclaimed and shook Luffy by the shoulder before getting him nearer to the railings so that he could see better while the others were doing their own leisure talks and things. "Look, the problem is the size of that thing! It could leave us dead whether we're in or out of the water! And we're not going to fight it!"

Nami decided to take charge after realizing that Luffy wasn't going to think about putting their safety first. "Set a course due south!"

"Nami! We should be heading for the octopus!" Luffy shouted.

"Don't be ridiculous! Look at the ships it's holding! Do you want us to become like them?" Nami argued back.

"Now, Nami-swan. I'm here to—BMMPGRRRHHH! To protect you."

"He held it in! Good going, Sanji!" Usopp praised.

"It must be thanks to the rehabilitation and the coat Nami is wearing," Chopper added in.

Meanwhile, Caribou was looking at them in astonishment at their lack of care of the danger that was ahead of them. While Usopp was doing his job of persuading his captain of changing his mindset, he instantly got distracted upon Sanji's condition.

Suddenly, he heard someone calling out to him and was delight to see that his crew had returned to save him. Everyone else looked at the ship with disinterest or with the lack of care. They weren't as difficult to deal with as the Kraken, after all. However, Caribou's hopes were shattered when the Kraken took ahold of his ship and crushed it within it's tentacle within a split second, leaving the rest of the crew exposed to drowning upwards.

A soft melodic song played for the brave dead.

"...They look like jellyfish," Zoro commented.

"Hahaha, you have a good sense of humor," Ace said from beside him.

"Shut up, the both of you!" Caribou shouted.

Out of nowhere, the Kraken started to act up again after finally taking notice of the Strawhat Pirates' presence. It swung its tentacles upward, intending to slam it upon the Thousand Sunny and wreck it into pieces, leaving the more sensible members of the crew in panic at their possible demise.

Luffy hurriedly bit his thumb to active his Third Gear while Zoro drew his swords. They didn't get very far when Usopp stopped the both of them from their reckless actions, reminding them that their attacks would just end up breaking the bubble. Nami took this change to order for the ship to escape from the Kraken. But when Franky told her that it was near impossible to do so, she started to panic too and once again, Luffy had another great idea.

"Don't do anything! Let's fight it," he suggested.

"You will break the bubble if you do!" Chopper cried.

"Since we have no choice but to fight, I have something with me," Ace suddenly said and gave the three fighters each a mini bubble. "This is called instant-kick coating. You can fight outside of the bubble with it and you don't have to worry about drowning or the lack of air. And most importantly, pay attention to the rope."

"Aren't you going to fight too?" Usopp asked.

"My attacks are fire-based and it can't do much once I launch it out of the instant-kick coating," Ace explained.

"Try to stay away from the ship, okay?" Nami warned the three of them.

Luffy held the rope and had an annoyed expression on his face. "This rope is a pain..."

With that, the three of them removed the ropes around them and hopped out of the bubble to fight the Kraken while they discussed among themselves who would be the one to take out the Kraken. Except for Sanji who was still in the midst of his 'attack' when he looked back to the Thousand Sunny whereby Nami was still at.

"You can't just go out without the rope! You won't be able to get back," Nami shouted.

"Those idiots..." Ace grumbled.

"Wait! It's still coming for us!" Usopp exclaimed.

"Franky... Rocket Launcher!" Missiles appeared on Franky's huge shoulder and were launched towards the tentacle that was about to destroy their ship, successfully obliterated it before it could.

"Aaaaaaahhhh! So cool!" Chopper, Usopp and Luffy said together in awe.

"There is another coming towards us!"

"Uwah!" Chopper cried out as it leaped up. "Rumble! Guard Point!"

With that, Choper's body expanded in a huge, comfortable looking ball of fluff and managed to prevent the tentacle from breaking the bubble. However, the force that was exerted despite Chopper's defense did send the Thousand Sunny flying towards an underwater mountain in full speed.

"If it's only for an instant," Robin said as she crossed her arm. "Gigantesso Mano!"

And they were saved from running into the mountain.

"Third Gear! Armament Reinforcement!" Luffy bit his thumb and expanded his fist into an abnormally huge size above his head, catching the Kraken's attention at the same time. "Urgh! The sea is draining my energy!"

"Blue walk!" Sanji exited his bubble and started off towards the Kraken in fishermen speed while recollecting his memories of his time in the Momoiro island. "Diable Jamble! Bien Cuit! Grill Shot!"

"What amazing speed! It's like a fishermen's!" Usopp said.

