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Summary: How the Red Clan copes with a growing Anna.



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by chickypeg

Bonus Chapter: The Life Of A Plushie

Once, Anna had held Lion-O between her hands and really looked into his beady black eyes. She stroke away some of his red mane from his face and turned him to the side, looking at him more. She was kneeling beside Mikoto on his bed and he faced the other way from her.

Anna had never really thought to do it, because she never really used her power on non-living things, but she had suddenly become curious about her own strange attachment to Lion-O, and so, she closed her eyes and focused and soon she learned about the particular toymaker who had created her plushie.

In her eyes, she saw a man well into his seventies with a balding grey head, a pair of thick glasses and a sweet, friendly smile. He was delivering his toys to a special store in Shizume City and as he came up to a traffic light, someone held a gun at him when he stopped as the light turned red.

His window had been down and although he knew Shizume City could be dangerous, the toymaker had never really believed that he would be robbed like this in broad daylight.

"Hand over your cash, old man!" the bandit demanded.

Before the man could do anything, suddenly a fierce looking red haired man came up behind him, grabbed him by the back of his head and slammed his face into the ground.

The man exuded the aura of a wild beast. He had wild hair and a dangerous look in his eyes as he had stalked toward the unsuspecting robber.

He was like a fierce lion and the toymaker had been momentarily entranced.

"Don't go robbing old men," the red haired man snapped at the bandit who only groaned in response.

"Thank-" the old man began, but the red head cut him off.

"Get going. The light's changed,"

The man nodded quickly and drove off, but this man had become his inspiration for a new toy. This old man was also a strain, a special kind of strain who was able to make things that suited certain people best and whatever he crafted, even if he had someone else sell it, was often bought by the person whose personality suited it. It was a rather unique power and even when he had registered in Scepter 4 for it, they had found it difficult to categorize him.

And the craftsman was quite certain that this toy he was going to create was definitely going to belong to someone special. He had been very careful in choosing his materials. He chose the softest stuffing, the most soothing cloths, the best yarn. He had chosen materials that were of the 'finest' quality in terms of price. No, he had chosen quality based on durablity, long lastingness, the texture of the material and so on for he felt that this man he was basing the toy on was not the type impressed in anyway by money and that he tended to measure a man's worth by his capabilities and strength of character.

For many days, the toymaker toiled over his product. He stitched it up carefully, beautifully.

He designed the plushie to be very cute, for he was quite certain that the man actually liked cute things but would never admit it.

The toymaker had spent hours making this toy, crafting it to perfection. Sure, it was no perfect representation of the man's heart, but it represented the softness of him and the toymaker believed that the person who bought the toy would treasure it for he knew that his toys were destined for the people who they suited best.

In the eyes of the toymaker, he had seen and felt as though he was in the presence of a ferocious lion, who, despite his danger was actually very soft and compassionate inside.

And that had been the inspiration for Lion-O; the compassion of a yakuza-like man, for him, a mere toymaker.

The lion plushie had spent weeks on display. Ironically, no one had bought him. It wasn't as though they hadn't found him cute, it was just that parents found that red mane a bit too brilliant for their liking, even if their children didn't seem to mind.

Then one day, a pale girl gazed at him and to her side was a tall, dangerous looking man.

And suddenly, the plushie had found himself a home!

"What are you doing?" Mikoto asked Anna.

He had turned around and had been observing the young girl who had been so engrossed with her toy that he had found himself becoming increasingly irked by the attention she paid to him. She carefully placed Lion-O on Mikoto's chest.

Mikoto glanced at the beady black eyes that stared back at him while Anna lay down and cuddled herself against Mikoto. His strong arm came around her and he buried his nose into her hair.

"Lion-O is special,"

Mikoto scowled, but Anna didn't see for her eyes were closed as she was encased in his warmth and safety.

He didn't want to know what was so special about that damned plushie. He glared at the thing she hugged under one arm and waited until he was certain that she was asleep to push it aside.

Lion-O became his name. It was a nice name. If the plushie was actually alive, he might have liked it. He might have also enjoyed being cuddled warmly by the little girl whose heart was comforted by the presence of this cute toy. In a way, it reminded her so much of her king and not just because of its red mane.

Lion-O, if he was a living thing, might have actually disliked some of the situations he ended up in; sometimes he would get shoved away into a corner, forgotten, all because the girl's King didn't like her closeness to him.

Sometimes he would get crushed to death by the King who hugged him as he slept sometimes when the princess was away.

Sometimes Lion-O got crushed between the pair of them. Their torsos would be pressed against each other and Lion-O would be smack in between them and the two of them sometimes liked to hug each other and grip each other tightly as they slept.

Ah, if Lion-O was really alive, he might have died from suffocation-one side was hard as a rock, and the other was soft as...well, probably as soft as he was.

He also might have had a terrible fear of the King who seemed to both like and hate him. After all, he was often used as a hostage to threaten the girl into doing something.

Lion-O would not have liked living life on the edge, in fear that one day he would end up a pile of ash. He might have developed an anxiety disorder or thrown himself in front of a passing vehicle to kill himself just so that he wouldn't have to bear the brunt of the threats to his life anymore (which, realistically speaking, was non existent because Mikoto never really intended to destroy him no matter how tempted he had often become).

Maybe he might have known that the red haired King wouldn't really incinerate him, but he would have sensed just how close he sometimes came to burning him.

But all in all, the King himself wasn't too bad.

He was a really a good person and he did like Lion-O as long as Anna did not choose to cuddle with him instead of her King.

Sometimes cuddles weren't so bad for the plushie-after all, once his owner hugged her to him while her King locked her in his strong arms by having her back spooned against the hard wall of his torso, Lion-O was fine.

He wouldn't have minded the times he somehow ended up sleeping on top the King's head. It was a little joke Anna would play on Mikoto at his expense although he didn't really know it-whenever she awoke before him and she was home for the weekend, she would casually drape Lion-O on Mikoto's head so that Lion-O's chin rested atop Mikoto's red hair with his own red mane matching the King's. That was their only physical semblance, but the little girl did find it amusing. She would kneel beside her King for a little while and watch the two.

Then, she would leave the two like that and leave the room.

Lion-O, if a living thing, would not have liked to have suddenly been lifted from the King's head and held tightly (more like crushed to death), but he wouldn't have minded being cuddled afterward because the fierce King sometimes held him gently, the way he held his lovely princess.

The king did like him as long as Anna didn't show him (the plushie), preference.

All in all, had Lion-O been a living creature, he would have a traumatic but contrastingly good life.

But he wasn't alive. He was simply a toy, but a toy who provided much comfort to his owner and to a large extent, the owner's King.

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