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Monkey See, Monkey Do

Freelancer Prank Wars

Chapter 1: What Armor?

As Wash stepped out of the shower he wrapped a towel around his waist and looked up to see a chuckling York and North stepping into the locker room. While they made their way to their own lockers, Wash moved to his locker and opened it. To find it was empty of all of his stuff.

"Uhhh. York? North? Do you guys know what happened to my armor? I specifically laid it out in an I-Don't-Give-A-Fuck manner, before I got in the shower." The concerned Freelancer peeked around the locker's open door at the other two.

The two shrugged as they began pulling their armor off and putting it in their lockers, "As you saw, we just got in here. And we were planning on putting our armor in our lockers and then going to the showers." York gave Wash an apologetic smile, "Sorry, man." Wash sighed as he began checking the girls' lockers to make sure they didn't take it thinking they were being funny.

There were only empty lockers. Wash huffed in annoyance as he checked the rest of the lockers. When he came to North's he almost didn't check it. But against his better judgment, he peeked in. It to was empty, as was York's.

"You guys came here in your armor didn't you?" North and York both approached with towels tied around their waists in terms of modesty. Their hair still dripping from just getting out of the shower.

"Yeah, why?" York arched an eyebrow at Wash.

He stepped to the side allowing the two men to peer into their lockers. "Because they happen to be kinda empty..."

The three male, and half-naked, Freelancers exploded into angry and panicked chatter. "Check the girls lockers again Wash, they are crafty creatures! I'll check this corner; make sure that no trolls decided to be dicks! And York… Well, you just check where ever you feel like you should." North reasoned unreasonably.

York sighed, "Really? Was half of that even necessary?"

As they all moved off, Wash checked his set of lockers except for South's. And when he got to it, he decided to keep himself company and talk to himself. "Moment of truth, huh?" Wash nodded to himself as he opened South's locker real slow like.

Inside, a piece of paper was tapped to the back. "North! York! Com'er, I got something!" North and York approached Wash from different corners of the locker room, closing still swung open lockers as they went. When they reached him, Wash was sitting silently on the bench between the lockers. He was staring at the paper, intently, as if it just told him it was going to kill his family. His eyebrows were knitted together and York was starting to wonder if they'd ever come undone.

"My sister's locker?" North frowned and then closed the locker gently looking at her name plate. "What did you find Wash?" North and York looked expectantly at the seated man.

Wash held the paper up for the two to read.

Heya Boys! Ya lookin for somethin'?

The six words weren't South's scrawl, North was sure, but he wasn't too sure who's they could be. "It's Connie's writing." Wash mumbled. But why was it in South's locker? IF this was indeed a prank, the girls should know that North's and South's writing was almost identical, so they'd know each others easily.

York ran to the still wide open door, slipping on his way, and peeked his head out to the right. "Right's all clear!" As he looked to the left, North and Wash began to approach the younger man quietly talking amongst their selves trying to decide why the girls had done this. There was nothing that had happened before hand to even give them reason to pull something like this.

When York looked to the left and saw said items, he couldn't contain his excitement, "Our armor!" Before North could stop either of the two men, York and Wash ran out. York was out first with Wash right on this heels sliding through the door. There were two thuds, a lot of cursing and giggling that followed the two unfortunate Freelancer's now grim situation.

As York and Wash looked up, the girls were all there trying to hold back their laughter that was bubbling up in their throats. And all of them were failing miserably. "Can't walk right, York?" Carolina taunted him, trying to use the wall to support herself.

"I'm glad they remembered that we love to watch two half-naked men wrestle!" The two men glanced disgustedly at Tex. That was an unusual thing for Tex to say, what a bitch, they were NOT wrestling.

The two men looked down at their towels with a red hue steadily spreading across their cheeks and nose and slowly progressing down their necks. "Where's our armor, Connie?!" Wash shouted, staring up at her. York was trying to pick himself up as North stepped out of the bathroom's threshold and cautiously over the trip line. He even made a point of casually snapping it off the wall. (York and Washs' jaws hit the floor seeing the tough thin line against the cold floor.)

When South saw North she had to lean into the wall for support next to Carolina as laughter racked her body. He may have caught onto the first part of the plan, but he'd never see the second part in time!

As he walked towards the girls, the two Freelancers upon the ground noticed a slight shine in front of the girls. They tried to tell North to stop, but in his rare anger, he was still stalking forward. He didn't stop, just kept advancing. "I swear South, if this is basically all your-" About ten feet from the girls, and half way through his threat, North slipped and fell backwards. He landed spread-eagled, giving the girls a nice view. They had greased the floor. South turned around laughing in delight, remembering that they were indeed siblings and it would be weird as hell for her to stare as the other girls were, as the rest all struggled to stay standing. Carolina was pretty much rolling on the ground.

"What… a-armor?" C.T. managed out between the laughter still pouring from her.

North slicked back his hair as York came over to help him up. He looked the other two men in the eyes. "This. Is war."

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