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"I'm tired. My feet are swollen. My back hurts and your daughter is kicking my kidneys. Tell me why you are making me go with you?" I asked trying to get comfortable with my swollen belly. Emmett sighed. "It won't kill you to take a ride with me babe."

I rolled my eyes. "We're just going to make sure Ma locked the doors." Which I think is strange because Esme never forgets to lock the doors.

"Either way, I want you to come with me. You never go anywhere with me. Soon people are going to forget we are married." Emmett whined.

"You are sounding more and more like a desperate housewife, Meat Head." I snickered. "And I'm sorry for not leaving the house more, but I'm seven months pregnant and I don't feel like moving."

"I know babe." He said reaching across the Jeep and rubbing my shoulder. I smiled and looked out the window. I guess he is right though. I haven't been out of the house in a month. Even Marcus is missing the sunshine. Poor guy. I guess I'm just too tired to give a damn. If you think homeless is hard, try being pregnant. At least I'm not homeless and pregnant. I suppressed a shiver at that thought.

I'm not saying I hate being pregnant. It's just that… well… I hate being pregnant. Don't get me wrong, I can't wait for my baby girl to be here, and I love her more than anything in the world, I just wish she wouldn't drain the life out of me.

I know Emmett can't wait. He's happier than a bird with a French fry. He's been kinda smug since we found out I was pregnant. She was conceived on our honeymoon. I found out I was pregnant two weeks later. I freaked out. All Emmett could do was run through the house hugging everyone yelling, "I'm gonna be a dad!"

When reality set in after our first doctor's appointment, we got a move on and bought us a house. I was so happy. My first house. It's actually mine! Well… Emmett's too, but he's my husband. So what's mine is mine and what's his is mine. He told me I could decorate it any way I wanted to. He said he wanted me to feel at home. So just to mess with him, I put a cardboard box in our bedroom as a bed.

I pulled out of my reminiscing as the passenger door opened and Emmett held out his hand. "Why can't you just go make sure it's locked?" I asked. "I don't see why both of us have to get out just so you can lock the door."

"She also wants me to see if she left her coat here and I don't want to leave you out here by yourself." He stated as he lifted me with ease out of the monster Jeep. I could understand that part. Emmett has been extra protective since the thing with Demetri, even more so after I got pregnant.

He held my hand as I waddled to the back exit of the café and turned the door knob. It wasn't locked. I turned to Emmett worried. "She never forgets to lock the door."

He shrugged in a nonchalant way. "She's getting old. She just forgot." I slapped his arm. "Our mother is not old Emmett." I stated glaring at him as we stepped into the kitchen.

He laughed and walked over to the coat hanger. "Babe, why don't you go check the cash and make sure no one stole anything with the door being unlocked."

I shrugged and walked into the dining area. "Surprise!"

I jumped and gave a slight yelp. Everyone was standing in the dining area with huge smiles. There were gifts on every table and a huge banner hanging in the middle of the room that said, 'It's a girl!'

I was still in shock as Alice squealed her way to me and hugged the life out of me. "Did you do this?" I asked.

She nodded beaming. "I know it's a little late to be having a baby shower, but I wanted to give you one anyways."

"Thanks." I mumbled as Emmett walked up behind me, placing his hands on my huge stomach. "Emmett, I heard that crack about me getting old. I'll get you for that." Esme stated pointing a finger at him. "Come on Ma, it's just a joke." He begged. She shook her head and hugged me. I couldn't help but laugh at Meat Head's face. "You are in deep trouble, Em." I snickered. He pouted and walked away.

"I can't wait to be a grandpa." Carlisle whispered as he hugged me. I beamed. Carlisle holds a soft spot in my heart. I guess it's because he's the father I always dreamed to have.

"Oh TinkerBella! You are going to love the gift I got for you and the baby." Edward said kissing my cheek. "Edward please tell me it's not a breast pump." I whined. "Of course not, silly. Carlisle got you that." He laughed. I chuckled. I couldn't help it. "Of course he did."

I made my way around hugging everyone. Rosalie and Royce were there. Even Angela, whom I had met a few months ago. Good girl, I like her. I hugged Jasper and Peter twice. You can never have too much cowboy, that's what I always say. And of course Charlie was there. He seemed a bit uncomfortable, but happy non-the-less. I was surprised to see Emily and Sam there with their baby, Seth. He is such a cute little bug.

"Time for gifts!" Edward announced. I sat down at a table and watched as everyone piled up gift after gift in front of me. "Wow, you guys. This is too much." I exclaimed with wide eyes.

"Wait, Bella, Edward and I got something else for you. It's actually the reason it took so long to throw you this shower." Alice smiled as the crowd parted.

My mouth flew open. "Jess?" I asked in shock. She nodded and slowly made her way to me. I jumped up as fast as my belly would let me and made my way to her. "You crazy bitch. I missed you." I whispered as we clung to each other. "I missed you too, girl." She whispered back.

I pulled back and inspected her. "You look great. You straight now?" I asked curious. She nodded. "Yup, after I got locked up for the last time, I decided enough was enough and now I'm clean and sober and I have a good job. A normal job." She winked. I laughed and hugged her again. "You still got Marcus?" She asked. "Always." I stated proudly as I pulled him from my pocket. She laughed and pulled a tiny stuffed unicorn from her pocket. Almost identical to Marcus. "No way! You still have Aro?" I asked surprised for the millionth time tonight. She nodded. "Helped me through some of the toughest times in my life." She said rubbing Aro in a loving way. "Girl you have no idea-" I started. "You two can catch up later! Let's open some gifts!" Emmett said rubbing his hands together. I rolled my eyes and sat down by my man.

"With love, from Edward and Peter." Emmett read as he tore open the box. He pulled out a purple blanket that had the name Emmy Lu embroidered on it. "How did you know?" I asked Edward. "I asked Emmett. He said that you are naming her Emily Louise, but calling her Emmy Lu for short." Edward smiled. "So what do you think?" I swiped a tear away and nodded. "It's beautiful." Stupid hormones. We continued to open gifts until there were only a few left. By this time people were starting to get bored and Emmett and Peter were trying to one up each other on funny or stupid jokes.

I tuned them out and reached for another gift. I picked up a bag and smiled. It was from Jessica. Reaching in to the bag I felt the plush horn and knew immediately that my baby girl would always have a friend.

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