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It was a late night at the fire house. The boys of the late shift were trying to keep busy and entertained at the late hour. Currently James had turned on the stereo and leaned against the wall laughing hysterically as he watched his friend Logan Mitchell slide down the pole from the top floor and land perfectly before shaking his hips. Originally he was going to pretend to be a stripper but he was laughing so hard because he felt ridiculous that he just bent over laughing and couldn't. His friend Carlos Garcia threw fake monopoly money at him and called him a dirty slut.

"You're a horrible stripper." James laughed lowering the music.

"Dude I'm not a stripper!"

"Well what a waste of money!" Carlos pretended to whine picking up the monopoly money. Before Logan could laugh and make a comment Kendall was walking over holding the phone.

"Dude it's your mom and she sounds upset." Logan quickly walked over and grabbed the phone from Kendall before walking away to talk to her.

"Yeah mom? What's the matter is everything okay?"

"I was talking to Daniel today." Her mom sniffled. Daniel Mitchell, Logan's father. Well, the man that gave him life. Logan hadn't seen him since he was eight years old and he was fine with that. His dad wasn't the nicest guy in the world, in fact according to what his mom would tell him he seemed to be a lazy cheating asshole. The two parents split years ago in an ugly divorce, so Logan and his mom ended up leaving to Minnesota.

"So ? what did he say?"

"He said Coraline tried to kill herself." Logan's chest tightened and he sighed closing his eyes hearing his mother sob. That ugly divorce battle didn't end there, there was also a war involving the children where the custody battle was almost toxic. By the time they moved away Logan was eight and Coraline was six. She didn't know what she wanted at that age, but Logan knew he was a momma's boy then and he wanted to go with her. Coraline the precious little girl told child services it didn't matter because she loved both parents. Daniel however, didn't have the same feelings towards his children. Logan was a boy and he wanted a son, not a daughter. So to spite Joanna who wanted to keep both children, Daniel took Coraline away from her and denied them visitation rights.

The family was split apart and the two siblings that were peas in a pod were permanently separated. When she turned eighteen however, she made an effort to contact her mother. She was offered the opportunity to live there, but she declined by saying she was staying in Michigan for college. Joanna would call occasionally and try to better know her daughter whose life she completely missed but she was often distant and seemed like she didn't care. Logan even tried to talk to her, but after an awkward silence on the phone the two never tried it again.

"How?" Logan sighed staring at the floor and resting one hand on his wrist.

"Overdose on Ativan." She breathed and sniffled. "I called her and Daniel answered her phone and told me. Apparently she did it after work." Joanna was quite devastated. That was her little baby girl that tried to kill herself and even though she hadn't seen her in so many years, she still felt the pain. Even separated from her daughter she knew something was wrong, something was going to happen. She knew it in the pit of her stomach and it was just a matter of playing the waiting game.

"Is she awake?"

"No…not yet."

"I'll come over okay? You shouldn't be alone."

"Thank you." She hung up and Logan took a deep breath with his eyes closed. He put the phone down and marched past the guys grabbing his jacket. "I have to go to my mom's I'll talk to you guys tomorrow."

"Everything okay Logan? What happened?" Logan shook his head and stopped walking. His shoulders sunk and he stared at the ceiling. "Sister tried to kill herself, mom is freaking out." Mouths agape the boys stared at him and walked over to hug him or pat his shoulder, offering their condolences for his estranged sister. "I'll see you tomorrow."

"Take your time dude…" Kendall said squeezing his shoulder. Logan nodded and quickly went home to tend to his crying mother. Logan sat on her sofa holding her as she cried and tried to think of what they could do. "Clearly she can't stay there!" She sobbed wiping her eyes with a tissue. "We have to do something Logan! Maybe she'll stay here I'll convince her."

"Mom you know you can't do that you're already taking care of grandma, you don't need another person here." Logan sighed rubbing her back. "If she's willing to she can stay with me, she'll stay in my place."

"You would do that Logan?" Joanna said staring up at her son, and he quickly nodded. "She's my baby sister, yes I would." The baby sister Logan once loved so dearly in his youth. The little girl he'd cry over because he had no one to play with when they moved. The little girl that once followed him everywhere he went and mimicked him. Hell, even trying to dress like him because she loved him so much. His house was a decent size. A second bedroom that he used as storage would work fine to accommodate her.

"You're such a good boy Logan." She sniffled and kissed his cheek a thousand times before calling her ex-husband once again to find out if she was awake. Upon hearing this she demanded to talk to her but he said no and continued to hang up the phone on her. Logan eventually took the phone from his mother and called back demanding of his father to let his mother talk to Coraline.

"Listen Logan you can't talk to her right now she's not in the right mind set."

"Clearly she hasn't been in the right mind set for a long time so maybe you should just say fuck it and give her the phone back." He growled. "She's not a child anymore Daniel so give up the phone."

"Look I can't okay?! Her doctors are doing some evaluation or something on her she can't talk."

"Then we'll keep calling until she's not busy." Logan hung up the phone and sighed, putting a caring arm back around his mom who held her face in her hands. Eventually his mom told him not to push it, and they'd wait until the morning. So Logan called in the next day and said he wouldn't make it to work. He stayed over at his mother's house and the two waited until it was what they thought the perfect time to call her.

"Hi Joanna." Coraline spoke quietly, almost as though she was ashamed of herself. The phone was on speaker so Logan was able to hear the emotion behind his baby sister's voice.

"Hi baby girl." Joann said softly, not letting it show that it hurt she wasn't being called mom. "I heard what happened, how are you feeling?" She was quiet for a moment and they could hear her fumbling in the background hearing the bed squeak and machines going off in her room.

"Alive." She replied in a dark, almost regretful tone. Joanna's jaw clench and Logan leaned over and squeezed his mom's hand.

"Coraline I don't know why you did it or what's going on in your life but we want you to come live with us in Minnesota, well, you would stay with your brother Logan at his house."

"Does Logan know? Why would I do that? Why….are you offering?"

"Because you're my little girl and I know I wasn't round and I know I wasn't there but I'm reaching out now and honestly you need it." Again there was silence.

"Does Logan know?"

"Yeah I do." Logan said. "I offered. You should come stay."

"I don't know if I want to." Before his mother could answer her back Logan took it upon himself to do so.

"You don't have an excuse anymore. You're not in college, you're in a hospital for killing yourself. Quit your job pack your stuff, you're coming to stay with me so someone who cares can look after you."

"…Thank you." She mumbled quietly before hanging up the phone. Logan sighed and glanced at his mom who was grinning ear to ear. "Why are you smiling so much?"

"That was a yes in Coraline language!" She grinned. "We need to plan Logan. The sooner the better we'll clear out that awful storage room you have and paint it a nice bright color."

"….We don't even know what color she likes."

"How about pink?"

"I don't know if she'll like pink. I don't even want pink in my house. Why not white?"

"Oh god no it'll look like a psych ward." Joanna shook her head. "Red. A nice bright fire engine red. I'll pick out the color and you and your little friends can paint it while I organize her flight and talk to her about the move." Joanna clasped his hands smiling through tears. "I'm going to have both my children back for the first time in years."