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Henry sat looking out the window of Granny's diner. His mom was in danger and there was nothing he could do about it. Everyone just wanted him to stay out of the way.

He knew that the only thing in the world his mom would want is to know that her child is safe….children…Henry thought to himself. His mom was pregnant with his brother or sister and he knew that even though he sat safe an sound inside Granny's dinner, his little brother or sister was in just as much danger as his mom.

Henry shook his head. He only hoped his Mom and the baby would be ok. He knew that another loss would devastate her, so much that he wasn't sure she would be able to come back from this one. How would she survive if something happened to this baby?

She had lost so much already, Henry couldn't imagine her surviving another blow.

It wasn't just the possibility of something happening to the baby that had him worried…What if Greg Mendel didn't want to just hurt his mom? What if he wanted to kill her? What if he did?

A tear rolled down Henry's cheek. They would find her, he told himself. James, Emma and Snow, they would find her and bring her back to him. She couldn't die…he still needed her. Who was gonna help him with his math homework or sing in the kitchen? Who would tell him every day how much she loved him? Who would rub his back when he wasn't feeling well and calm him down when he had a nightmare? She was the only one who could do those things. He needed her and she couldn't be taken from him.

"Please Mom…" Henry sighed as he looked out the window in to the streets of Storybrooke "You have to be ok."


James couldn't help but feel that time was running out. He needed this to happen now he needed to find the woman he loved.

What could she be going through right now? What was Mendel doing to her? One thing was certain, when they did find Regina Mendel better hope he was no where around…because he was going to kill him.

He stood in Gold's shop with his daughter and soon to be ex wife and waited while Emma read through the effects the spell to find Regina would have on her. Once she performed the spell it would allow her to feel what Regina was feeling. She would know what she was experiencing.

Emma took a deep breath and nodded at Gold to signify she was ready. Apparently it was as simple as blowing the words from the page of the book Gold had given her. He watched as his daughter did this and breathed in the words as the floated towards her. His heart beat a little faster when her eyes glowed purple and he began to wonder if this had been a mistake. Was Gold really helping them? Could this be something that would harm his daughter?

Emma gasped as she felt the connection to Regina.

"Emma?" Mary Margaret asked with a tinge of fear to her voice.

Emma's breathing increased and she looked almost as if she were having a panic attack. Tears fell from her eyes as she gripped James' hand in fear.

"Emma?" James asked a little more loudly this time. When she didn't answer he turned to Gold. "What's wrong with her?"

"She's feeling Regina's fear." The imp answered. He moved forward and spoke firmly to Emma. "Ms. Swan you have to control the fear coming from Regina. You have to move past it so you can see what she's seeing. You have to maintain control of the spell or it will drag you in with her."

James squeezed his daughter's hand. "You can do it Emma. You can control it."

He saw Emma swallow hard and felt as she squeezed his hand back. "She's so scared…" Emma finally managed to speak. "The baby….she's scared for the baby." She let out a groan "Oh God what have I done?"

"Emma," James said firmly "I need you to push past the fear." He said even as tears stung his eyes. "What do you see around you? What do your senses tell you?"

Emma took to calming breaths. "I…there's a machine… It looks like…" He watched her face scrunch up again. "They're going to hurt my baby…." She wailed once again being taken in by Regina's fear and pain.

James simply squeezed her hand. "What else do you see Emma?"

"There's…" She scrunched up her face "I smell fish…like sardines…I hear water…Mendal…he's putting something on my arms, on my head." Emma felt as if she would throw up. "He's standing over me…and he's…touching me, he's running his hands down my arms. NO! get him off I don't want him to touch me!" Tears slid from Emma's eyes as she began to struggle. "Please don't hurt my baby." She said it on whispered plea that nearly broke James.

"Emma what else do you see?" Mary Margaret spoke up when James seemed to have lost his voice.

Emma moaned. "It's like a factory, there are machines in the room next to me."

Emma took a breath of relief as her eyes once again glowed with purple and the spell left her body. She blinked a few times and wiped the tears from her eyes before standing to hurry out the door. "We have to find her now!" She stated frantically. "We have to get to her before her uses that machine!"


Regina laid there in compete terror. She'd managed to keep her composure with Mendal. She wasn't one to show weakness. She would never beg…unless it is for the life of her baby.

She'd watched in something a kin to horror as he placed the electrodes on her body, she'd felt her skin crawl when he ran his hands down her arms. He wanted to know what had happened to his father. She would be willing to tell him if only to buy her some time. If only to try and figure out a way to keep her baby safe.

She didn't flinch when he turned the machine on, although every fiber in her being wanted to.

"You have one more chance Regina…" The man told her. "Tell me what you did with my father."

Regina cleared her throat and sneered at him. "You want to know? Fine." she took a breath hoping that this would give her the time she needed. "I had him locked up in the mental ward. It wasn't any trouble at all convincing people he was crazy, he was spouting off about hearts and magic. The doctors agreed that he was delusional and they locked him up."

"He's been locked up all this time?" Mendal asked thinking of what it would be like to be locked in a room alone for twenty eight years.

