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Summary: How the Red Clan copes with a growing Anna.


by chickypeg

Chapter 1: Alm Uncle

The resounding ring of the bell echoed throughout the room when the door of the bar opened, momentarily distracting the bartender from his work of cleaning his precious glass. With the sun filtering from outside, Izumo could not immediately discern the two figures who entered.

However, the red haired King, Mikoto Suoh, could. His eyes narrowed, filled with distrust as two members of the Blue Clan joined him at the bar.

"Munakata," Mikoto almost growled. Munakata was somewhat his friend.


They respected each other. There was perhaps a bit of rivalry between them because neither would like to be bested by the other in anything.

While Mikoto focused his dislike toward the Blue King, Izumo frowned at the woman who had come in as well. She was the beautiful Seri Awashima.

The blonde sighed when she saw Izumo's expression.

"Don't look so disappointed, Kusanagi. I am in formal attire today because my King and I have come to make a formal request to the Red King."

Before Izumo could respond to her, Mikoto, overhearing her, glanced at Munakata who was busy seating himself beside him. Seri sat beside Munakata, and therefore the Blue King was in the middle.

"What do you want?" he demanded quietly, but in a clearly annoyed voice.

"No need to get so touchy, Suoh. We are only here out of concern for the little girl who is always with you," Munakata replied.

Izumo, who had been in the process of picking up a bottle of scotch that Munakata had pointed to, stiffened in surprised.

Mikoto ignored him for a moment to light a cigarette. When it was stuck between his lips, he raised an eyebrow at Munakata.

"What concern could you possibly have about her?"

Mikoto proceeded to light his cigarette. He offered one to Munakata who took it and allowed Mikoto to flick his finger at the tip to light it using his power.

"Why hasn't Anna been enrolled into any school?" Munakata questioned.

Mikoto glanced at him while Izumo served Munakata a scotch on the rocks.

"That's none of your business,"

"She is a girl - the only girl in your clan. Perhaps she should interact with members of her same gender. For her own sake, she should blend in with other people."

"She has us and she is home-schooled. It is enough," Mikoto stated and blew out a puff of smoke. He was clearly irritated. Not many could notice that the Red King was, but Izumo knew him long enough to realize.

The bartender proceeded to dump some red bean paste to the drink he was making for Seri. He suppressed a shudder at the thought of actually drinking anko. It was not high on the list of things he wanted to try although Seri refused to consume alcohol without it.

"As if you barbarians could handle a teenager," Seri scoffed.

Mikoto and Izumo glared at her.

"Awashima-" Izumo began, but she returned an even more fierce glare than the other two.

Folding her arms, she stated, "I highly doubt you uncouth individuals told that child what's going to happen to her when she hits puberty!"

"She'll know when the time reaches-" Mikoto began.

"So you'll be the one to tell her about menstruation?"

Mikoto and Izumo went very still at her words.

"Who's going to her that she's going to be bleeding once every month from the-"

"You've made your point, Seri," Munakata cut in, amusement dancing in his eyes at the sight of the paleness of the skin of the two powerful members of the Red Clan.

Izumo poured himself a drink and Mikoto finished his cigarette and started another one before any response was given to the Scepter 4 members.

"We will sort it out. Anna is very attached to the King and rarely ever leaves his side. To have her leave-"

"So who's going to have the sex talk with her?" Munakata asked, smirking.

Once more, the other two men stiffened.

"S-Sex talk?" Izumo stuttered, shocked, baffled.

"Well of course: if you don't send her to school, then someone has to tell her about it," Seri pointed out.

"After all," she continued as the two men paled again, "she's the only female among a bunch of males, and she going to be a very attractive young woman with that doll face of hers. She will become curious about her sexual being, and will want to experiment. There will be many available options for her to experiment with considering the fact that she is growing up only among males who will more than likely become attracted to her."

Mikoto, who had gone ghostly white before, suddenly began emitting a dangerous red aura.

"Experiment? With Anna?" he stated coldly, almost frighteningly. He shot them both looks that would make a ferocious bear cower in fright. "No one will touch her. Ever."

"Your attachment to her, and her attachment to you is a bit disturbing, Suoh. She cannot continue to cling to you. You must agree that she needs to grow on her own to blossom to her full potential, instead of using you as something to hold onto and shield her from the world."

Mikoto crushed his cigarette into the ashtray before him. "Munakata, you're pushing it with me."

"I apologize, Suoh, although you must admit that there is some merit to what I am saying."

Munakata stood up and dropped some money on the counter to cover for his and his subordinate's drink. He also held out a card to Mikoto.

"This is a number for schools that specialize with training strains, it may-"

"If she goes to any school, we will find one." Mikoto answered.

Munakata sighed, but smiled as he tucked away his card in his blue uniform.

"Very well. I think it's time we took our leave," He motioned for Seri to come.

"Munakata," Mikoto voiced his colleague's name.


"Why do you care?"

Seri was the one to answer him, "It is because I do, and I thought bringing him along might help to convince you,"

The men from the Red Clan were surprised.

She shrugged, a slight blush on her cheeks, "She's cute and very feminine, and I cannot bear to see her loose her female qualities because she lives with a bunch of barbarians. She is delicate and should be allowed to flourish evolve like the pretty little butterfly that she is."

Turning away, she allowed for Munakata to lead her away to the door which he proceeded to open it for her.

Mikoto simply glared when Munakata smiled in goodbye to him before going. The bastard was obviously reeling with laughter over the idea of Mikoto explaining periods and sex to a pre-adolescent girl. He had only come to see Mikoto's reactions to Seri's words, not because she had actually asked him to go with him to do any convincing.

