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Chapter One (Full):

He was breathing heavily while listening to her heartbeat. She was alive but it wasn't as strong as it should be. He looked behind him towards at the road that faintly disappeared by the darkness and then back at the stopped car and a man walking towards them. He knew he was risking everything, but for her it was worth it.

"Stay in the car." Evan said as he opened the door. He could hear Heather say something but he just kept walking towards the two cars. "Hello?" Evan called as he was approaching Catherine in Vincent's arms.

Vincent tried to calm himself down. He was trying to breath slower and slower to bring his heart rate back to normal, not the mention the rest of him. He was trying with all his might to fight the beast and to bring it back inside of him. He could feel his face change back and it was too dark for Evan to identify him. Vincent felt Catherine's sides expand and contrast. He stared down at her, looking at her life less body. He concentrated hard on just two things: her heartbeat, and her breathing. He was concentrating too much to notice that Evan was only a few feet away from him. Vincent looked up at him breathing heavy and he just stared at the Evan not moving and not saying anything. Without removing eye contact from Vincent, Evan shouted something back to Heather who was standing by Evan's car not coming any closer, too afraid of what she might find.

"Heather call 911!" Evan was still staring at Vincent. Neither of them said a word.

Heather did as Evan said and dialed 911.

"911 what's your emergency?"

"Hi" Heather swallowed to keep her tears back. "My name is Heather Chandler, my sister got into a car crash." Heather said while tightening her grip on the open car door trying to stay as calm as possible.

Heather told the dispatcher all the information she needed and then hung up the phone looking at Evan and the un-known person holding what she hopped to be Catherine.

The silence broke between Vincent and Evan. "We don't have time to wait." Vincent said clenching his teeth together trying to hold the beast back as best as he could. "If we wait, it will be too late she already lost a lot of blood."Vincent started walking Catherine toward Evans car not saying anything else. As he walked up to were Heather was he placed Catherine in the back seat of the car. He took off his tuxedo jacket and wrapped it around Catherine trying to help with the blood. Vincent knew JT wouldn't mind and even if he didn't care. "Get her to the hospital now." Vincent said as he looked up at Evan. But Evan didn't move.

Heather got into the car and yelled at Evan when she noticed he was just staring at Vincent. "Evan get your god damn ass in the car!" Heather shouted.

Evan began to move backwards going to the other side of the car when he noticed something. He looked into Vincent's eyes before he lowered himself to get into the car and he saw a faint glow of orange in his eyes.

Vincent watched Evan climb into his car and do a three point turn and dive away. He looked around and noticed something that didn't really catch his attention before. The other car. He walked over to it and smelled the air. He smelled blood but it wasn't Catherine's blood. He went around to the front of the car and saw a life-less woman lying on the ground with a clear bullet hole through her chest. It hit her right in her heart. I kneeled down to look at the woman. He didn't recognize her. She didn't look like she was from Murifield but then again Murifield has surprised him before. He rose to his feet and that when the beast took over. There was no holding it back a roar escaped from Vincent's throat and before he knew it he punched Heathers car on the hood and the windshield shattered from the effect. He placed both of his hands with his fingers interlocked on the hood of Heathers car and rested his head down on his hands. He thought about how she could've died and it would have been his fault. "It's all my fault…" Vincent whispered to himself. He stayed still with his head resting on his hands and leaning on the hood of the car knowing that Catherine was in good hands.

A few minutes went by even though if felt like forever. Vincent heard the faint sounds of sirens off in the distance. "Catherine" he brought his head up and faced in the direction of were the sound was coming from. The sirens were coming closer and closer. He forgot about the 911 call Heather made. He usually doesn't forget things that easily but his mind was just wrapped up in Catherine's safety. He looked down at the dead woman lying motionless on the ground. He knew they would take her in the ambulance even thought she was already dead. As the sirens drew closer and closer he knew he had to move if he didn't want to get caught. He looked off to the side of the road and saw an open field about half a football field long and then woods. He took one last look at the woman and ran into the field heading into the woods.

Evan pulled up to the side of the hospital and parked the car in front of the double doors. He ran to the back door and lifted Catherine out of the car. The tuxedo jacket was covered in her blood. He ran with Catherine in his arms into the building and Heather held the doors open then quickly followed behind.

A blonde haired lady sitting at the front desk starred at Evan and Heather. "She got shot and is loosing a lot of blood!" Evan said panicing. One of the doctors rolled out a gurney and placed Catherine on top of it and rolled her through the double doors.

Evan and Heather ran after her but the blonde-haired lady told them to wait in the waiting room.

"You don't understand that's my sister!" Heather yelled with tears rolling down her cheeks.

"Its okay, its okay" the blonde lady kept repeating as she placed her hands on Heathers shoulders.

"Catherine!" Heather screamed and with all her might she was struggling to get by the lady.

Evan grabbed one of Heathers hands and spoke in a calm relaxing voice. "Its going to be okay, Heather, Catherine will be okay." He looked into her eyes. Heather gave up and let the lady lead her over to the waiting room.

Evan sat down next to Heather and took her hands in his as the lady went back to her desk. "Heather look at me." Evan said in a calm voice. Heather was still crying and her cheeks were burning red. Her eyes were sealed shut with millions of tears running down her face and her bottom lip curled.

"It's all my fault…" Heather managed to say between breaths. "I shouldn't have let her go. She told me she was leaving." Heathers cheeks became redder and more tears came but Evan still held her hands.

