Naruto x Korra
Story Start

Without Korra's ability to firebend they would have been in more trouble then they currently were. In the palm of her hand she sustained the small flame as the continued to navigate the maze like cavern. Thankfully most of the tunnels seemed intact, unfortunately they tunneled deeper into the earth instead of leading to an exit.

There was no telling how long they were going to have to travel. Thankfully if they didn't find water soon, Korra had a flask of water with her. Healing her injury wouldn't mean anything if they died of thirst before they would even get out.

They came to a stop and rest after spending an indeterminate amount of time traveling. "Why did you come out here? What were you hoping to accomplish?"

"There's no sense mulling over it now." Naruto replied. "How is your leg?" he asked, trying to change the subject.

"You didn't answer my question."

"I know."

"You know, you can be a stubborn ass sometimes."

"Something we agree on." he answered with a wry smile, though by his own indication he was referring of his thoughts towards her.

"Name one reason why I shouldn't kick your ass right now?"

"Because I'm the one holding you up and I'm sure you don't want to fall flat on your face."

There was a slight spark of annoyance in her eyes, followed by her lightly punching in in the head.

"You can't solve all your problems by punching things Korra."

"Seems to be working so far." after some time they finally came down to a small lake. Relieved, Korra took some of the water and healed her leg. "Can you see if any of the food is salvageable? I'm going to start tunneling."
Naruto nodded, despite the fact he was sure that most of it had long bad. Even with the best of perspectives of that time, he highly doubt most of it was made to last decades. As Naruto scavenged through the food he watched Korra at work. Her movements were extremely raw and powerful, true they lacked the finesse that most water benders were known for, but there was no dying the energy behind them.

During this she had discarded her fur as the additional heat while bending would dehydrate her. Naruto looked up once more and he couldn't help but admire her form. Her sweaty, well built form. His eyes for a moment dipped down to her well-shaped thighs and backside and he quickly looked away, his face burning with a blush.

'Damnit,' he silently thought to himself. This was no time for his hormones to be flaring up. He would be lying if he didn't admit he found her attractive. Apparently Water Tribe people had this super sexy mystical aura about them that made them desirable.

Naruto turned his attention back to the food. If they were desperate, they could eat small amounts and fill on mostly water. It wasn't like they had much of a choice.

Naruto scrunched his nose at all the bad jars of jams and jellies littered in cobwebbed crates. He did find some things. Corn Starch, which from what he understood was not only a cooking oil, but could be used for soothing sunburns and removing oil from the face and hair.

The next time he came across was hard liquor. Seeing as it was distilled it hadn't gone bad. Perfect for disinfecting wounds and easing physical pain. There was also salt and stored rice. Anything else had gone bad.

After nearly an hour of extensive bending Korra finally took a break. Using a mix of earth and water bending she removed the dust and sweat from her with ease. "That's useful. Never have to worry about your funk or anything."

"Did you find anything to eat?"

"Mostly rice and some condiments. Maybe we can make some crackers, but trust me, they won't be appetizing." he explained as he jerked his thumb back to the cache they found.

"I could use something to eat. Do you think you can make some of those crackers then?" she asked.

He answered with a nod. "Yeah, you should go ahead and heat the water to kill the jerks then cool it off. In fact you might want to figure out appropriate temperatures for both and commit it to mind. We might be trapped down her for a day or two."

"I'm sure it won't come to that. We can't afford to be stuck down here. There's no telling what Amon is out there doing." Korra regretted the fact that she brought up the debender as a coldness began radiating from Naruto. She didn't say anything as the blond wordlessly went about unsealing the food.

Unfortunately they weren't able to find wood or anything they could use for a fire. As convenient as the food and water was, it looked like there luck had run out. Nightfall or what the assumed was nightfall soon came. It was difficult to tell time in such a place. Naruto couldn't help but feel a bit helpless in this situation, mainly because they were relying on Korra's bending to get them out. And because those who used the tunnels were earth benders, there weren't even tools for him to use so he could help in some part.

Though he didn't have time to feel sorry. He needed to focus on surviving and getting Korra out of there. He made a mistake, his desire to get revenge blinded him to reason and he wasn't to let anyone, especially Korra pay the price for that choice. He looked around, unable to see anything through the darkness. Despite her stubbornness and assistance in staying awake to maintain a fire, Korra had fallen asleep. She was so exhausted he could practically feel how tense she was.

A shiver coursed through him, it was the Autumn season and at this distance the temperatures was around about 50 in Fahrenheit if he was remembering correctly. That was the new term used for temperature measure right? He was brought out of his thought when he heard Korra stir. She was shivering in her sleep.

So he moved over to her and placed an arm around her. He just hoped when she woke up tomorrow, she wouldn't cave his head in or something of the sorts. Korra's shivering began to lessen as a content smile formed on her face. Before he realized what was happening, Naruto soon nodded off as well.