Naruto x Korra
Author's Note

For those of you who enjoy the crossover Heroes United, I been mulling over some plot points. Whether or not some of them will still appear in that story, I haven't decided, so I'm just warning you now.

Do not read this story if you don't want to be spoiled, because, like I said. I don't know if I'll reuse some of these elements.
Story Start

In the deft of night he finished strapping up the bag. With the deftness and agility of a cat, he trailed along the domain of Air Temple Island. Thanks to the era of peace Avatar Aang brought, special groups like the Order of the White Lotus no longer had to deal with war on a daily basis. As such, many of the members became soft and complacent, the newer generations didn't have to deal with the struggles of the older generation.

Because of that, it wasn't all that difficult to believe a person, maybe even two could slip in and out undetected. He continued the trek, virtually undetected. There was a system of caves not too far from Republic City. Different caves were artificially created by an Earthbending unit for purposes that included undetected travel or as a trap for the Fire Bending nation's machines.

Arriving at the outskirts he stopped and prepared a torch. He then began treading along the system of caves. " yourself!" he called out.


Naruto sharply turned and jumped back. He readied himself against the masked man. "Its time we settle this once and for all."

"Are you truly this determined to throw your life away?"

"No," a growl escaped Naruto's lips. "Just to end yours!" before he could put his plan into action a sudden of heat and light caught his attention. Naruto had to stop himself, realizing that someone else was there. He soon found himself dodging out of the way of arrows. He cursed, realizing that the momentary distraction had robbed him of his opportunity. He was more than sure Amon would have had something up his sleeve so he came prepared. Slipping off the bag he threw it and the torch at Amon, flicking the latter in a matter to where it would hit the bag. Amon within seconds picked up on the blond's intention and fled. Moving as fast as he could Naruto threw himself away from the bag which moments later ignited and exploded, causing small tremors throughout the caves. Thanks to the artificial nature of the cave systems they weren't all that stable.


His eyes widened at the voice. "Korra!?" shooting forward he knocked away an equalist that suddenly popped up in front of his face. Sure enough it was his companion, one arm limp, pinning an equalist using Earthbending. Such cramp quarters were not advantageous to them. "Korra get out of here..." he began shouting when the earth gave way. They both let out a yelp as they were sent tumbling down to the caverns below. It took Naruto a few moments to recover, he was scraped up badly, bleeding from a piece of rock jabbed his leg and he felt pain all over. "Korra! Korra!" he began panicking, frantically looking around.

"" she finally grunted out. "I...I'm okay." she said as she hobbled over to him. She was caked in dirt and scrapes, not to mention her leggings were torn.

"What are you doing here!" he hissed at her, his fear momentarily forgotten.

"Me!" she rounded back, a look of fury on her face. "What about you! Sneaking off in the middle of the night, and to face Amon of all people. You know, for someone who talks about patience and knowing when to act, this was pretty stupid."

"I have...I had it under control." he said as the sound of something loosening caught his attention. Rocks were falling from above, without thinking he launched himself at her and knocked her out of the way. They both landed on the ground with am Oomph. "Are you okay?"

"Y-Yeah." she let out a breath of relief.

"Damnit, there's no telling where we are or how far we fell." he shook his head. "Think you can Earthbend us out of here?" he asked, confused as to why Korra was blushing.

"I don't know, think you can get off of me?" she asked, diverted her eyes.

Naruto suddenly leaped up, his face heating furiously. "Sorry." he said as he moved back over to help her up.
"Thanks." she tentatively murmured as she tried to take a step but collapsed onto her hands and knees with a hiss of pain.

"Korra!" he wrapped an arm around her and eased her against a wall. He ran his finger along her leg when Korra suddenly jerked. "You're injured." a look of guilt flashed across his face. "I'm sorry."

"No...hey, I chose to come remember? We're suppose to have each others backs. Its what we promised." she said, trying to elevate his guilt. She had forgotten her anger as well.

"I know, come on. If I'm remembering correctly there are under water lakes under here. From the history I remember, these caverns were sometimes used as temporary shelter, they're still might be some sort of supplies or something." he said as he helped Korra up, wrapping her left arm around his shoulders so she could balance.
"Yeah, if we can find some water I can heal my leg and we can get out of here."

"Yeah...hopefully." Naruto murmured under his breath as they began searching for either a water source of way out.

Chapter End
This story, like I said before its just an excuse for fluff, romance, and to use certain plot points. Classic Kyuubi16 short prologue. Hope you guys enjoy this.