Zoro was next as he placed his hand on the hilt of his sword. In a single second, six of Kraken's tentacles was sliced off while it looked as though Zoro didn't make any move. "Santoryuu Ougi! Rokudou no Tsuji!"

"Hold it, Sanji, Zoro! You guys are going to kill it!" Luffy protested as he focused his energy again. "Gomu Gomu no Elephant Gun!"

The large hand which was black with haki flew down towards the Kraken and slammed into it. The Kraken was instantly defeated at the force of the attack and was sent flying downwards into the current.

"He sent it flying!" Usopp exclaimed.

"Just how much stronger had he gotten?" Nami asked, also in surprise.

"Not bad at all," Ace commented proudly.

"There is something down there," Chopper announced. "A shark?!"

"A shark?" Luffy asked with great interest as he sat in the bubble.

Zoro had already gotten into a sitting position in his instant-kick coating and examining the shark. "That's a pretty big shark."

"Is that shark wearing clothes?" Sanji questioned.

While they were admiring the shark, the Kraken fell further into the downward current. At the same time, it also left an opening for the current to pull anything that was within sight, including Luffy, Zoro, Sanji.

"Luffy!" Ace shouted.

"They're being sucked into the downward currents," Robin said.

"If they are going then so are we," Usopp added in.

"Keep the yard straight! Turn the ship left! We're going to collide into the continental shelf!" Nami ordered. "Hang on tight, everyone! Keep to the center of the current!"

"This speed is crazy!"

When they woke up, they found themselves in a completely dark area.

"Ow... Looks like we're alive, at least," Usopp said as he pushed himself away from the ground. "Come on, guys. What is with the dead silence? Honestly you're all hopeless without me. Still, I don't know how to search for those guys in this pitch-black darkness."

"It can't handle dark places. Doesn't it feel like someone is watching you?" Brook asked.

"We must be 7000 metres down. At this depth, even the Shark Submerge would be crushed flat by the pressure," Franky commented.

"Are we getting close to the Fishermen Island?" Chopper inquired.

"Keimei said it was 10000 metres down," Robin replied. "I can't seem to find Luffy and the others either. It seems that we've lost all of them. I just hope they weren't torn into pieces by the sea monsters."

"Don't say such scary things!" Usopp cried out as Ace flinched at the thought of Luffy's demise.

"I'll brighten this place up," Ace said and stretched out his arms. "Hotarubi!"

Chopper and Usopp was easily overcame by awe as small green little balls of light floated around within the bubble. Soon enough, the brightness extended their line of vision around the area considerably.

"Don't touch those. It's dangerous," Ace warned as Chopper extended its arm out. "I'll keep it away from you guys."

When the group finally noticed their surroundings, they were met with the huge sea monsters lurking in the sea, also shocking the soul out of Chopper and Usopp at the same time. Some of them were too close to their ship for comfort. By then, Usopp and Chopper were already leaking tears from their eyes in fright.

Usopp looked around unsurely. "I just hope those huge fishes won't start coming for us."

"It's alright. The sea monsters at this depth are mostly blind because there isn't any light from above that could reach here," Ace comforted. "Most likely, they won't even notice this one."

"Your devil fruit abilities do come in handy. Now that I think about it, it isn't cold at all despite being this deep down," Robin pointed out with a smile.

"You're right," Nami said.

"Yeah. My devil fruit powers actively keep a large area around me warm, even when it was back in Drumland and it didn't snow on that day when I was there," Ace explained.

Usopp put his finger on his chin. "If your powers are active, wouldn't that mean that time when we spent at the dessert together when it was extremely hot..."

"Yup, it was me."

"It was you!" Usopp cried out and pointed at Ace who was laughing.

"This isn't the time to be talking about that," Nami argued. "We have to search for Luffy and the others as soon as possible before they drift even further away from us."

"Where have they gone off to in such tiny bubbles? Even if they are alive, the air won't last. It's too dangerous!" Usopp pointed out in panic.

Nami groaned and griped the sides of her head. "This is why I told them to use lifelines!"

"Luffy and the others will be fine. He has always been making other people panic over him with his recklessness," Ace reassured before looking to the side in gloominess. "Although I have to admit that the idiot did make me worry this time too."

"So there is even something you're not used to," Usopp said while sweat dropping.

"Being a big brother sure is tough," Chopper commented symphathetically.

Ace laughed instead and shook his head. "It isn't all that bad if you turn away from Luffy's recklessness. Let's cut the small talk until later and search for them instead."

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