"Wow. I had no idea that that cold hearted woman liked cute things,"

Mikoto turned to Izumo and scoffed, "Don't all women?"

"Even Anna, eh?" Izumo murmured thoughtfully at the girls love for pretty ribbons and the way her eyes lit up over some of the stray cats and dogs (and horses) some of the members picked up.

"What are we going to do?" Mikoto asked him. He was obviously at a loss because there were things that he, as mighty a king as he was, simply could not do. Especially when it came to children-female children.

Had Anna been a normal child, he would never have been able to get along with her.

However, she had the maturity of someone decades older and therefore he managed well with her. It was like having a mini-adult around.

But Anna was getting older. She was getting taller. Soon she would develop curves and-

"Bras," Izumo suddenly said. His mouth was open and he was frightened at the thoughts he was suddenly having.

Mikoto looked up at him sharply.

"What the hell are you talking about Izumo?"

"Who's going to shop for bras for her?" he demanded, fearful.

Mikoto almost groaned. He rubbed his hands over his face in frustration. For a moment he wished he could see Totsuka to smack him on the back of his head for dying. These were things they could have counted on him for. He had been Anna's caretaker after all: babysitter, tutor, tailor, cook, butler, playmate. He practically devoted his life to Anna.

A wave of sadness washed over Mikoto then, as he recalled what it was like having Totsuka around. He was still missed. It was only six months after his death, and the sadness of it would linger for many years to come.

Mikoto sighed, pushing thoughts of their comrade to the back of his mind. Anna's welfare was of utmost importance.

"Isn't Kamamoto the one who took full reign of her care since Totsuka died?"

"Yeah. I think Yata once said he was like a mother."

"He'll shop for bras with her."


"We'll find some trustworthy female to speak to Anna about...about...that," Mikoto said, not quite able to spit out the words.

"Which that?"

"What do you mean 'which that'? That that," Mikoto growled.

"What do you mean 'that that'? Period, sex or both?" Izumo snapped.

"Period damn it!" Mikoto almost shouted. He hadn't raised his voice in a while, but he was so tense with the situation and how uncomfortable it was that he found himself doing so. "Get that annoying woman from the Blue clan to explain to her since she seems to care so much!"

izumo nodded.

It was a plan.

A strange one, but a plan indeed.

"Okay, the sex talk. Who's gonna do it?"

"You are." Mikoto stated.

"What? No way!"

"Yes you will! I'm King and you will obey me!"

"You never cared about whether or not I obeyed you before. No way in hell am I gonna do that! You do it!"

"I will not do it!"

"Someone has to and it's not gonna be me!"

"Well it's not going to be me either!"

Somehow in the argument, both men ended up grabbing each other's collars, in an attempt to ruffle each other into having the talk with Anna.

They both suddenly remembered that they had to do this for Anna. She had lost her parents at a young age. Then, two years ago, her aunt who had cared for her, had had a child of her own and seemed to stop caring for her, leaving Anna to become completely reliant on the members of Homra as a source of support and family unit.

To ask the aunt for help in such a situation could damage Anna's tender feelings.

Then, only a few months ago, Totsuka, the one who cared for Anna so much, who she confided in, died. They needed to do this for her. She was their little princess. Her innocence in itself offered some light in the darkened individual lives of the members of the Red Clan.

Especially Mikoto's.

The two men released each other.

"I'll do it. She might hold my words better as truth, in the event that she does become tempted to 'experiment,'" Mikoto spat out the last word, because the idea of Anna 'experimenting' with anyone was distasteful and disturbing to him.

So, Mikoto Suoh, twenty four years old, the powerful King of the Red Clan, was going to be a counsellor to an eleven year old child in terms of advising her about sex.

Oh this was disturbing. Disturbing indeed, Izumo thought.

The idea of Munakata and Seri coming to convince Mikoto to send Anna to school reminded the bartender of a childhood story. Izumo chuckled.

"What's so funny?" Mikoto asked.

"You remind me of Alm Uncle,"

"Who the hell is Alm Uncle?"

"He's from a children's story I read when I was little: Alm Uncle was talking care of his granddaughter who was orphaned at a young age. He lived high up on the mountains, away from civilization, and when the time came for her to go to school, he was reluctant to do so. Villagers who knew of Heidi-the granddaughter, travelled up the mountain to demand that he send her to school. Just like how those Blues were telling you to send her to school,"

Mikoto muttered something under his breath. Alm Uncle or not, he was going to have a talk with Anna...one that he was quite certain was going to be more uncomfortable for him than it was going to be for her.

****PLEASE READ: This story is about a very close relationship between Anna and Mikoto during Anna's early teenage years. This is purely FICTION, so just as a warning, there are NO guys like Mikoto in real life. If you're a pre-teen (12 or younger) or a teenager, be wary of older guys (FYI-and younger ones too!) who want to touch you too much or get close to you. It's likely he's a pedophile (Mikoto isn't a pedophile in this story, but I don't want anyone reading this story to think it's okay to be in situations like the ones that happen between Anna and Mikoto. It isn't.). I know I'm paranoid, but sometimes when I re-read this story, I feel uncomfortable and wish I had written some things differently.

****Author's Note 04/August/2014:

If this is your first time reading this story, please bear in mind that I started it around Episode 9 of the anime and when only a few chapters of the manga were out. This was before the novels, dramas other stories came out. Characterization may be a little off because of this.

Thank you for reading!

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