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It had been ten hours since Bella's birthday party. Edward sighed as he got prepared to tell his family that they were going to be leaving Bella. He knew it was for the best because the longer he stayed the closer to death she came. Finally about to pry his arms from Bella as she awoke he was surprised; when suddenly he and felt a jerk on his body. The room faded away and suddenly Edward found himself and Bella lying on a couch. Suddenly aware that he wasn't alone he jumped up into a crouch in-front of Bella. Looking around he noticed that he nearly knew everyone around him.

Irina and Laurent were on a loveseat. Kate and Garrett were on another. Tanya, Eleazar, and Carmen were on a big couch between the two loveseats. Next to Kate's couch Rosalie and Emmett shared their own loveseat; while next to Irina's couch Alice and Jasper sat with their arms around each other. Next to Rosalie's couch sat Carisle and Esme. On the other side of Alice's couch sat Billy Black, Charlie, and Jacob Black. His and Bella's couch was next to Esme's and on the other side of his couch sat Sam, Emily, and a boy named Seth. In-front of them was a coffee table with four books that all their couches seemed to form a half circle around so they all faced it.

The room they were in was pale blue and had nine doors around the room each labeled by who together on a couch. Hearing everyone's thoughts he heard the same general confusion of how they got here by everyone. Though Billy Black thought it was our fault and was on the verge of cussing us out, while Sam was trying to phase so he could protect his fiancé Emily.

Normal POV

Suddenly there was another flash of light and a letter dropped on onto the stack of books. Seeing no one else go forward Jasper went over and picked up the note. Reading aloud the tension in the room made the southern twang in his voice very noticeable.

"Dear Everyone,

I have brought you here to help you. While here your bodies will be in a stasis if you will. None of you will fill thirsty, hungry, sleepy, or tired while here. Sam this has caused you unable to phase for the duration that you are here. The reason for this is because time has stopped in this room. I have given each of group on a couch your own room where you can relax when you the books on the table become too much for you.

These books are Bella's life-story so to speak and are in her point of view. The first book has already happened while the rest depict the future. These books are not only here for you to understand each other, but to keep Irina and Laurent from dying and from committing terrible mistakes. Every once in a while one of my notes will appear to explain something if needed.



Charlies shout covered Bella's embarrassed groan."How is this even possible!"

Edward sat down and pulled Bella into an embrace while she hid her red face in chest. Carisle calmed Charlie down and Jasper carried the first book back over to his and Alice's spot. Having everyone's attention Jasper started.


I'd never given much thought to how I would die —

though I'd had reason enough in the last few months —

Charlie looked at Bella in alarm.

Billy sneered. The leech deserved punishment for obviously trying to kill his friend's daughter. He couldn't blame her for falling for whatever spell the monster probably put on her.

Edward gritted his teeth and held Bella closer.

but even if I had, I would not have imagined it like this.

I stared without breathing across the long room, into the dark eyes of the hunter,

"Hunter?" Charlie asked worriedly, while the Cullens growled at the mention of James. Laurent sighed shaking his head at the stupidity of his old travel companion. Billy and Sam glared at the Cullens wondering which one tried to kill her. Emily gave Bella a concerned glance .

and he looked pleasantly back at me.

Surely it was a good way to die, in the place of someone else, someone I loved. Noble, even. That ought to count for something.

Bella laughed bitterly; while Billy glared at the Cullens. They have better not have threatened Charlie.

Edward glared at Billy getting irritated with the constant accusation.

I knew that if I'd never gone to Forks, I wouldn't be facing death now.

Charlie looked at his daughter panicked feeling guilty. Bella reassured him, "It's not your fault Dad."

But, terrified as I was, I couldn't bring myself to regret the decision. When life offers you a dream so far beyond any of your expectations, it's not reasonable to grieve when it comes to an end.

The hunter smiled in a friendly way as he sauntered forward to kill me.

Jasper feeling the risening tension coming from those in the La Push felt the need to continue before an argument started.

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