"Shh, no…its not your fault." He let go of one of her hands and wrapped his hand around her back and gave her a little hug rubbing her back. "Catherine will be okay, I promise." Evan smiled. He was completely dying inside about what happened but there was no way he could let Heather see that. Not when she was like this.

Heather raised her head and looked in his eyes. She sniffled, "Thank you." She managed to smile and wrapped her arms around Evan. "Thanks, I'm sorry there is just no way I could loose Cat too." Heather released from the hug and Evan took her hands back in his.

"There is absolutely no reason to be sorry, and you won't loose Cat. That girl is as tough as nails. I mean have you ever seen her tackle those bad asses?" Evan chuckled hoping he could get Heather to smile.

Heather stared down at her high heels and a little smile formed across her face.

"Hey," Evan began "you don't need to worry about a thing. Everything is going to be okay." He looked at Heather and watched her just stare at the floor.

She turned towards him and mouthed the words: Thank you, and her eyes became red again. She hugged Evan and for this time a little bit longer. She felt safe with him and she was glad she asked him to come to the wedding.

Just as they let go of each other Tess entered and sat down on the other side of Evan. "What happened to Cat?" Tess asked nervously. "Is she gunna be alright?"

Heather looked over at the double doors they brought Catherine into and sighed. Just as about Evan was going to talk to Tess, Heather spoke up, "Looks like we are going to find out." She stood up and walked over to the doctor.

"How is she?" Heather asked. The other two walked up and joined her by her side.

"Are you her sister?" asked the doctor.

"Yes, and these are her two co-workers." She said pointed to both Tess and Evan.

The doctor just stood and looked down at his clipboard making a clicking nose with his mouth as he flipped through papers.

"Well?" Tess blurted out. "What's the deal? Is she going to be okay?" All three stared at the doctor.

"Well…" he began. "The bullet is out and she is in recovery from the stiches. We are just waiting on some blood to give to her. Oh, and I hope the guy who owns the black tuxedo jacket is looking for it to be returned." The doctor looked back down at the paper. Evan turned and walked away back to the waiting room rubbing his chin.

He sat down in one of the chairs and just stared into space. Heather followed him but Tess stayed with the doctor.

"You alright Evan?" Heather asked as she sat down next too him. Catherine is in recovery and they are just waiting for blood. Isn't that great?" Heather continued to look at Evan but his face expression didn't change. "Evan?" Heather put a hand on his shoulder.

"Alright" said Tess sitting down next to Heather. "So Cat has a cracked rib and a concussion." Tess looked over at the two and neither of them said a word. "Guys?" Tess asked.

"Him." Evan whispered while continuing to rub his chin.

"What?" Heather asked.

"The guy. The guy who saved Cat…" Evan turned his head toward Heather. "The guy who saved Cat is the same guy who saved me." Evans face lit up like a Christmas tree. "It makes sense!" Evan smiled.

Tess rolled her eyes, "I'm getting water." She got up and walked across the room to the water fountain.

Vincent was walking up to the warehouse and opened the door trying to not make a sound. Vincent hoped J.T. would be asleep it was around 1:00 in the morning and Vincent did not want to deal with a grumpy J.T. the next morning on top of worrying about Catherine. He closed the door slowly and made his was over to the doors leading into the living opened them and walked into the room.

J.T. was sitting on the counter with his arms crossed in front of his chest. J.T. was about to say something about how late he was but then he saw Vincent's attire. "Uh…blood? That's not a good sign for a first date." J.T. slid off the counter and walked over to Vincent. "Why are you home so late and why do you have blood and dirt on you?" I know I'm not married but I've been to weddings and that's not how I came home after. Vincent just stared at J.T. and walked away. "Seriously thought dude, you okay?"

Vincent didn't say anything he just took off the tie and unbuttoned the first couple holes on the white shirt and went upstairs without saying a word to J.T.

He walked up the stairs and opened the gate to his floor and walked over to his bed. He went down on his knees and pulled out a box from underneath his bed. He opened it up and changing his clothes.

After a few minutes passed he went back downstairs and grabbed his coat of the rack near the door.

"I'm the one who works in this here remember?" J.T. walked over to Vincent who was dressed in his old doctor outfit.

"Look J.T. I'm going to the hospital." Vincent spoke in a sad tone. It took everything he had not to get into the car with Heather and Evan. But he knew he couldn't risk it. "Catherine got shot and I'm going to go check on her." He finally said.

"Oh my god!" J.T. shouted "Is she okay?"

"I don't know, but I'm going to find out." Vincent said as he did up his coat.

"Okay, now I may be forgetting something but your supposed to be dead and you're going to go play doctor? What if someone sees you? You know, like an old co-worker or something?"

Vincent sighed. "J.T. look I know we spent the last ten years hiding but Catherine means the world to me. Plus it's my fault anyway." Vincent looked down at the floor and then took a few deep breaths.

"How is Catherine getting shot your fault?" J.T. asked concerned.

"If I was with her none of this would have happened. I should've just stayed at the wedding with her." Vincent shook his head and closed his eyes.

"Dude, honestly you cannot blame yourself for this. No way is this your fault. Look, now I'm not exactly sure about what all went down tonight but I do know that you really care about Catherine."

J.T. looked at Vincent and Vincent brought his head up to face J.T. "What are you implying?" Vincent asked confused.

"Look I know I'm going to regret this but go man, Cat needs you now more than ever." J.T. smiled and pat Vincent on the back. "Just be safe." J.T. added handing Vincent his car keys. "And be as normal as possible." Vincent smiled and took the car keys.

"Thanks." With that Vincent left the warehouse and made his way over to the hospital.

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