Naruto x Korra


Story Start


He awoke the next morning to find Korra munching on one of the reserves they had found. She look fresh considering the area they were living in. His eyes trailed to the small bathing pool Korra made using her bending. "Morning." He greeted her.

"Morning." She echoed as Naruto sat up. The blond and moved, itching a bit. He was caked in sweat and grime as well as patches of dirt. "If you want, I can dry you off with my fire bending after you wade in the water."

"Thanks, at this point anything is better than being caked in dirt." A wry smile formed on his face. "Now I know I'm a sexy man, but try not to stare too much." He joked, ducking under a pebble that lodged itself in the rock above him. "Just shut up and wash up."

Naruto shed his shirt and pants and dropped into the pool of water. He let out a sigh of relief, the water was much warmer than he was expecting. He could feel the tension leave his muscles thanks to warm water. A few minutes later he exited the water and with a touch Korra began drying up the moisture that covered the blond. After she was done she handed him his clothing, also cleaned. "Thanks Korra."

"I've been thinking about something, though," she said, her face suddenly somber. "We've been down here for what, a day and a half? Two? The earth hasn't reverberated once."

"There's no telling how long it would take everyone to find them. These caverns are large. A lot of hollow passages of such. On the off chance that Amon survived, I wanted to make sure his men wouldn't be able to dig him out."

Korra's face retained its somber look. She couldn't ignore the darkness of Naruto's statement. "You could have come to me. Us, your friends. Did you even stop to consider how it would affect everyone if you disappeared? How are lives would have been effected or how our concerns could have affected our judgment or were you only thinking of yourself?"

Naruto kept his eyes cool, and curled his hands into fists so they would not betray a tremble. "Look, I screwed up okay. Let's just drop it."

"Why won't you talk to me? After everything that we've been through I thought that by now you would trust me. That we were friends." Her voice grew quiet and she looked away.

Naruto couldn't help but once more to feel guilt for his rather rash decision. Despite it all he couldn't think of anything to say and remain silent. The next several hours dragged, as they continued the tunnel that Korra was making. Could he really tell her the real reason behind his rather suicidal motivation in his attempt to destroy Amon. Would she hate him? Would their friendship end?

"Korra?" he called. He had slowly trailed behind as Korra continued the tunnel, slowly but surely outpacing the blond as time went on. He continued on until he finally saw her at the edge of the tunnel. "Korra!" he shouted as he ran towards the fallen bender. "Korra!" he pressed his palm against her forehead. She was heating up. He scooped up her water skin and splashed her lightly with a palm full of water. "Korra! Wake up!"

A small cough escaped her mouth. "Guess I pushed too hard again huh?" she asked with a weak smile.

"Why do you always have to go overboard." He sighed, more upset with himself with her. "Korra, you need to drink." He said as he titled some water from the water skin into her mouth. She drained about half of it before he pulled it away.

"So tired. Really screwed up."

"No…none of this would have happened if I hadn't been so stupid." He said as he scooped her up in his arms. He would have to bring her back to camp, hopefully she would recover soon. Naruto was startled when she curled against him, her head nestling under his chin. He sharply exhaled; she was so warm not to mention his own attraction to her he found it hard to focus.

"Oh, damsel in distress. You like this sort of thing right?" she teased and yawn, half-dazed due to exhaustion.

Naruto sighed and rolled his eyes. She was never going to never let him live down his heroic rescue of a non-bender girl from a triad and her reaction to his heroic. They arrived back to the camp and Naruto placed her on a makeshift bed. Hours had passed as Naruto watched over Korra. He wasn't sure when but he had soon fallen asleep, not waking up until Korra began to stir.

"Are you alright?" he asked as Korra sat up.

"I'm fine."

"Why did you push yourself so hard?" he asked as Korra looked away. She remained silent as Naruto closed his eyes. "Korra, we have to stop butting heads and help each other. Be honest with each other."

"I guess I was just frustrated. That we were falling into our old ruts again. I just wish you would tell me what's on your mind. Your one of the few friends I have, my best friend, and it feels like you can't trust me."

"It isn't the fact that I can't trust you, but the fact that I made a huge mistake in the past." For the longest time silence permeated from the blond as a shameful look formed on Naruto's face. "I used to work for Amon. Korra, I used to be an Equalist."