Prologue - Axis

It starts, as most things do, with a change.

- Age eleven, a cloak swirls around his shoulders and he is there, but not there, and he thinks (knows) that this is more familiar than anything has a right to be.

And with the passing breeze, he thinks he hears 'Come, Childe' -

- Age thirteen, and with no time left (but there is plenty of time, golden sands running freely), he runs into the Headmaster just as the man is leaving the hospital wing, and the man's wand drops accidentally.

Neither of them notice the sparks that flare when the boy picks it up, one because time is gone (running swiftly), and the other because it was his - not won by (lost to) the boy. And as he slips, silently (like Death), the wind whispers, 'Welcome, welcome, welcome' -

- Age fourteen, it is a mistake. The shattered ring lies broken (whole), and the boy never means to pick it up (but he can't help it) from where it rests next to the cauldron after Voldemort's revival. (Why is he so afraid?)

And the boy never stops to wonder why the very earth seems to chant in time with his thoughts 'Run, run, run' -

- Age fifteen, and it is right. Because the cloak's sitting on his shoulders, the ring (stone) in his pocket, and the wand comes quietly (quickly) as the boy runs past the one who grasped futilely. From there, the exchange must be made. One life for another, but that is nothing to the boy, because Death whispers in his ear and he is not (cannot be) afraid of the very thing that has always been a part of his life.

And that is how Death comes to its Childe as he tumbles through the Veil, enfolding him in its silent wings til time itself ends.-

AN: You know you've been reading too much fan fiction when your muse demands a new story. So, please don't kill me, I do know I have too many other stories that need to be written, and I am working on those! Promise! Also, I am very sorry if I completely screw GW canon over. I'm going to attempt to watch some of the show over Christmas break, but thus far my only experience with it is the Endless Waltz manga and Fanfiction. Which, I know, isn't good enough, but it's all I got!

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