Regina's face changed and something that looked almost like remorse crossed over her face. "No, He was locked up for about ten years before he died of a heart attack."

Greg's face changed to one of disbelief as he turned toward the machine. "You're lying!" he said moving his hand to the knob.

Regina shook her head. "See for yourself." She told him. "I had him buried at your campsite."

"You bitch!" Greg screamed at her. "You killed him! It's because of you that he's dead!"

Regina didn't deny it. "Yes it is. If I could go back and change things, Owen I would, but I can't."

"Do you honestly think that I am going to buy this sudden remorse you are feeling?!" The man asked. "You are an evil witch and I'm about to see that you get what's coming to you!"

"What do you think that's going to do Owen?!" She shouted back at him. "The only thing killing me is going to do is to leave a hole in your soul. It's something you will never be able to take back and once darkness enters…take it from me…it's always there."

"Why should I listen to you? You only want to save your own skin!"

"Because it isn't just me that you're killing…I'm pregnant Owen and if you kill me you kill my baby too."

"Why should I care about you or your baby?" The man sneered. "The kid will likely be born with magic and will end up just as sick and twisted as you are…no, I have to rid the world of people like you. It's my duty!"

"It's your duty to harm an innocent child? I understand you wanting to kill me, but will you really feel no remorse for killing my baby? My innocent baby who has hurt no one and has done nothing wrong?"

"No child of yours could possibly be innocent." He turned to the machine and once again placed his hand over the knob. "Say goodbye Regina.

Even as Regina let out a shriek of grief for the child she was about to lose she heard a loud bang and watched as the machine beside her began to smoke. She watched as Greg scrambled backwards and let out a cry of pain as he took a shot to the gut. He pulled himself up and ran from the room. Her ears were ringing as she watched James run after the man. She felt soft hands work against the bindings that held her to the table. She looked up to see Snow with tears running down her face as she tried to free her.

She saw her lips moving but her ears were still ringing.

She finally heard her as the girl spoke louder. "Regina are you hurt? Do you need a doctor?"

Regina shook her head as she sat up and Snow removed the bindings from her feet. She pulled the electrodes off one at a time with shaky hands. Was she really still alive? Had she really survived? Her hand dropped to her slightly rounded stomach her baby…her baby was ok. Her hands began to shake in earnest as she heard James crash back into the room.

"Regina!" he shouted as he ran to her side. He took her face in his hands. "Baby, are you ok? Did he hurt you?"

Regina didn't answer…she couldn't find her voice. Her eyes filled with tears as she looked into the intense blue eyes of the man she loved. "James" She said his name then let out a sob as she lifted her shaking hands to his face.

James wrapped an arm around her body and slipped an arm under her legs to lift her off the table. She wrapped her arms around him and buried her face into his neck as the flood gates opened and the tears really began to fall. James quickly walked her out of the smelly building and carried her to a bench that sat outside by the water. He sat down setting her lightly in his lap and wrapped his arms around her body. She sobbed into his neck and her entire body shook as he held her.

He rubbed her back lightly and rocked her back and forth. "Shh…it's ok now baby. I've got you, your safe. You and the baby are safe."

Regina let out another sob at the mention of the baby and clung tighter. When she began to calm she found enough of her voice to ask. "Where is Mendal?"

James shook his head. "He managed to get away, but I will find him Regina."

Regina nodded. "I think I know where he might go." She told him.

"Where?" She glanced up as she saw Emma and Neal run her way.

"He went to his father's grave." Regina told them. "Where's the other one?" She asked.

"She took a shot at Neal then threw a portal trying to get us to fall through, but her footing slipped and she's the one who went through instead." Emma answered.

For the first time James noticed the blood coming from the sleeve of Neal's shirt. "Are you ok?"

Neal nodded "The bullet just grazed me." He said still in shock that the woman he loved had been lying to him all this time.

"We'll go after Mendal…you get Regina home." Emma told her father.

"Emma…" James started. "Please be careful. He was hurt pretty bad, but he could still…just be careful."

She turned back to look at her father. "I will." she promised.

Regina watched as Emma walked to the cruiser and took off in the direction that she had directed her.

James rubbed her back. She continued to sit in his lap and he had yet to let her go. "Lets get you home." He whispered in her ear.

She nodded. "I want to see Henry."

He smiled slightly. "I'll call Ruby and have her meet us with him at the house."

Regina started to move off his lap, but he once again scooped her up into his arms as he stood. "I'm not quite ready to let you go yet."


She paced the living room as she waited. She just needed to see him. Once she saw his face she would be able to breathe again. She jumped when she heard the door slam open.

"MOM!" She heard him yell.

The moment she saw him her world was set right again. "Henry." He ran to her careful not to plow into her middle.

"Mom, I was so scared! Are you ok? Is the baby ok?"

Regina stroked his hair gently. "Yes baby we are both ok"

When James entered the room she pulled Henry over to the couch and motioned for James to sit beside them. She cuddled up against him and pulled Henry against herself. "I hope neither of you mind but I really need to hold my family right now."

Neither minded. They both needed the same thing.


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